Americans Are Buying More Bunkers Because Of The War In Ukraine

Since October, Russian President Vladimir Putin began surrounding the borders of Ukraine with weapons and troops as he slowly prepared for the invasion of a country he claimed rightfully belonged to Russia. On February 24, 2022, Russia finally made its move causing the death of many Ukrainian civilians and causing even more to flee the country. As Ukraine continues to fight for its country, NATO continues to assist with supplies and support for troops and fleeing refugees, according to Global Conflict Tracker.

CNN states that as much as the United States wants to help Ukraine, they risk starting another world war by picking up the fight against Russia. The world war that could result from this action could also dangerously include the massive amount of nuclear weapons that are held behind the Russian border. Avoiding this savage outcome, the United States continues its support behind the scenes with the rest of the NATO countries. Many U.S. citizens, however, are still preparing for the worst outcome, it seems. New York Post states that in the past month, the investments in bunkers have significantly gone up, and here's why.

Pressure for preparation

The Guardian explores Gary Lynch's business, Rising S Company, as demand for his product skyrocketed 1000% as world stress continues to rise. Rising S Company, located in the state of Texas, builds and installs bunkers said to be made out of thick plate steel and designed to fit the exact needs and limitations of the customer. The pandemic, war in Ukraine, and even climate change are pressuring people all over the U.S. to invest in a bunker to protect themselves and their families in the case of an unfortunate event.

Lynch's company informs that over the past months, many of his bunkers have also been shipped out to Ukraine and have certainly been placed to good use as their war with Russia has continued. Based on a 2012 survey, over half of Americans believed a major tragedy would strike within the span of 20 years. Now that several major tragedies have affected the world within that 20-year time frame, many are now finding it wiser to stock-up supplies and invest in bunkers than saving for retirement.