20 Ideas For Showers Without Doors

If you want to make some awesome upgrades to your bathroom, then one thing that you should consider is updating your shower. While that could involve swapping out shower tiles, adding a rainfall showerhead, or installing mood-setting lighting, you can also create a doorless shower. Exactly what it sounds like, a doorless shower is one that ditches the expected door and instead embraces a more open concept.

There are a number of reasons why you might want a doorless shower. In addition to being stylish, they tend to be perfectly made for the space they're in, they can make your small bathroom seem more spacious, and they're easier to get in and out of, among other benefits, according to Bob Vila. If you're already intrigued, then you'll also be interested to find out that there are plenty of options when it comes to doorless showers, including the following stunning designs.

1. Opt for a doorless shower with black trim

Open bathroom showers can be subtle thanks to the lack of a door. However, if you add a glass divider that makes use of black lines that match other details in the space, it can be a great and easy way to add a little extra style.

2. You'll adore a sleek and spacious doorless shower

Black trim can also be used for a sleek and wide-open doorless bathroom shower. Of course, this sort of shower can stand up to the darker shades thanks to the fact that it's so wonderfully spacious and has just the right kind of overhead lighting.

3. Warm up in a doorless shower with a fireplace

If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bathroom, then you should definitely consider a doorless shower. With no doors to get in the way, you'll be able to enjoy the view of the fire from your shower, tub, or while you're brushing your teeth at the sink.

4. A doorless shower with half-glass wall keeps it bright

Doorless showers can have different kinds of glass walls. For instance, a glass divider that blocks just half of the shower space can make it seem somewhat cozy while also keeping it open and bright.

5. Add cool tiles and towel rack

While it makes sense that you'd focus on the lack of a door and perhaps glass walls for your open shower, there are a few other details to consider. For instance, you can snazzy up the space with cool tiles and a unique towel rack.

6. Add a bench to your doorless shower

Without a door that needs to swing open, you may end up with more space in your shower. Because of that, you might want to add a bench that can both enhance the style of your shower and give you a relaxing place to sit while you soak in the hot water.

7. A marble-tiled doorless shower is stunning

Using marble tiles — in any color, pattern, or variation — to line the walls of your shower is another simple way to add a lot of style to your bathroom. With something that gorgeous in the space, who would want to block it with a door?

8. Use full marble walls in your doorless shower

A doorless shower with marble tiles is nice enough, but a doorless shower with full marble walls that extend into the rest of the bathroom can be absolutely stunning.

9. Design a doorless shower with tiny tiles

There's no doubt that walls covered in marble can look spectacular in an open shower. The same can be said for how tiny tiles look in a doorless shower. Choose from a wide range of colors and arrangements in just as many patterns.

10. Make your doorless shower divider blend in

Even without a door, you don't need a large wall if you want to keep your shower slightly separated. You can also opt for a narrow divider that blends in with the rest of the bathroom's overall style and décor.

11. Opt for a doorless shower with walls

Just because you decide to add a doorless shower to your bathroom doesn't mean that it has to be wide open. You can leave off the door and yet preserve the other walls to give your shower its own little space within your bathroom.

12. Two glass walls define a doorless shower

You may want your doorless shower to feel like a wide-open space that isn't set apart from the rest of the bathroom. However, you might also not want water to get everywhere. In that case, you can opt to have a pair of glass walls without any trim to surround your doorless shower.

13. Put in a double doorless shower

If you and your partner like to shower at the same time, then a double shower might be the best choice for you. Beyond that, a double doorless shower can be a stylish and practical way to give you both as much space as you need.

14. Both block it off and keep it open

Find a balance between a shower that's open to the rest of your bathroom and one that keeps water in place. Consider a layout that has a glass wall that keeps the water away from the counter — and possibly your pricey cosmetics — while being open to the water-safe bathtub area alone.

15. Use a simple design in a small bathroom

Compact doorless showers can be a great idea for small bathrooms that don't have a lot of space. Without a door, all you need is a showerhead and knobs in one corner of the room, as well as a simple divider if wanted or required.

16. Use an open design in a small bathroom

If you have a bathroom that's on the smaller side, you can also opt for a doorless shower that's completely open. Ignore a potential door and forget about putting up any glass walls to instead focus on the showerhead, shampoo shelf, and surprising sense of spaciousness.

17. Attach your doorless shower to a sauna

If you have both the space and the desire to turn your bathroom into a spa-like area, then you should definitely consider a luxurious-looking doorless shower. You can also connect it to a sauna if you're so inclined to lean right into a design that combines style and self-care.

18. Pop up a doorless shower with half-frosted glass

You can still enjoy privacy with a doorless shower. Just put up a wall of half-frosted glass to make the shower seem open to the rest of the room while blurring out the view at just the right height.

19. A doorless shower pairs perfectly with minimalism

A doorless shower works so well in a minimalist bathroom design. Who wouldn't want simple accents and a nearly invisible door to fade into the background in order to highlight the gorgeously smooth stone-like walls?

20. Doorless showers look wonderful with wood

Even without a door, there are various kinds of trim that can help to accentuate your open shower. That includes a wood trim — available in a wide range of shades and grains — that's both warm and chic.