Peek Inside Gorgeous Florida Home NFL's Jason Pierre-Paul Sold For $6.1 Million

NFL player Jason Pierre-Paul has just sold his home after only two months on the market. Initially, Paul listed the home for sale at a whopping $6.2 million in January of 2022. However, the home quickly sold in March 2022 at $6.1 million, per Paul takes a huge profit with him, seeing as he had purchased the home back in 2017 for only $2.3 million. Prior to the huge sale, the home was able to be leased monthly at $20,000. Alongside the house, numerous interior items were sold as well, aside from some personal items and a few art pieces.

Originally built in 1983, the mansion is around 9,589 square feet in size and resides in the Boca Raton, Florida, area. The ginormous home features seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Aside from the standard kitchen, family room, and dining room, this home also has other notable features as well. An extra family room, game room are just a few of the many extra rooms.

Outside pool

Like with most homes, the exterior is where the first impression is met. This is true even for large homes such as mansions. Perhaps, one of the most notable and eye-catching sceneries of this home is the pool. Inground and large in size, it's quite breathtaking. While being large and primarily rectangle in shape, there is a mini spa jacuzzi on the end, as seen in a video from Luxury Houses – American Homes. On the opposite side of the luxury jacuzzi is a small sitting area featuring an umbrella to provide some sort of shade in the hot Florida sun.

Aside from this spectacular pool, there are many other exterior privileges as well. For starters, there is a large guest house. Not only is a guest house a luxury in itself, this one happens to be unique as it is two stories tall. Obviously, with this much room, one can house many guests. Not to mention all the rooms that are inside the mansion itself. However, with all these guests, where is everyone supposed to park? Not to worry, there is a large car garage that can hold around six vehicles.

Game room

Like with any other mansion that exists, there are not only a ton of standard rooms but a ton of extra rooms as well. According to, there is also a game room as well. Perhaps, the star of this whole room is the large pool table residing directly in the center of the room. While a lot of pool tables vary from one to the other, this specific model is red in color and has all that you need to play, such as the pool balls, sticks, and ball rack.

While the pool table is impressive, that's not also all there is to this room. Directly adjacent to the pool table, mounted on a wall, is a flat screen TV. Considering it's in a game room, it can be assumed that it is meant to be used for games as well. It's a good thing that there is no shortage of consoles that can be played" from PlayStations to Xboxes and Nintendo Switches, the amount of fun and memories that could be created in this room are endless.

Oval office

Okay, so maybe it's more square than oval. Nonetheless, this office is as equally impressive as the one located in the White House. Per Luxury Houses – American Holmes, this office is large in size and features a lot of detail. The main event being the large dark wooden desk sitting directly in the middle of the floor. A large light brown swivel chair sits directly behind the desk where the user sits to work. It's elegant but simple at the same time. In front of the desk sits two medium-sized black chairs that are perfect for visitors stopping by.

There is a big flat-screen TV mounted to the wall adjacent to the desk. Perfect for watching TV or streaming music. While these furniture pieces are the main events, there are a ton of tiny other details as well. Directly behind the desk chair is a floor-to-ceiling shelf. On these shelves are decorative items such as pictures and awards. However, right above this shelf are fluorescent lights that shine directly on it as to showcase what these items are.