This Woman Decked Out Her House With An Iconic '70s Look

The owner of Cats in a Retro in Instagram is both a lover and collector of 1960s and 1970s vintage decor. One really has to see this home to believe it as the dwelling is decked out in golds, oranges, and of course, many cats. In '70s color terms, Homesteady would likely describe these hues as burnt orange, harvest gold, tiger lily, poppy, and coppertone. The look is definitive of the era and absolutely striking. The title Cats in a Retro describes both the home and also the savvy decor sales of Wietske Sikma of Rotterdam, Netherlands, according to the New York Post.

Sikma's collection is lovingly curated and shows attention to detail. 57-year-old Simka said she loves the colors, as well as the shapes, that defined home decor in the '70s. She pointed out the beauty of this decade and said that the colors bring happiness to each room they're put in. She's not just a collector of vintage, but she has also been recreating the styles of the '70s with pain for three decades. The collection began with treasured pieces from her childhood and has grown through her love of thrifting. 

Touring this home, you'll feel as if you're inside a time capsule.

An orange and gold time capsule home

As part of almost all the images of the home, viewers will also see many cats on Wietske Sikma's Instagram among the many shades of orange, although you'll find some avocado green decor as well. The creative collector told New York Post that there is nothing better than putting together something beautiful together that you can's find in a store for new. In this living room, you'll see stripes galore, from pillows to crocheted blankets. Chairs of brass and burnt orange compliment a retro coffee table. 

These bold looks compliment an age spanning from the late 1960s to the early 1970s at a time where Central Casting described fashion in fabrics and decor as moving from looser hippie and baby blues to bolder colors and statements such as these black, orange, and white large patterned curtains seen by the window. The collector's theme seems to stop just before the disco era but is no less thrilling.

An ode to retro and kitties

Down to the last detail, this home is an ode to both retro love and cats. There's even a hand-crafted vintage-tv-turned-cat-bed with burnt orange upholstery on Instagram. In addition to the wood furniture and vintage decor,  WietskeSimka blends modern flooring and conveniences. Black faux-leather chairs sit at an old-school table under a white and clear, circular light fixture. An upholstered stool sits at the end with orange and rust shapes like rounded chevrons. Pops of green plant life add accent colors to the otherwise orange interior.

Vintage details throughout the house are both impressive and extensive. The collector told New York Post that it's taken years to create this homage to the 70s, yet it will never quite be finished. And even better for Simka, Better Homes & Gardens predicts that 70s decor is making a comeback headlined by "shag carpet, funky technicolor furniture, and knickknacks galore." We think this wonderful ode to retro will fit right in with modern times.