What Color Palettes To Use If You're Featuring Blue

If you have a particular piece of furniture, detail in your décor, or a main wall that happens to be blue, it's a good idea to surround that with colors that will bring out the striking shade. But how do you do that? "Colors can be bucketed into two groups — they're either warm or cool. And pairing colors with like temperatures always results in harmonious color combinations," Nicole Gibbons, founder and CEO of Clare Paint explained to Elle Décor. For instance, Gibbons noted, "pairing cool hues like blues and greens together always works well."

Beyond that, Gibbons also pointed out that you can opt for colors that are complementary to each other. She explains that by following the rules of the color wheel theory, you can discover that the shades that lie opposite each other can "look beautiful when paired together."

With that in mind, check out the following color palettes that will look stunning if your room features blue.

Creamy white can accent a blue bed

If you've made blue a focus with your bedding, then a sure way to balance that bold color is by introducing a creamy white. Create a relaxing atmosphere with a white that won't strain the eyes. Softening the shade of your walls really make that blue pop.

Soft pinks can balance your blues

Blue chairs and sofas can be beautifully balanced with the right color. When soft pink tones are used for wall paint in your living room, it can give off a playful sense of coziness. Bring out those blushes of pink with throw pillows and a comfy blanket, and have them highlight your blue seating.

Warm yellows will help to highlight

By playing around with your primary colors, you might come up with a combination that brings your whole room together. To make a blue couch stand out, surround it with an earthy yellow paint. The subtle primary tones hug your blue-colored furniture and have an almost warming effect perfect for a living room space.

Greige can look great by a blue

If you've decided to paint your wall with a darker shade of blue, adding a lighter color can help bring some levity into the room. Greige can help soothe the feel of a room, especially when paired with a darker blue wall. Light-greige decor will help to balance the blue in your wall.

Natural greens to complement

Any lover of plants will dig how earthy green tones work with blue furniture. Using emerald or teal greens to color the wall or have displayed in artwork around the living room can really complement a bold blue chair or couch. Toss in a variety of natural plant life, and you have a winning combination.

White can look anything but plain

When it comes to choosing an exterior color for your home nothing gives off a more cottagey vibe than a bright sky blue. Light blue colors on wood panels stand out when framed by white paint. White can offer a clean and bold border. By including white accent furniture it can complete the comfort.

Natural brown colors can soften dark blues

Another sure way to soften up the look of a dark blue painted room is to introduce some natural wood tones. Lighter browns can look stunning when placed before a darker blue background. A grainy style cabinet paired with a wooden chair can introduce a warmer feel to any room.

Combine different shades of blue

Who says you only have to choose only one type of blue? When it comes to home design, you are your own boss. Luckily, lighter blues have a lovely relaxing energy, so it can help to be playful with the shades. Whether it's turquoise, cadet, or sky blue most colors will blend well together.

Be bold with maroon

Be bold by bringing out a dark peacock blue with a richly-tinged maroon wall. The compliment of dark on dark can create a bit more of a classic gothic feel and add a little mystery to your room. There's an air of sophistication when a deep red and purple maroon meet a moody blue.

Purple can complement a vibrant blue

Be light and fun by pairing purple with a vibrant blue. When the purple fabric is introduced into a room it can give off a playful feel that balances well with a bright blue.