A Look Inside Liv Tyler's Stunning Home

Liv Tyler has been a mainstay in the public eye since she was a teenager. The actress grabbed the attention of the media after appearing in Aerosmith's music video "Crazy," which she shared alongside budding teen actress at the time, Alicia Silverstone. Since then, Tyler has appeared in major motion pictures such as "Empire Records" and the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. As a 44-year-old mother of three, Tyler found comfort in her formerly-renovated brownstone located in the West Village in New York.

As reported by the New York Post, Tyler sold her home in 2019 for an estimated $17.45 million. Tyler told Architectural Digest a few months earlier about how convenient her neighborhood was for her daily activities and that many of her favorite places were within walking distance. According to the same article, Tyler had been a resident of her former 255 W. 11th Street house for nearly two decades, having purchased the home in 2001. As the former place was being reconstructed, Tyler was sure to create soft, delicate spaces filled with her children's playthings and collectibles that have personal meaning to her.

The reconstruction of a brownstone

Though the brownstone needed major repairs, Liv Tyler was confident that she would make over her home into the perfect vision. When renovating historic property, costs can be high because many people are unsure of what they really want or how much they would want to spend, according to Brownstoner. With brownstone homes that were built before the 20th century, utilities such as electrical and plumbing need to be installed or heavily updated. The walls and plaster may need to be completely gutted as well to make way for new rooms to be constructed.

As a rule of thumb, it's important to make sure materials and finishes are ordered on time for the contractor to do their work. While some homeowners want a completely renovated modern look, character is also key. Old woodwork and minor flaws give the living space some character so as not to completely erase the past.

The perfect home required a team of workers

When she first began her project to renovate her home, Liv Tyler met with a handful of architects. After reviewing potential candidates, Tyler decided to collaborate with Ben Pentreath, formerly of Fairfax and Sammons. Pentreath's company specializes in master planning and urban development as well as working on small-scale projects. According to The Washington Post, there are several ways someone who wants to renovate their home can find an architect, including word of mouth, online searches, client research tools, leads from design magazines, and referrals.

Curbed notes that, once you've put in the effort to find the perfect architect for your project, the work finally begins. A good architect can guide you through the entire process of not just designing the space for your needs, but also with creating documentation, assisting with permits, and working behind the scenes with your general contractor to make sure all of their specifications are met.

Creating an accessible playroom

During her home tour, Liv Tyler showed off the wide span size of her living room. The living space featured soft details such as a cozy rug as well as kitschy play items for her kids. Toy instruments, books, and stuffed animals on a shelf were tucked into a small corner of her living room awaiting playtime. Tyler noted that she had some trouble trying to figure out what to do with this room; its long, narrow dimensions made it a challenging space to design. In the end, it turned out to be a perfect, cozy spot for the family to relax together.

For parents seeking ways to create a play space for their children, there are other ideas to create something without spending too much money. An idea by HGTV for playroom designs is to try to incorporate your child's interests and make a fun and creative space where children can learn and grow. If they like playing pretend, a mini office space with faux office supplies or a space to hang costumes would be great. To help a child not feel like they're missing out, adding in a small space where they can play kitchen or some toy items in a room where mom and dad do their work remotely is another way to incorporate family togetherness. 

An appreciation for retro amenities

Currently, many people prefer to call or text on their cell phones, but as a fan of retro pieces and vintage decor, Liv Tyler showed off her landline phone on the wall inside of her house. Retro amenities can perform the same quality of work as their modern appliances. Homeowners who want to create a retro style can do so by installing kitchen appliances. According to Cottages and Bungalows, you can find antique and modern versions of retro refrigerators, toasters, and stoves that would appeal to anyone who loves all things retro. 

When it comes to retro buying, it's best to try to check out vintage stores and flea markets before purchasing anything too expensive, according to Old House Online. Aside from being able to see what's available, you can also often check to make sure the items are in good working order before you bring it home with you. It's important to take your time with this step, since vintage appliances can be pricey, and you won't want to have to add unexpected repair bills on top of the purchase price. 

Sentimental pieces and memorabilia

Those of us who are more sentimental can sometimes find ourselves overloaded with these items. We love them, and we want them around, but often we don't know what to do with them. As Liv Tyler showed in her own home, displaying cherished photos of family and friends gets those photos out of boxes and albums and into a place where you can see them regularly. Consider creating a gallery wall featuring sentimental photos, or tuck family photos in with your other decorative items on bookshelves and tables.

But what about those other sentimental items? According to Just Call Me Homegirl, rather than go to the hassle of storing them, display them! Small objects can be placed in mason jars or glass frames and hung up like picture frames on a wall. Not only does this look unique, but it can also appeal to the crafty person who wants to memorialize their loved ones in a fun, decorative way.

Serene use of colors

Whimsical and soft colors create a safe space for those who want to enjoy their peace and quiet inside of their home. For Liv Tyler's children's nursery, accents of blue and grey colors as well as the color white permeated the space. To add some extra flair, Tyler incorporated a nautical wallpaper scene on one wall of the room of a whale with a turtle on its back. The wallpaper added a unique touch to the otherwise plain walls, while still incorporating the nautical theme in an understated way.

When decorating a bedroom, color plays a major theme because it creates a mood-boosting feeling, according to House Beautiful. While Tyler may prefer light and delicate colors, others may reach for fiery bursts of cherry red, creating an energizing atmosphere. Those who like retro colors and are more serious may prefer shades of mustard yellow on their walls. Likewise, those who see their room as a place of respite go for shades of light teal or baby blue.

Family-friendly kitchens

Liv Tyler preferred to install her family kitchen on the ground floor versus having it built in the parlor rooms to achieve a cozy effect. To prevent her children from making messes, she placed a toy kitchen inside of the actual kitchen for them to play with. In her home tour, Tyler said her family loved spending time in the kitchen to eat and tell jokes. Her kitchen was the perfect place to grab snacks any time of the day.

When planning a family home, it's important to find a kitchen design that best meets your family needs. While some families prefer to eat in and cook in the kitchen, others may only go into their kitchens only every now and then to grab a bite to eat. Though we live in a fast-paced world, a kitchen should feel like a place of solace. Finding the right amount of space, not to mention durable counters that are easy to wash and won't get scuffed easily, are just a few things to think about when designing, via Real Homes

Another tip for designing a family kitchen is to find a style that will grow with your children. For families with many children or older children, more openness in the kitchen is needed, according to Kitchen & Bath Classics. Likewise, families with one child or smaller children could do well with less space.

Beautiful, kid-friendly bathrooms

When it came to her family's bathrooms, Liv Tyler preferred classic tile details with small familial elements as opposed to more modern elements. For the modern family, there are ways to make bathrooms more suitable for little ones who may need extra assistance. One of the biggest struggles families face in the morning is getting their kids out the door on time for school. HGTV suggests that a way to cut back on time could be to incorporate duo sinks. This would allow multiple children in the bathroom at one time. If that isn't a plausible option, double faucets could work just as well.

For little hands, storing a few towels in baskets at a low level helps with the child's independence, allowing them to clean up and take care of other personal things without mom or dad having to do everything for them. Eye-level hangers are another way to provide independence, allowing little ones get their bathrobes and towels as they get ready for bath time. Another piece of storage can be drawers that are decorated or painted to look aesthetically-pleasing. While some parents may opt for a nautical or oceanic theme throughout the bathroom, others prefer simple pops of color like green or blue.

Plentiful closet space

Liv Tyler was happy to design the perfect closet space to fit her needs by designing the perfect space to fit her needs when she first moved into her home. She was able to store her vintage chic-styled dresses and flamboyant outfits in open-door cabinets and drawers. According to Apartment Therapy, even a small closet can hold a surprising amount of clothing and accessories, but you need to make the best possible use of the space available. Certain items, such as pants, blouses, and dresses, are better to hang up, while you can use drawers or even bins to hold items such as scarves and socks.

Shoes can be organized almost the same way regular clothes can be organized, but remember to keep pairs and styles together in a cohesive array so as not to miss any pairs. Installing storage space below beds or for drawers are also plausible solutions to be neat and expand your storage space. Use every nook and cranny available, and you'll be surprised by how much space you actually have.

Welcoming the neighbors

During Liv Tyler's home tour, she showed viewers how she would climb onto her family's sofa to check to see who was knocking on her window to come into her house. Tyler said her guests didn't use the front door to knock. While this may be acceptable with some families, it's important to respect friends and neighbors as well as allowing them to have privacy. Keeping your yard clean, making sure pets stay on the property, and keeping noise levels low are some ways to be a considerate neighbor. When someone new comes into the neighborhood, it's a great idea to get acquainted with them to show them the ropes. Since these are new neighbors, they may be unsure of who to turn to in times of need. Having small neighborhood get-togethers or just inviting a few new neighbors over to the house are ways to be friendly.

While so many people are hooked on social media, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle and feel excluded from certain happenings. Some neighborhood associations may have their own social media apps to help you stay updated about what's going on in the neighborhood. These apps are ways to voice concerns and shouldn't be used for petty gossip or derision (via Rocket Homes).

Making space for an abundance of books

Like many homeowners and book lovers, Liv Tyler had an abundance of cookbooks and recipe books on shelves all over the rooms in her house. during her home tour, she also joked that she tends to be the person who saves everyone else's books when they're considering getting rid of them. While some homeowners may have the space to hoard books, sometimes having too many books can cause unnecessary clutter. According to Make Space Blog, creating a fun color scheme can add to your decor when organizing books, whether organizing by color or arranging the books to achieve an ombre effect.

Since people enjoy reading various genres, another way to organize books would be to group genres together. Mysteries stay with mysteries, romance stays with romance, and so forth. This way, if there's a particular genre someone wants to read, it's easier to access the book without having to dig through numerous piles. Likewise, it may be easier for people to alphabetize their books as if their library is large and they find that it's hard finding things. Many bookstores follow this order as well to keep track of authors and titles. You may also want to arrange your books by placing the books you haven't read yet in their own separate "to be read" (TBR) piles. This allows the reader to know which books they need to finish and to cut back on buying too many books at once.

In memory of deceased family members and pets

As Liv Tyler was going through her home tour, she made special note of a hand-painted, framed photo of her deceased dog. Tyler expressed that it was a gift made by her former dog walker. Everyone understands how hard it is to lose a family member as well as a pet. There are ways to show sympathy and care in dire times of grief. Before buying someone a sympathy gift, it's important to take comfort, personalization, and practicality into consideration, according to The Spruce.

It's always tough when someone loses a loved one or a pet. The grieving process takes times and usually lasts for a while. While some people get over their grief quickly and feel they don't need much to move on from the sadness, others may need reassurance and more time to grieve. Since many people appreciate gifts, small, personalized gift baskets filled with foods and other items is a helpful way to show that you care. As time goes by, creating mementos with the loved one's pictures is a way to remember somebody who was well-loved, whether it was a person or a beloved pet.

Pocket doors are a space-saving feature

As Liv Tyler walked through her home tour, she showed off some pocket doors that separated the television room from the sitting room. These large, arched pocket doors are a charming, useful touch, and Tyler noted that the sitting room had been everything from a nursery to a sitting room as her home evolved. While pocket doors may not be as utilized today as they were in the past, they still add a special aesthetic to certain older homes. According to Bob Vila, the way pocket doors function is that they slide by rollers on an overhead track into a pocket in the wall on either side. Pocket doors provide a different feeling than traditional doors in that they take up less space, so they're a great substitute for people who live in tiny spaces.

Pocket doors can be convenient connectors between rooms. Some people install them to separate sitting rooms from bedrooms to provide ease of access for those going in and about their days, as well as privacy when it's needed. While pocket doors promote a sense of elegance and poise, they also promote higher maintenance costs. They can also be a distraction to people who prefer the quieter opening and closing of traditional doors, via Home Reference.

Renovating an attic

Liv Tyler took a trip down memory lane as she perused her old attic. While she looked through old items, she was able to find "Lord of the Rings" memorabilia, some board games, and even her old driver's license. Though Tyler's attic was cramped and filled with clutter, there are ways to make an attic more organized.

The first step to organizing an attic would be to completely clear out everything in the space to see what needs to be thrown away or donated. If there are any pests that are in the attic, a specialist should come with a game plan to clear the area. Another way to declutter and organize items is to place said items in bins and label what is in each bin with a label maker. This way, it's easy to know what's inside of the bin without having to open every single one. Adding basic utilities like lighting could also be important, especially for those who want to turn their attic into a bedroom. According to Extra Space, motion-detected lights and pendant lighting could work in this situation.