Here's Where You Should Place Jade Crystals In Your Home

Jade is a green crystal with lots of cultural significance, particularly in Mayan, Maori, and Chinese practices, according to Long's Fine Jewelers. The crystal's name actually comes from a Spanish phrase that translates to "stone for the pain in the side," coming from the Mayan tradition of using jade to heal pains. Chinese culture also reveres jade for its healing properties, seen most commonly in the tradition of gifting someone a bangle made of pure jade that is meant to absorb all negative energy, breaking once it's done its job in protecting the wearer.

Jade has been prized for centuries for its beneficial properties, which are numerous. While jade jewelry has been popular among multiple cultures for many years, pure jade jewelry can be quite expensive. Not only that, but displaying jade in your home in strategic, specific ways can help create certain protective energies for your living space. Read on for ideas on how to display jade crystals in your home.

The bedroom for clarity and fertility

One great place to put jade is in your bedroom. There are multiple benefits to placing jade in the same room in which you sleep. Home Senator says it is a stone that brings clarity to the user, and putting it on your bedside table can help you work your way through various troubles. The crystal also prevents self-sabotaging, particularly in terms of relationships. Jade also helps facilitate healthy romantic relationships and can help you in your search for a long-term partner. The semi-precious crystal also helps those on their fertility journey. Tiny Rituals recommends it for the luck it brings. It is also particularly attuned to feminine energy, which can help in fertility rituals.

The crystal can come in various forms — raw, tumbled, wands, and carved statues, the last one being particularly useful when trying to manifest something specific. Keep jade in your bedroom for reflection, prosperity, luck, healthy relationships, and fertility.

By the front door for energy and luck

As discussed earlier, jade is a great and powerful crystal for protection and luck. As such, it is a fantastic crystal to keep by your front door, the first thing to welcome you into your home. Specifically, Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy recommends placing the stone in the left rear corner of the entryway to your home, the crystal promoting good luck and fortune, as well as increased energy. Placing this crystal by the entrance of the home will instill you with a sense of positivity, luck, and an energy boost, perfect for coming home after a long day. It will also help get rid of any negative and funky energy from guests, making them feel bright and happy too.

Bustle also recommends that jade be kept by the front door, such as on a windowsill, shelf, or console. You can amplify the properties of jade by pairing it with other crystals, such as black tourmaline for major protection and Congo citrine for increased positivity.

In the bathroom for health benefits

Jade has long been used as a crystal not only for luck and prosperity but for healing physical wounds and ailments. For this reason, Home Senator recommends it as a great crystal to keep in the bathroom. They bring up the fact that you often expose bruises, cuts, and other wounds, either external or internal when you're in the bathroom. Keeping a jade close to the shower can help speed up the healing process of these ailments, as well as prevent other ones from manifesting in the first place.

This crystal also helps support skeletal health and strength, which can again be particularly helpful in the bathroom when you are at your most physically vulnerable. It has also been known to help people going through organ issues with a smoother and speedier recovery, especially in matters of the spleen. Keep a jade crystal in any form close to your shower, or even in the shower, though be careful not to submerge in water for too long, warns Crystal Clear Intuition.