How To Decorate A Mirror

When it comes to decorating your home with mirrors, a good motto to follow is "the more the merrier." Whether small or large, bold or subtle, mirrors have the power to make any living space feel bigger, brighter, and more open. According to Country Living, mirrors are not only useful for checking yourself out but also capture light and reflect it into darker spots of a room. You simply need to place it strategically next to a window to bring more light inside. 

Once you've mastered the art of brightening your home with mirrors, you can also think about how to decorate your favorite looking glasses. As true style chameleons, mirrors come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, so you can easily decorate them to add texture and make a chic statement just as you would with artwork. From adding a wild frame to make your mirror stand out to painting it a soft, neutral color to help soften a room, the sky's the limit. Keep reading for tips and tricks about how to decorate mirrors to complete your style setup.     

Give it a wooden frame

One of the best ways to take a mirror from drab to fab is by adding a unique frame. If you have an old mirror sitting around begging for a refresh, a wooden frame is an ideal way to add cool decoration and show off your personal style. According to Architectural Digest, framing an existing mirror is a simple project that anyone can successfully complete. Plus, it's a more budget-friendly option than buying a brand-new mirror.

To make your own wooden frame, you'll need some basic supplies, such as a tape measure, level, miter saw, and sandpaper. Measure the mirror's dimensions to figure out frame size before picking up boards at your local home improvement store. Larger home improvement stores will often cut your boards to the size you need, or you can cut your own boards with a few basic supplies (via Honey Bear Lane). After sanding and staining the wood, install the frame to the mirror using liquid nails or staples. Let the frame sit for about 24 hours before mounting or setting it into place.

Dress it up with cool mosaic tile

Another way to make a statement with your mirror is by adding a mosaic tile frame. Whether you have some extra tile lying around from a kitchen renovation or you spotted an eye-catching tile on your last trip to the hardware store, why not get creative and use it to decorate a mirror? Adding shimmering tile to a mirror frame is a simple and easy way to add character to a room. Just like a work of art, it will add a personal touch to your living space. 

According to Family Handyman, you will need an MDF back, tile, wood trim, and grout to complete this project, along with a variety of basic household tools such as a level and utility knife. Tile frames are beginner-friendly and typically cost around $50-100 depending on the frame size and tile style you select. While they don't take long to complete, the end result will have a large impact on your room.  

Brighten up with lighting

If you want to add a little extra shine to your living space, consider decorating a mirror with light. Whether brightening up a bathroom with a backlit mirror or hanging string lights around a bedroom looking glass, there are plenty of fun ways to incorporate light and style. 

When first starting to decorate a mirror with lights, think about your specific needs. If you are hoping to add some sweet mood lighting to a bedroom or living room, install some twinkle lights around a mirror. According to SF Gate, the main decision to make when working with string lights is whether to place them on or opposite the mirror. Hanging them on the mirror will create a soft, pretty glow. Just be sure to keep extension cords out of view. On the other hand, if you want a spot to freshen up and apply makeup, add back lights to a vanity mirror (via The Sorry Girls). 

Construct a mirror gallery wall

Have a blank wall in your house? Inject some fun personality by creating a gallery of mirrors and wall art. While it might seem like an intimidating project to start from scratch, there's really no way you can mess it up. Just stick to mirrors and art that you like and let your creative juices flow. According to 21 Oak, mirrors are a necessity for gallery walls, since their reflective surfaces make any space feel more open and add visual interest.

Choose frames and shapes that appeal to you and complement the rest of the room's decor. If your home has an Art Deco theme, go for glass with luxurious geometric designs. If you are more of a bohemian, frames made of natural materials like wood are an ideal choice for your gallery wall. If you really want to make a statement, incorporate multiple mirrors into the design or create a gallery wall entirely out of mirrors. 

Decorate with stickers and decals

Want to make your mirror the fairest of them all? Spruce it up with some stickers and wall decals. From quirky patterns and wild colors to subtle lines and shades, there are countless options to choose from. Add an inspirational quote to your bathroom mirror to put a smile on your face first thing in the morning or add thin black lines to a closet mirror to give an edge. You can use stickers to enhance your personal style in any living space.

According to Top Dreamer, one of the coolest trends in the world of mirror stickers is 3D stickers. These reflective stickers come in a variety of colors and designs, and can be easily secured to a ceiling, to the wall above your headboard, or around a TV. To really make the space shine, add the stickers to a place that reflects plenty of window light.

Embellish with lots of plants

Decorating with houseplants is always a good idea, whether you want to have fun with trailing vines in the living room or freshen up a bedroom with air-purifying plants. There are so many different varieties of plants to choose from these days, suitable for any style and type of indoor space. According to MasterClass, they bring life into a home and make a space feel more warm.

If you want to take your mirror (and your green thumb) to the next level, experiment with plant decorations. If you have a round mirror, you can drape vines around the frame or let strands from your hanging plants fall over a side of the mirror. Alternatively, if your mirror is close to a small table or mantel, you can surround the looking glass with a variety of cute potted plants. This styling trick will transform any room into a living, breathing plant jungle!

Surround it with framed artwork

While a mirror on its own can make a statement, why not give it some company? Hanging up some of your favorite art pieces or photographs around a mirror will create an eye-catching visual display. According to Real Homes, mixing and matching mirrors with pictures is a particularly chic design choice. 

If you happen to have an empty wall above a fireplace mantel, mount a mirror in this spot and hang cool art around it. The mantel also provides space for displaying small, decorative objects like vintage vases, flowers, trinkets, and candles. For best results, aim for the mirror to be two-thirds the size of the mantel in terms of width (via Amor Decor). Hanging a long, vertical mirror will help make your wall look taller. Additionally, be sure that you install the mirror securely using "J" hooks for drywall or metal anchors if you have brick walls.

Give your mirror a glamorous gold makeover

When it comes to decorating your mirror, why not go for the gold? If you have an ornate mirror at home, giving it a fresh coat of gold paint is a great way to freshen it up and add a royal touch. According to The Spruce Crafts, you can inexpensively repaint a mirror frame by yourself (and there's no need to take the mirror out of the frame). This project is suitable for frames made of wood, metal, or laminate material.

As part of the painting process, you will need to prep and sand the frame and tape off the mirror glass before starting. Once the frame is primed and dried, you're finally ready to start painting. You'll probably need two coats of gold spray paint to achieve full coverage on the frame. Leave time for the paint to dry between coats as well as after you're finished spray painting before hanging up your beautiful mirror.

Style the mirror with a sunburst

If you really want to make your mirror the center of attention, decorate it with a bold sunburst design. According to House Beautiful, the sunburst mirror is believed to have originated with French King Louis XIV in the 17th century. However, it wasn't until the 20th century that sunburst designs became popular in European homes and with Hollywood's A-list. The glamorous gold and metallic accents helped make the sunburst mirror a staple of glitzy homes. Today, you can find both vintage and modern styles, each with their own unique characteristics.

If you want to add a dose of glamour to your home, add a sunburst mirror. Whether placed over a mantel, bed, or dining room table these statement mirrors fit almost anywhere. Use them as a centerpiece on a wall or decorate with a group of small sunburst mirrors to create a cool effect. 

Add character with vibrant color

Want to switch things up? Give your mirror (or the wall around it) a fresh coat of bold color. Whether you're redecorating a bathroom or updating the color palette in your living room, color plays an important role in setting the mood. As reported by Foyr, soothing colors like light blue or green can make you feel more relaxed while bright reds and oranges will boost your energy. Understanding color psychology can help you select the perfect colors in your home, from the walls to the mirrors and everything in between. 

Once you've chosen a color for your mirror, use spray paint to give it new life. Start by securing cardboard to the mirror so that paint doesn't damage the glass. Then, sand the mirror frame and wipe everything down with a cloth before spray painting the frame. To avoid making a mess, it's best to paint in an outside area and wear a mask.    

Decorate with flowers on and around the mirror

If your mirror is looking a little plain, dress it up with some pretty flowers. Real or fake, flowers add a romantic touch to any living space. You can choose between decorating with flowers on the frame or glass, or arranging colorful bouquets around the mirror. According to Sweet Teal, the key to decorating a mirror with flowers is to use a hot glue gun to secure them directly on the frame. To take it to the next level, wrap twinkle lights around the flowers.

When it comes to choosing specific flowers for your mirror, think about which varieties are your favorites. Roses and peonies are guaranteed to bring the romance, while dahlias and amaryllis are known for their beautiful and cheerful feeling. For maximum flower power, decorate with a variety of different flowers and bloom sizes around your mirror frame. Ideally, this decorating trick will make your mirror feel like it belongs in a garden.

Play around with layers

If you are having trouble deciding between painting, decorating, or adding a new frame to your mirror, don't fret! You can decorate around your mirror in layers, mixing different art, plants, and frame styles together to create a look that's uniquely yours. You can also layer mirrors to spice things up. As reported by Sarah Catherine Design, layering is essentially placing two or more mirrors on top of one another to create more visual interest. 

The trick to layering mirrors correctly is to use mirrors that are not too similar in size, color, or style. It typically looks best to mix different frame styles together, placing the largest mirror in the back and leaning the smallest on top. Simpler styles work better in the back while more ornate frames shine in the front. The best part about layering mirrors on top of one another is that they enhance natural light and look utterly unique.

Hang sconces on either side

If you happen to have some extra space on either side of your wall mirror, consider decorating with sconces. According to The Spruce, a sconce is unique because it is mounted directly onto the wall and does not take up any space on either the ceiling, table, or floor. This type of light fixture is great at lightening up dark corners in the home and adding some stylish flair.

When installing sconces around your mirror, the most important factors to keep in mind are height and style (via Coddington Design). In the bathroom, sconces should be attached to the wall around eye level (65-70 inches) to create a flattering light effect. Elsewhere, bedroom sconces should be installed about 20 inches above the mattress, and sconces in reading nooks are best when installed 20 inches above a sofa or chair. And although sconces work great in pairs, they can also look amazing on their own when placed above the center of a mirror.

Make it sparkle with crystals

Bring good vibrations to your home by decorating with crystals. As reported by Parade, these stones have been used for centuries to protect against negative energy and improve well-being. There are many different types of crystals out there, but some of the best ones for your home include black tourmaline for grounding and protection, citrine for abundance, rose quartz for love, and shungite for purifying electromagnetic frequencies.

While there are endless ways to decorate with crystals in your living space, placing them on a mirror can help increase their healing energy. Plus, it looks absolutely beautiful. A popular trend for mirror crystals is decorating with amethyst stones. Using a healthy dose of Loctite Go2 Glue, secure crystals around the border of the mirror. Let some of the crystals hang over the border to create cool texture and add smaller stones to the inside edge. While it takes time to set the crystals into place, the end result is so pretty and worth all the effort.