This Mansion In NYC Just Sold For A Record $26 Million

Although New York City is not particularly known for its cheap housing, your jaw might still hit the floor when you find out how much this latest Manhattan mansion sold for. Especially after coming off of the heals of an unbelievably busy real estate boom in 2021, where Manhattan home sales soared to around $30 billion, smashing any pre-pandemic sales records, according to CNBC. It doesn't seem like the market in the big apple will be slowing down anytime soon, with celebrities like Jon Bon Jovi, Gabriel Byrne, and Jonah Hill who have either already sold or are looking to sell their NYC properties in the early months of 2022.

Recently a six-story mansion located at 248 Central Park West sold for a staggering $26 million. The anonymous buyer actually received a deal on this sale as it was purchased for $4 million below the asking price, per New York Post. This 10,000 square foot wonder was built in 1887 and features a lovely limestone brick front that is illuminated by the sunlight. The rooftop terrace is beautifully detailed with luscious greenery and has a stunning view of Central Park. There are four Juliet balconies framed by designer iron railings and plenty of windows to make sure that as much natural light as possible shines through to the inside of the property. If you think that the outside of this rare downtown mansion is impressive, wait until you see the features that lie within its walls.

A look inside the $26 million Manhattan mansion

If you are looking to be impressed, then you only have to step through the rich brown doors of this Manhattan mansion to be completely surrounded by luxury. The home is painted in silky white to allow all of the natural light to be reflected. If you need help to reach all six floors of the home that stretch out for a total of 9,151 square feet of living space, then you can either take the immaculate staircase, which twists and turns all the way to the top, or hop on the elevator for easier access, according to the listing on

Each of the six bedrooms is illuminated with east-facing sunlight through large picturesque windows. Ceilings are finely detailed, white oak panels the walls, and there is even a wood-burning fireplace that is framed by a marble mantle. Walk into the master suite — which takes up the entire third floor — and you are treated to a huge walk-in closet complete with a wine fridge just off of the 21-foot bathroom which is decorated in smooth marble. At the other end of the suite are a massive sitting room and library with large windows. As if all of these fantastic features weren't enough, it's what you see when you take the elevator to the basement that is really surreal.

A full spa and lap pool await you on the basement floor

If the top five floors of this rare Queen Anne mansion — which in Central Park West is one of the last townhouses that can be found, according to Sotheby's International Realty — haven't already wowed you, then get ready, because the bottom floor will astound you. A quick elevator trip to the lowest level will take you to a full-on 1,875 square foot "wellness center," according to the home's listing.

This includes a whirlpool jacuzzi, sauna, and showers. The length of the spa-like area is lined by a brightly-lit lounge with light-colored columns that showcase the 60-foot long heated lap pool. The new owners won't be held down with the New York City winter blues when they can have resort-quality conveniences located in the belly of their home. Although this mansion was built over 115 years ago, the restoration and modern amenities keep it lively and worth every penny.