Inside The Mansion Football Coach Brian Kelly Just Bought For $1.2 Million

Given that college football coaches often command salaries in excess of $2 million a year, according to Best Universities, it likely comes as no surprise to fans that football coach Brian Kelly has recently purchased a seriously stunning mansion after making a move to a new school. Kelly, who formerly coached at Notre Dame, recently moved south and signed with Louisiana State University. As part of his contract to sweeten the deal, Kelly received an interest-free $1.2 million house loan, according to Sports Illustrated — which he seems to have promptly put to good use.

Kelly purchased a lakefront property in Baton Rouge that was recently renovated, and while it hasn't yet been revealed exactly how much Kelly paid for the mansion, Realtor reports that the price tag in 2019 was $1.8 million.

Whatever Kelly ended up paying for the Baton Rouge property, it definitely has plenty of room, with over 5,000 square feet of space on a 0.57 acre lot (after all, with the lakefront position, you wouldn't want the home to be too separated from that noteworthy feature with acres and acres of green space). In addition to the stunning façade that includes a massive balcony on the second story, the home has four bedrooms, and three bathrooms, one powder room, and plenty of luxurious details — read on to learn a bit more about the new space that one of LSU's latest athletics hires will be inhabiting.

A grand entry to stun guests

While a homeowner likely won't be lingering in their property's entry too often, it definitely sets the tone for the house. After all, the front door and entry area are what your guests see first when they visit — and Brian Kelly's Baton Rouge mansion certainly delivers. As the Realtor photos highlight, the front entry features a single door with a large glass panel flanked by two long vertical windows and an additional arched window stretching along the top of it all. Each of the panels have elaborate designs, and the overall effect is far grander than the typical single front door.

There's a unique light fixture near the entry that resembles an old-school candle-topped chandelier encased in a sleek modern shell, blending different styles for a unique style statement. The other major feature of the entry is a grand spiraling staircase, which combines a white base with black trim along the railing and sides of each carpeted step, creating an eye-catching contrasting effect. There is also delicate millwork along the staircase, offering yet another detail that draws the eye.

The wall along one side of the staircase features several vintage-inspired sconces to light the way as you ascend up the upper floor, and a chandelier is mounted on the ceiling above it all, transforming a simple way to move between floors into a movie-worthy style statement.

A bright, airy kitchen and entertaining spaces galore

The kitchen is an important feature in any home, and the kitchen in Brian Kelly's Baton Rouge property isn't afraid to make a splash with its wallpapered walls. The space has simple white cabinets with silver hardware, and the cabinets contrast beautifully with the warm wood flooring that stretches across the kitchen and into the surrounding rooms, as the Realtor listing showcases. While perhaps a bold choice to some, a delicate floral wallpaper on a white background adds a pop of visual interest without being too overwhelming in the space.

A large window above the sink fills the kitchen with natural light, and the countertops are a mixture of a white stone along the perimeter of the kitchen and a darker gray granite on the large island with an induction cooktop. The room has an abundance of modern appliances, including double ovens perfect for whipping up any dishes you can dream of, and the kitchen has storage galore with cabinetry on nearly all walls of the space.

Just steps away from the kitchen is a gorgeous breakfast room that features nearly floor-to-ceiling windows along two walls, filling the room with natural light and making it the perfect spot to enjoy your morning cup of coffee. A door leads outside, in case you want to enjoy your meal al fresco, and there's also a dining room nearby for more formal occasions.

Making the most of the view

Given that Brian Kelly's home has a waterfront location, as the Realtor listing shares, it makes sense that you would want to capitalize on those gorgeous lake views that likely added quite a chunk of change to the home's asking price. The living room, for example, has a massive arched window that spreads across one wall of the space, with interior shutters adding a bit of Southern flair. When the shutters are pulled back, the window offers an unobstructed view of the lake and the lush greenery around it, providing a serene backdrop anytime you're hanging out in the living room.

And, if Kelly decides to bring his work home, he doesn't have to worry about missing out on the views even when tucked away in his home office. The study features large windows that stretch along the majority of two walls in the relatively small room, offering plenty of natural light that will illuminate your desk and make it a pleasure to work in the space.

Of course, you can't forget the master bedroom — in addition to the crown molding and nine-foot ceilings that make the room feel airy and spacious, there's a nook perfect for a couch or chaise lounge with a row of windows, allowing you to enjoy the views even when just resting in your own private space.