The Kyiv Mansions That Are For Sale While Russia Invades Ukraine

Russia's invasion of Ukraine upended daily life for all her citizens in a blink of an eye, as noted by the BBC. The world continues to watch and wait as these events unfold on a minute-by-minute basis. Many haunting images have cropped up on media outlets and social media platforms displaying the apocalyptic surroundings.

Many Ukrainians have taken up arms in a united effort to defend their country. Others have fled to Poland and other European countries who await the arrival of thousands of refugees. The exodus, of course, has resulted in abandoned residences, including those of the very wealthy. Entire neighborhoods now resemble ghost towns since movement is limited for safety's sake. Amazingly enough, one can still find listings for mansions that are still active, according to the New York Post. Possibly, these dwellings remain on the market, or most likely, the listings haven't been updated due to recent events. Here are a few examples.

The stunning Kyiv Sea Casa

On the Sotheby's website, the Kyiv Sea Casa, which sits on 2.47 acres in the Vyshhorod area, is listed for a price of $15,000,000. This single-family residential compound, which was built in 2014, consists of the main house, a separate private dwelling for staff, a spa complex, a carriage house, a caretaker's house, and a guest house. The property also has an amazing view of the Dniper River and according to its listing, and enough space for a large yacht or sailboat complete with a river dock.

The main house contains five bedrooms, each one with its own bathroom and wardrobe. Each room bears resemblance to an iconic fairytale castle but with all the modern bells and whistles. Plus, residents can enjoy an indoor pool, jacuzzi, gym, and sauna. The sprawling main hall opens out to a spacious outdoor area that's ideal for entertaining while the back garden includes a swimming pool, playground, and an outdoor barbecue setup.

The historic 49B Volodymyrska

Another grand mansion that's listed on Sotheby's is 49B Volodymyrska, which is considered a historical monument and is located quite close to a number of Kiev's main streets. Although its price is not disclosed on the real estate website, one can tell from its features that the cost is monumental. This four-story home comes with a 12-vehicle parking space and independent utility lines. 

The entire property measures at 14,400 square feet with a fenced perimeter. Its many living spaces resemble the regal interior design of a royal palace. The formal dining room has plenty of tables and seating for entertaining guests. Some windows are stained glass with ornate railing just below the sills indoors. The game room has enough space for a billiards table and possibly another gaming table. Other amenities include a spacious balcony and modern security system with surveillance capabilities. There are also many entrances to the main house. However, the residence is not equipped with an elevator.

The Modern Home at Vyshgorod

With a price tag of $3,650,000, this immense, modern residence consists of two structures, the main house and a smaller guest house. As described in Sotheby's listing, the main house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms along with a two-car garage and a carport that's big enough for four vehicles. Other features include an indoor pool that's equipped with a slide and a spa area with saunas. The guest house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a separate entrance for staff. Both houses come with Italian furniture and are fully equipped with appliances.

The outdoor features include access to the waterfront with a private beach, summer house, barbeque equipment, and pier. Closer to the main house, one can find tennis courts, a putting green, numerous terraces, and sprawling gardens. Plus the property is surrounded by a well-kept forest according to the listing. Security features contain surveillance cameras.

The eco-friendly Starokievska

This single-family residence, located in an upscale suburb, is one of the newest properties listed on Sotheby's. Starting with the outdoors, one might find the covered loggia to be ideal for entertaining or relaxing. Plus, in close proximity, there's an outdoor fireplace along with a pool that's surrounded by what appears to be concrete decking. 

Folks who enjoy a walk while taking in nature would love the 15-acre expanse of land. In front, a carport flanks a garage, and most of the front yard is paved with bricks in an intricate pattern. The warm pine construction lends itself to the eco-friendly aspect of the home and gives both the exterior and interior a chic yet rustic look. All décor indoors and outdoors appears to be a combination of casual and sophisticated with plenty of natural light shining in from sizable windows. In fact, almost every space has a vast view of the outdoors.

The elegant penthouse Bolsunovka 2

Bolsunovka 2 is a two-story modern penthouse that's also listed by Sotheby's. It's located in the heart of Kyiv in the Pechersk district. One of the many distinct features of this property is the panoramic view of the city from all sides of the living room. The living area also has French doors that lead out onto the balcony. In fact, almost every room in this apartment has a view of the city as far as the eye can see.

Another unique feature is the spiral staircase that leads to the second floor. Interestingly enough, the master suite (complete with bathroom with whirlpool tub) makes up almost the entire second floor. Part of the second floor has a spa area with a salt-steam room and color therapy effect. Again, inhabitants are surrounded by windows and a broad view of the city's skyline. All of the rooms are fully furnished with high-end Italian furniture, and the kitchen and laundry room come equipped with appliances.