Roseanne Barr Is Selling Her $3.1 Million Home

Roseanne Barr started out as a high school dropout. After spending less than a year in a mental hospital due to suspected brain damage, due to a car accident, she worked at a restaurant where her talent for comedy was quickly recognized. She started as a dishwasher and waitress, but through hilarious interactions with her customers, she quickly embraced a life of stand-up comedy. Her stand-up comedy career continued until she appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" on August 23, 1985. From there, she was offered her own HBO television show, which was the first step into her acting career, according to IMDb).

As her career continued to grow, she became known for her political outspokenness and bluntly advocating for women and the working class. These things turned her into a controversial figure over the years of her success. Her personal life, which consisted of many marriages and divorces, was also placed in the spotlight, drawing even more negative attention (per Britannica). In 2018, a racist tweet ended Barr's involvement with her returned ABC show, "Roseanne." After a two-decade absence, the show's return was short-lived and went on as "The Conners," without any involvement from Barr. Since the scandal, Barr has left most of her publicity behind and is said to currently be residing in Hawaii with her partner (per Distractify). She is now selling her long-time California home as her Hawaiian life continues to blossom. Here's what we know about the home.

Outside the home

The home is located at 360 Hillcrest Street in El Segundo, California. El Segundo is known for being one of the best places to live in California, according to Niche. The area offers a calm, suburban feel that is perfect for families. This area is also close to the beach, with plenty of restaurants, parks, and coffee shops.

The home itself is stationed in a very quiet and peaceful neighborhood in the north-western part of El Segundo. The property offers a total of 4,518 square feet of living space with limited outdoor space. Zillow shows the property to have a well-kept front garden, as well as a small manicured backyard. Despite the limited outdoor space, the property provides an outdoor sitting area, perfect for entertaining guests on a nice day. This area also boasts a perfect view of the neighborhood and the mountains and ocean beyond. These views provide the perfect scene to embrace the famous California sunset.

Inside the home

The home has a total of four bedrooms and four bathrooms in addition to a formal living room, family room, and game room. A spare room is also present in the house, which can be transformed into either an office or another bedroom. The master bedroom advertises plenty of space for two with a luxury-sized room, bathroom, and closet. The bathroom is complete with a large double vanity accompanied by a stand-up shower and a luxuriously large bathtub. The closet also provides plenty of space for a variety of storage needs, as seen in the Zillow listing.

The kitchen is also set with plenty of storage space, as well as the best brands of kitchen appliances. A new Samsung washer and dryer set are also part of the home's appliances. Throughout the house, a smart technology system is also present. Adding another element of luxury to the home, an elevator also connects both levels of the home.

Style of the home

The home takes on a Mediterranean style, perfect for the beach and mountain setting that surrounds the home. The entrance leading from the front door into the home is lined with French oak hardwood floors, which continue throughout the rest of the home. The entrance also boasts a high ceiling entrance lined with windows that provide plenty of natural lighting; a glass chandelier is also located in this area to top off the luxury look, as seen in the Zillow listing. The windows continue to provide natural lighting throughout the rest of the home.

Each bathroom has been remodeled with beautiful marble tiling  to give them all a bright, slick, clean look, deeply contrasted by the dark wooden cabinets. A similar dark wood is used for other storage structures, like the cabinets in the dining and game rooms; the inside of the elevator also seems to be lined with a similar dark material. All these dark structures are beautifully contrasted by the lightly colored walls and large windows.