The Best Crystals Every Aries Should Have In Their Home

Mark your calendars; Aries season is here! Just in time for the spring equinox happening on March 20, Aries season marks a time of new beginnings. Flowers are blooming back to life, the weather is getting warmer, and days are getting longer, so it's a perfect time for Aries to let go of the weight of the past and focus on the present, future, and fresh beginnings. Happening between March 20 and April 19, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, according to Cosmic Cuts. Taking place on the first day of spring, it's a crucial time for Aries to start anew, manifest, and embrace being the natural-born leaders they are.

When the sun is in Aries, you can expect beautiful things to come your way. Whether you love them or hate them, you can't deny the energy that Aries brings to the table. Being a fire sign and ruled by the planet Mars, the energy of Aries brings new inspiration, positive vibes, fun energy, and confidence. Whether you are an Aries sun yourself or have one in your life, these are the best crystals to provide any Aries with the healing, inner peace, spiritual growth, and positive energy they need to flourish and become the best version of themselves.


Amethyst is known for transmuting negative energy into positive energy. Known as a purifying stone, according to Divine Twist, this crystal helps Aries rid themselves of stress, irritability, and fury as they work on accomplishing personal goals and tasks that deeply matter to them. As Aries can sometimes overwork themselves, it's a reminder to remain consistent but have a good healthy work balance and not to take on more than they can chew just because they know they'll get it done even if it kills them. Sometimes Aries can become so consumed by their work that they can often start new projects all at once without finishing previous ones. 

This crystal will provide Aries with the energy they need to manage their emotions and load and also works as a reminder to pace themselves to avoid becoming overwhelmed. According to Ancient Element Creations, Amethysts are beneficial for Aries starting new endeavors because it promotes creativity, tranquility, and positive energy. This will help any Aries work smarter, not harder!

Clear quartz

According to Divine Twist, clear quartz is one of the most beneficial crystals for Aries to have in their home because it'll keep them grounded and aware of not only themselves but others as well. Because Aries are natural-born go-getters, they sometimes don't think of other people as they move forward with their goals and accomplishments or have a strong stance on something. 

This enchanting stone will help them to integrate more balance in their lives, a more open perspective and view of the world, and solid energy as they can sometimes be very intense and fiery without realizing how it affects their relationships. Aries can sometimes come on a little too strong when they feel extremely passionate, and they aren't afraid to shake the table. They need as much peace and tranquility as they can get, and the clear quartz is just what they need to do the trick, according to Cosmic Cuts.


This stone supports the power of manifesting. This is a powerful stone for Aries to have because manifestations are all about new beginnings, as is Aries, being the first zodiac sign and the start of spring. Aries, being extremely goal-oriented and self-motivated, would highly benefit from the energy of this stone as it rids the energy of negativity and promotes wealth, prosperity, as well as success in career fields. 

That's all not this stone is good for. According to Ancient Element Creations, the Citrine stone is known to attract love and happiness and improve personal relationships with loved ones. This is good for Aries, who sometimes struggle with mending bonds and can be strong-willed and stubbornly stuck in their ways. Because this stone embodies the power of manifesting, Aries would greatly benefit from the energy of this stone because they are not afraid to take risks, especially if they are betting on themselves.


The Aquamarine crystal is highly recognized for helping Aries embrace flexibility, calmness, and understanding. Because the aquamarine heavily identifies with the throat chakra, this can be useful when it comes to personal endeavors. Because Aries is a fire sign element and the aquamarine crystal is a water stone, this energy will create the necessary balance Aries need to calm their fiery energy, according to Cosmic Cuts. What a coincidence that you use water to tame fire. 

The purpose of aquamarine for Aries is to release any stress, anger, and anxiety. Once they do, they will feel lighter and as if a weight has been lifted from them, which Aries needs to stay grounded. According to Ancient Element Creations, Aries can receive the energy of this stone by meditating with it for clarity and self-awareness before going into a situation to effectively get their point across, all the while staying calm, cool, and collected because they are always ready for a battle.


The ruby stone is considered to be extremely lucky for the sign of Aries, according to Divine Twist. For Aries, it's a representation of love, positivity, confidence, and protection from danger. Any Aries on their journey to find love will benefit from having this fiery gem to enhance their passionate nature. The ruby is known to bring Aries back to life and recharge their energy, according to Divine Twist

Because Aries can sometimes let their temper get the best of them, this ruby is just what they need to stay calm, move forward, enhance their strengths and protect their energy from anyone around them who doesn't have the best intentions for them. Aries are optimistic and aren't afraid to start over or face their fears head-on. The ruby crystal will enhance that energy as Aries already have a confident nature instilled in them and ignite the flame in their soul.


The Carnelian crystal is one and the same with Aries because it's a fire stone, according to Cosmic Cuts. What a coincidence. This stone is the perfect stone for any Aries who feels like giving up during difficult times because that isn't their usual nature. Aries have a lot of determination and drive, especially when they have it set in their mind to get things done. 

When it comes to working on new projects and pursuing new creative ideas, the carnelian would come in handy for Aries because it encourages passion and it's a reminder to them to keep going and push through. Aries can use it to center themselves when they are struggling with emotions or feeling all over the place. This stone brings clarity and peace of mind. Known as a root chakra stone, Divine Twist recommends meditating with this stone to find inner peace and stability.


If there's one thing about Aries, they always overcome milestones no matter how hard they may seem. The bloodstone signifies intuition, life, birth, good health, and endurance. According to Ancient Element Creations, it ignites courage and the energy needed to face situations head-on, as Aries tend to do. This fire sign is not afraid of conflict, and they are not ones to back down. 

Aries are straight shooters. Some people are easily put off by it, while others appreciate the truth from them no matter how hard or difficult. This is a beneficial crystal for Aries to have during difficult times for clarity and a reminder for Aries to remain in their higher vibration. It also is known to strengthen your immunity, especially when you are feeling physically sick or healing from energy. Meditating with this crystal will keep you calm, elevated, and welcome good energy in your life, according to Divine Twist.

Fire Agate

Ancient Element Creations recommends Aries keep the stone in their pocket to enhance their safety, security within self, and creativity. It allows them to welcome new ways of thinking different from their own, which can be a struggle for Aries since they generally have a hard time accepting other people's perspectives. Aries tend to be firm thinkers, and when their mind is set on something, there's no changing it. However, sometimes this can hinder Aries from growth, so this stone will give them the push they need to make better choices that will work out for them in the long run. 

Being a root and sacral chakra stone, the fire agate crystal is the perfect stone for Aries trying to bring positive energy into their lives and new ways of dealing with situations that they are normally used to. This is good for Aries because they can always benefit from being more open-minded.