NFL Star Hines Ward Is Selling His Florida Home For $2.6 Million

Football star Hines Ward, unlike most football stars, started his life over in South Korea. He was born on March 8, 1976, to a Korean mother and an African-American father. At only one-year-old, however, he was moved over to the United States and continued his life in Georgia. His childhood was far from easy, especially with the controversy of having dual nationalities. Although money was tight for Ward growing up, the stepfather of one of Ward's closest friends paid the registration fees for Ward to participate in sports. He played baseball and football all throughout middle school and high school. Despite his promising baseball career, Ward decided to solely participate in football in college and went on to play for the University of Georgia, according to Pro Football History.

Although his professional football career had a slow start, Hines Ward was eventually drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1998 (per Pro Football Reference). He quickly became a valuable player and even received a four-year contract for $22 million, including with $3 million signing bonus in 2009 (per Pro Football History). According to ESPN, after fourteen successful seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Hines finally left his football career behind in 2012. Now, as Hines takes on a new career as an assistant coach at Florida Atlantic University, he is continuing to make a new life for himself, especially with the sale of his $2.6 million Florida home (per ESPN). Let's take a closer look at Ward's recently sold home.

A place to enjoy the beautiful florida sun

The 4,702 square foot home is located in Boca Raton, Florida. Boca Raton is a neighborhood located right along the beach on the eastern side of Florida. The area is known for its gorgeous beaches and extensive golf courses. Although the house is not a beachfront home, it is still in proximity to the best beaches the Florida Atlantic coast has to offer, per Visit Florida. The home also offers plenty of outdoor space to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather without leaving the property.

Zillow shows a beautiful backyard sitting area, complete with outdoor cooking equipment, perfect for entertaining guests on a nice, sunny day. This area is also covered to allow further enjoyment even if the weather suddenly shifts. And what luxury Florida home would be complete without a pool. The yard boasts a beautiful turquoise pool surrounded by a calm gray stone and a touch of vibrant green grass with a variety of exotic plants.

Around the spacious home

The home has a total of five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The bedrooms shown on Zillow are presented with an ample amount of space, especially the master bedroom, which provides a massive amount of space for both bedroom furniture and an entire sitting area. The master bathroom is also set with a large vanity, gigantic bathtub, walk-in shower, and plenty of cabinet space.

Moving to the rest of the house, Zillow presents a high-ceilinged sitting area upon entering the home. also shows this area to have a small space for wine storage that guests will certainly see as they come into the home. The living room is located further into the house, adjacent to the luxurious chef's kitchen set with top-tier appliances. Within the kitchen, there is also space for a small breakfast table as well as seating arrangements at the giant island in the center of the kitchen. A more formal table setting is also present in a separate room near the kitchen.

Slick modern look states that when Ward purchased the home in 2020, the house was brand new, and many features of the home prove that. At just a glance from the outside of the home, one can already see the modern features in the slick, creamy white-colored house contrasted by the dark garages, roof, and trimmings on the windows. You can only expect the continuation of these feature within the home.

Upon entering the home, Zillow shows the modern style taken to new levels. The lightly colored walls are matched with a slick white tile on the first level. Continuing through the house, the tile eventually shifts over to a soft brown hardwood and eventually reaches the grey stone flooring back behind the house. Each area of the home is also met with plenty of natural lighting from the many large windows spread across the home, bring the Florida sun and other pieces of Florida's beautiful nature into the bright and open home.