40 Light Blue Paint Colors That Are Perfect For Your Home

Paint is one of the surest ways to update any space, but picking the right color for your home can be a daunting task. Erika Woelfel, color expert and V.P. of Color and Creative Services at Behr Paint, explained to MyDomaine that picking interior paint colors is a personal thing when it comes to home design. Woelfel added that it all comes down to the mood you want to portray.

If you are looking for a color that can be a beautiful choice, light blue is an excellent option! The Spruce noted that light blue could be a top choice for your home's interiors for a few reasons. They said that it could make a room feel larger and reminds people of the blue skies or the beautiful sea, giving it a feeling of tranquility.

If you're ready to dive into this light blue hue, we've rounded up 40 ideas that are going to truly inspire you.

A serene kitchen

Light blue walls can give your kitchen a tranquil feeling, which we think would help keep families calm during hectic mornings.

Minty fresh

Consider painting your bathroom walls in a light minty hue for a completely fresh update that offers feelings of a larger space because of its light tone.

Having the blues

A painted light blue wall is a gorgeous backdrop in a living room that happens to look great with a darker tufted blue couch.

A retro tranquil vibe

A vintage desk and chair set the mood for this relaxing home office with a light blue wall.

Into the Blue

Upgrade your TV room by painting your walls a beautiful light blue color, which pops with the wooden console ideal for storage.

Split up

Create a sense of distinct spaces by painting a light blue accent wall that defines the bedroom space from the living room area.

Light blue stunner

Paint one wall in light blue to bring plenty of interest to your space, defining the living area that has a beautiful work area.

A light blue dream

This light blue living room evokes a true sense of calm. With walls doused in the relaxing shade, it pairs beautifully with a gray chair and mirrored wall hangings.

Grayish-blue is divine

A living room in a light grayish-blue hue is gorgeous while keeping that relaxed energy we love in this shade.

A pale blue sitting area

If you have a small nook, consider painting the walls in a pale blue shade, which we think would be a relaxing spot to dive into a good book.

A relaxing boudoir

Paint your bedroom walls pale blue, decorate the walls with white frames and tiny mirrors, and accent your bed with light blue and green draping to create the ultimate oasis.

Create a serene seating area in the dining room

Create a serene seating area in the dining room by painting your walls in the most beautiful shade of light blue and pick up matching tableware to create an idyllic setting.

Light blue and wainscoting ads dimension

Add some elegance to your tranquil blue living room with wainscoting in white and a matching couch.

A blue dining room that pops

This blue dining room makes the wall art of luxe plates pop, and we can't get enough of the ethereal drapery in the same hue to make this room stand out.

A calm nursery

To create a sense of calm in your baby's nursery, consider painting the room in the sweetest and most relaxed shade of blue, which looks excellent with Scandinavian-inspired furniture.

Shades of blue

If you want to recreate a serene bedroom, think about painting your room in various blue shades in an ombre style and using different hues, including blue, dark gray, and white, with your bedding.

Pale blue with neutral furniture

Light blue walls look absolutely fantastic with neutrals. Consider using neutrals like a dark brown couch and gray accents from a throw blanket and pillows to create a calm retreat.

A luxe bedroom

This luxury bedroom with warm wood floors is stunningly painted blue, proving that the color is an ideal shade for creating a relaxing sanctuary.

A transformed bedroom

Just because a room is small doesn't mean that paint can't make it pack a stylish punch. This tranquil, light turquoise bedroom looks fantastic with wood-colored furniture.

Go extra light

This subtle shade of light blue is barely there but makes such a style statement, especially paired with an eye-popping piece of art.

A two-toned dream

This gorgeous child's bedroom uses the room's shape to create a calming environment. The homeowners used the angles to their advantage, painting the walls light blue while keeping the ceiling white.

A light blue bathroom with natural elements

This light blue bathroom has a mirror wrapped in rope for a natural vibe that we love. With luxe countertops, this is a mix we can get behind.

A simple upgrade

White countertops and a marble shower could be looked at as simple on their own, but with light blue painted walls, this simple bathroom is an entire vibe.

Light blue with wood is a solid choice

It turns out that light blue walls don't just look good with white countertops and cabinetry; it also is a solid choice with wood.

Create interest with paint

This living room creates a ton of interest by painting a door-shaped pattern on the wall, which makes the rattan basket a style standout.

A tranquil kitchen

This relaxed kitchen space sees the light blue shade splashed on the walls, and we seriously feel like it could help with those hectic mornings—and the endless clean-up that follows.

A modern bathroom retreat

Consider painting your bathroom walls in the most relaxing shade of turquoise, which happens to look exquisite with a marble backsplash and white sink.

Light blue and white cabinets

A modern kitchen can look spectacular by painting them light blue and white for an updated look.

A light blue accent wall

This relaxed white bathroom looks great with a light blue accent wall directly behind the loo for an easy upgrade.

Modern kitchen doused in blue

The lower cabinets in this modern kitchen give this simple yet beautiful space a completely new look.

Black, white, and light blue

Who knew this color combination could work, yet it does. Black, white, and a light blue washbasin is an elegant combination for a bathroom.

White in blue hues

This light blue bathroom is the right choice in calm, paired with a white sink and mirror.

Upgrade your pantry

Don't forget about your pantry, which gets a major update with blue cabinets and chic open shelving.

A light blue basement retreat

This basement has major style. Not only is it doused in the prettiest shade of blue, but the recessed lighting and neutral furniture make it a space we could relax in.

Textured and chic

This light blue textured wall is high on style and happens to look elegant with a bright pink chair and a yellow throw blanket.

Barely there blue

This living room in a barely-there blue hue looks divine paired with sophisticated furnishings and lush plants.

Make molding eye-catching

Consider painting your built-ins in a light blue color. We love how this example looks, especially since it has a black brick with floating shelves.

Light blue baby's room

This baby's room is a relaxing environment with blue walls, white furnishes, and see-through drapery.

An astonishing entrance

A home's entrance can make a total statement as this one does, bathed in pale blue with loads of neutral accessories, from the pampas grass to the rattan baskets.

An oversized, calm blue bathroom

This calm bathroom is large and uses a gorgeous accent wall to draw our eye to the beautiful floating bathtub, and it is a total winner in our book.