Months After Buying Montecito Mansion, DeGeneres Is Selling For $12M

One of America's all-time favorite comedians, Ellen DeGeneres, has been performing stand-up comedy since 1981. She took on after her older brother, Vance Elliot DeGeneres, who was seen as the real comedian of the family before DeGeneres had her chance in the spotlight. Biography states that public speaking never came easy for DeGeneres; therefore, she turned to comedy to help her through it, becoming a major hit. When she came out as gay in 1997, she rose even further as an LGBTQ icon along with her comedy.

For the last twenty years, Ellen DeGeneres created and hosted her own show, called The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she entertains her guests with comedy and hilarious interviews with guests and celebrities. The show became a major hit and remained that way for the nineteen years it aired. Despite the popularity and love the show received, it was bound to see an end at some point. Time informs that Ellen DeGeneres plans on ending her show this year due to unfortunate allegations that have arisen from crew members who work behind the scenes of the show. Accompanying the downfall of her beloved show, DeGeneres continues to make changes in her life. After only six months of living in her beautiful Montecito mansion, she is already putting the mansion on the market for $12 million, ready to find something new (per New York Post). Let's take a closer look at what DeGeneres is selling.

Mediterranean themed courtyard

The 4,780 square foot home is stationed in Santa Barbara, California. Santa Barbara is a city located right on the central coast of California. The city is a popular vacation destination boasting beautiful California beaches with a perfect view of the mountains. There are plenty of restaurants and shopping centers scattered throughout the area, along with a wide variety of outdoor activities to enjoy the beautiful California weather, according to Santa Barbara.

Within the boundaries of the property, DeGeneres' home also boasts beautiful outdoor areas. The one level home opens up to a courtyard in the center of the home. Zillow shows that the courtyard takes on a classic Mediterranean theme with a mixture of desert and Mediterranean plants. The area also has full privacy and presents plenty of space for sitting areas and other outdoor arrangements. Eliminating the division between inside and outside portions of the home, floor-to-ceiling glass doors open up into the courtyard creating one big open space to escalate the beauty of the home and bring the beautiful California weather inside.

A home with luxurious space

The home only has a total of three bedrooms and four bathrooms but is laid out with more than enough space for each room, per Zillow. The master bathroom particularly shows off a massive room with two large vanities placed across from each other, lining two sides of the bathroom. A large walk-in shower and bathtub are placed in the center of the room, separating the vanities.

The kitchen is also set with a luxurious amount of space. There is plenty of countertop space for a variety of kitchen needs and even more cabinet space for storage. The kitchen island even shows to have a couple of separate seating arrangements. A formal dining area and living room are also located in a similar area adjacent to the kitchen. The house also includes a game area, which is only separated from the living room by a small barrier. Other rooms include a massage room, wine cellar, gym, and a potential office space.

Emerging dark styles

New York Post mentions that DeGeneres' California home is known for its Mediterranean theme. From the outside of the home, this theme is already portrayed by the white-colored home surrounded by a variety of Mediterranean and desert plants (per Zillow). Upon stepping into the home, the theme continues with white walls contrasted by black borders around the windows and doors and light brown hardwood floors. This continues into the garden, as mentioned before, with the variety of plants and stylistic elements.

Despite the bright modern touch to the Mediterranean home, a darker modern style also emerges from other areas of the house. This style is specifically seen in the kitchen. The kitchen is complete with black cabinets and a dark countertop, slightly contrasted by the kitchen backsplash. The walls and ceiling in the kitchen are also painted black, making the style more extreme. However, the large windows in the kitchen and throughout the rest of the home light up the area with natural lighting and balance out the extreme styles.