Angela Sartiano

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Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne University
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  • Angela is a Freelance Writer for Static Media.
  • She has previously written for newspapers within the Northeast Indiana area such as the Journal Gazette, The Post and Mail, and Herald-Press.
  • She is an avid reader and hopes to write a few books of her own one day.


Angela has been writing professionally for the past four years. She began freelance work at the Journal Gazette where she wrote human interest stories to capture the attention of readers who want to learn more about Fort Wayne, Indiana, residents. After years of freelance writing, she settled into her first full-time position as a beat reporter for the Post and Mail in Columbia City, Indiana. She obtained a vast variety of skills not limited to just writing, but also photography and graphic page design. She worked as an editor at the Herald-Press where she took control of all writing and publishing duties.


Angela is an Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne University graduate with a BA in English and concentration in Writing.
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