Courteney Cox Says She Sold Her House Because It Was Haunted

Do you believe in ghosts? Well, if you don't, there's always someone who does or will try to convince you ... for good cause. Hollywood actress Courteney Cox's California home in Los Angeles is on the market, and you wouldn't believe why. According to New York Post, Cox claims the Laurel Canyon home is haunted by ghosts from a time before she lived there. 

On a new episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" where she was doing promo for her upcoming horror series "Shining Vale," the actress opened up about why she felt the need to sell her home after Jimmy Kimmel asked her if she believes in ghosts or has ever had a supernatural experience with one. Do most people believe in ghosts before they've actually encountered one? Probably not. However, the American actress did reveal that she has encountered one, and her story might not only blow your mind but change your opinion if you're someone who doesn't believe in the supernatural.

The L.A. Home is haunted

Courteney Cox didn't believe in ghosts at first until the experience she had in her Los Angeles home in Laurel Canyon. The house was formerly owned by burlesque dancer Gypsy Rose Lee and Grammy-winner singer and songwriter Carole King, 80. On "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Cox shared that there may have been a woman living there from a time before. She said that one day she had Carole King come over, who revealed to her that a previous divorce took place in the home that was "very ugly," as stated by Cox, and there was definitely a ghost still in the house. 

Cox brushed it off and didn't really believe her until other people who stayed at her home brought it to her attention of an encounter they felt with, specifically, a woman sitting on the edge of the bed. The "Friends" star expressed that she and King did a seance led by King in order to banish the spirit from the home. She was so amazed and in awe of King that she didn't pay attention to what they were doing or even listen to a word, but even after this, she still hadn't fully believed her home was haunted.

Why Cox finally sold her LA home

Courteney Cox revealed the moment everything changed, and she truly believed her home was haunted. One day she was home alone, and she received a package from a delivery man, who unexpectedly made a statement that scared her to death. On "Jimmy Kimmel Live," she talked about answering the door for a delivery and the delivery person asking if she knew the place was haunted. She asked why he wanted to know. 

Cox wasn't taking him seriously at first, but the delivery guy revealed to Cox that there was someone standing behind her, and that was apparently all the confirmation she needed to know that there were guests she couldn't see residing in her home, and it was time to sell. She was scared, and she couldn't sleep there alone ever again. She didn't feel the same comfort in the home, she felt as though she was starting to see things, and the only resolution for her was to sell (and who can blame her?).