This Gorgeous English Castle Is On Sale For $8.5 Million

If you've always dreamed of owning an English country manor, thanks to all those repeat viewings of "Pride and Prejudice" and, more recently, "Bridgerton," you're in luck — a stunning castle in Essex has recently hit the market. According to New York Post, the property, known as Stanstead Hall, has been listed for $8.5 million.

To the delight of any history buff, the breathtaking property located in the scenic Essex countryside also has some serious history — and some seriously notable (and even royal) former owners and inhabitants. As per the Savills listing, "first evidence of a structure" came way back in 1092. Over the centuries since, Stanstead Hall has had a few tumultuous moments — such as when it was seized from the original owner due to his involvement in the conspiracy around Henry I — as well as some notable additions, such as the moat that was built in 1341 (yes, this castle has an actual moat).

There were also several periods of significant time where little was known about exactly what was going on at the estate and who owned it, so who knows — perhaps there are a few little mysteries and secrets hidden in the walls or around the lush grounds of the estate. The main house on the property is a sprawling 10,900 square feet, with 17,340 square feet in added space amidst the various outbuildings on the massive estate. Read on to learn a bit more about what lies within this historic English castle.

Bucolic splendor as far as the eye can see

Stanstead Hall is located on 45.95 acres of land, as per the Savills listing, so there's plenty of the Essex countryside to enjoy right on the estate itself. The property is surrounded by trees that offer an atmosphere of bucolic splendor, and landscaped gardens lead you throughout the various exterior elements. An electric gate crafted from wrought iron and brick lends all the convenience and security of modern technology while still blending into the countryside setting. A long, winding, pebble-strewn lane that is flanked by trees leads up to the main house, offering a peaceful experience from the first moment you approach the estate.

Thanks to all the acres of land the estate sits on, there are a variety of additional structures, such as an agricultural barn and a listed tithe barn. Don't let the agricultural structures fool you, though — there are also modern additions, such as a large heated pool next to a covered dining area with kitchen and pizza oven, perfect for entertaining on sunny summer days, as well as a gym and a three-car garage to keep your luxury vehicles protected from the elements. And, of course, history fans won't want to miss the remains of a 16th-century buttressed chapel on the estate or the moat that surrounds it all, which have both been historically designated, according to New York Post.

A blend of grandeur and comfort

The home is certainly quite large — you'll have a total of 13 bedrooms and six bathrooms to navigate, as per the Savills listing. However, by castle standards, it's still a relatively cozy space that doesn't feel too echoing or cold, thanks to the windows and warm wood accents (no chilly stone castle here). Grandeur and comfort are balanced throughout, with plenty of carved detailing and crackling fireplaces found in just about every room.

The sitting room features gorgeous brick along an interior wall that mirrors the brick found on the home's exterior, as well as an abundance of ornate millwork, from a detailed mantel above the fireplace to columns throughout. In that particular room, even the ceiling is adorned with an eye-catching pattern that will have you unable to decide where to focus your attention first. The drawing room features a similar set-up with not one but two fireplaces, vintage light fixtures, wooden accents galore, and of course, golden chandeliers to add a bit of glamour.

The grand formal dining room would seat even the largest of families, with space for a long table and crystal and wrought iron chandeliers adding a style statement. And, the kitchen where you'll whip up all those meals manages to keep some of the historical touches in detail, like the vintage light fixtures and windows and combines them with all the appliances and counter space you could need for a modern kitchen.

Historic delights in every corner

While the Savills listing only features a few images of the home's interior, preferring to focus on the scenic grounds the estate sits on instead, there's enough to show evidence of delightful historical details in just about every corner. One of the most eye-catching elements of the home's interior is a grand staircase constructed entirely of wood. The staircase itself has ornate carvings along the bottom that add a decorative touch, as well as detailed posts and wooden beams for the railing. The wall along the first flight of stairs features wood paneling as well, and you can peer down at the bottom floor of the main house from the wooden staircase stretching along the upper floor. A cozy sitting area is nestled right beside the staircase at the moment, but it could easily be transformed into a library, study, or whatever else you think is best for the space.

The bedrooms feature a lot of the same historical detailing, from beams that stretch across the ceiling to arched windows that fill the space with light to vintage fixtures like ornate chandeliers and radiators. There are a few modern touches, though — for example, the ensuite bathroom pairs a wood-paneled wall and brass towel warmer with a chic freestanding tub and marble tile along the floor and walls. While the home's current furniture lends itself to the historic style of the property, there's definitely an opportunity to mix modern with Medieval in the stunning castle.