15 Subtle Ideas To Incorporate A Tropical Theme In Your Home

When thinking of vacation plans, everyone fantasizes about the sunny, warm, and colorful tropics and the sandy beaches of an island retreat. You don't have to wait for vacation to experience some of the tropical pleasures, though. Tropical décor is very popular in areas like Hawaii, Australia, and Mexico, but it doesn't have to be limited to that. With a few subtle decorations and furniture pieces, the beauty of tropical design can be yours year-round.

According to Curated Interior, tropical décor is a subset of coastal décor. Instead of the signature navies, whites, and sky blues, though, there is a focus on brighter, bolder colors and furniture pieces, including rattan furniture, tropical prints, and florals, adding beach and island-inspired decorative pieces, natural greenery, and bright corals, teals, and sunny yellows. There are many directions to take tropical design — more streamlined and modern, vintage and eclectic, trendy and boho. Regardless of which specific trend you prefer, tropical décor is a great and timeless style of interior design.

1. Rattan bedframe

Rattan is a very tropical, beachy material and great for a tropical room. For transforming your bedroom into a tropical paradise, consider swapping out your current bed frame for a rattan one.

2. Palm leaf print

Palm leaf prints are a great way to instantly make a room feel tropical. You can go overboard with the print or introduce it subtly in accent pillows, mirror frames, and drawer fronts, like in the picture above.

3. Canopy bed

Many tropical resorts have large canopy beds. Create a similar sensibility in your own bedroom by opting for a four-post canopy bed. Amp it up by running a sheer piece of fabric along the length of the canopy.

4. Decorate with palm leaves

Why stop at palm leaf print? For a more obvious but very easy tropical decoration, simply display a bunch of (fake) palm leaves in a wicker basket.

5. Wicker and bamboo furniture

Wicker and bamboo are other very popular tropical materials. Wicker or bamboo chairs, wicker baskets, and plant pots are great furniture pieces for a tropical-inspired room.

6. Circle bed with princess canopy

Another option for a resort-like tropical bedroom is a circle bed, which exudes luxury and comfort. Take it to the next level with a sheer princess canopy.

7. Nets

Adults aren't the only ones who can enjoy tropical designs! Bring in a bit of tropical influence in your child's room in a playful way by decorating with fishing nets. This can even be designed in a functional way to hold toys.

8. Tropical wallpaper

Tropical print is a great way to theme the room around the beachy design style. Instead of just introducing it in decorations, why not wallpaper with the print? Pair with simple rattan, white, or gold furniture.

9. Tropical wall art

For a more understated tropical influence, look for tropically influenced wall art featuring lots of teals, green, and island plants.

10. Incorporate pineapples

There are many items commonly associated with tropical life — pineapples, seashells, coconuts, etc. Consider decorating with these items for a hint of tropical influence.

11. Plant print bedspread

Plants are a major part of the tropics and tropical decor. For more tropical influence in your bedroom, consider adding a tropical plant printed bedspread, blanket, or pillow.

12. Dark green couch

Bright and bold colors are a major part of tropical design. For a bold change in your living room, consider switching out your current couch for a dark and vibrant green. Pair with turquoises and teals for a totally tropical feel.

13. Tent

Another way to introduce some tropical playfulness in your kid's room is with a tent. Add some real or fake tropical plants, island-inspired stuffed animals, and other tropical colors for the full effect.

14. Tropical houseplants

For those with a green thumb, consider introducing lots of tropical plants for an eclectic island feel. Palm trees, yucca plants, monsteras, and dracaenas are all great ideas.

15. Papasan chair

The relaxation and comfort of a papasan chair is excellent for a tropical room. Opt for a bamboo or rattan base and a white or cream cushion.