This Viral TikTok Cleaning Hack Could Ruin Your Walls

Tiktok, otherwise known as CleanTok, is the source of many viral cleaning hacks and this one hack is one you definitely may not have considered before .... and that is probably for the better. CleanTok is the side of TikTok where the most effective and satisfying cleaning hacks and trends reside, according to RangeMe

A recent video went viral on Tiktok demonstrating a new interesting cleaning hack for your walls, and it's more deceiving than it appears. Many cleaning hacks go viral on Tiktok these days, so it's really no surprise this one isn't any different. This Tiktok accumulated 109K likes — some might think another one bites the dust. If you found this cleaning hack to be helpful, you may want to think again, as a recent study has shown that this cleaning hack is actually not as good as it's been said to be, no matter how many likes the video has or even how many people jumped on the trend. Just because a lot of people do something doesn't mean it is actually good. In this case, it's quite the opposite. In the eight-second clip, TikTok user @tanyahomeinspo uses a paint roller with water and disinfectant to clean walls and furniture.

The wall cleaning hack you should definitely avoid trying

In the viral video, she demonstrates by dipping the paint roller in a bowl mixed with water and the cleaning product Fabulosa disinfectant with bicarbonate of soda, according to The Sun. She swishes the paint roller around in the bowl before using it to move over couch pillows and moving onto the wall. Although it may look extremely harmless, easy, and effective, this isn't something that should be done multiple times or even once really. According to The Sun, this is definitely not the greatest cleaning trend to hop on, as a cleaning specialist of 10 years revealed that this new cleaning hack discovered on Tiktok can actually be life endangering.

According to a professional cleaning expert, this doesn't actually work despite how it looks. No scrubbing or wiping down is being done whatsoever. You're not actually cleaning anything, all you're doing is spreading chemicals and toxins that are not meant to be inhaled on the wall and essentially throughout your home. Is it worth it? Probably not. It's recommended by The Sun to simply use a cloth when it comes to cleaning your walls. You might get a little tired from cleaning it by hand, but you'll thank yourself for getting the job done the proper way. Not to mention for safety, another professional cleaner even goes on to say that cleaning your walls with a paintbrush could potentially become a fire hazard if done on a normal basis as part of your home cleaning routine.