Here's Where You Can Visit The Home From Steel Magnolias

As modern cinematic and TV fans connect their imaginations and their chosen travel experiences with each other, many of these fans also choose to spend their time at the actual scenes where their preferred TV shows and movies were filmed. Sometimes these TV- and movie- inspired travel adventures lead to hashtaggable and trendworthy digital posts. This dynamic is especially magnetic for friend groups who choose to adventure in this way together, per "The Routledge Companion to Media Fandom." Other times, these trips can yield memories and special connections with their entertainment programs of choice. 

Given the fact that this travel dynamic reflects fans' imagination, inspiration, and visitation, contemporary entertainment-fueled travel fans can also enjoy the "Steel Magnolias" scenery at a house later transformed into a bed and breakfast. As Trip Advisor advertised, Steel Magnolia House Bed & Breakfast in Natchitoches, Louisiana is considered a highly reviewed and well-regarded establishment. The two-story bed and breakfast's Trip Advisor page has hundreds of mostly very positive reviews. 

The Trip Advisor page also includes a variety of photos displaying the Victorian reminiscent décor inside the property: a variety of beautiful wood-finished furniture pieces, a formal table setting, an orange and purple garden (complementary colors!), and an entertainment area with a TV and books. 

You can stay at the Louisiana bed and breakfast

As longtime fans of the film may recall, the original "Steel Magnolias" is a 1989 comedy-drama hybrid. The "Steel Magnolias" story line centers around a youthful beautician who chose to work at a beauty shop in Louisiana. While at the salon, the women of the shop developed a notable closeness with each other. The longer-term beauticians also notably welcomed the newcomer into the group, as IMDb detailed. In 2012, a "Steel Magnolias" reboot was released, as IMDb also noted. Neither version, however, should be confused with Netflix's "Sweet Magnolias." 

Just like the House Beautiful publication shared, more than three decades have passed since characters M'Lynn, Shelby, Ouiser and the remaining Truvy's Beauty Shop crew debuted on film. For today's visitors to the bed and breakfast, amenities that are available include free parking, high speed WiFi, free breakfast, and a swimming pool. For those who prefer to rest and recuperate without kids around, the fact that the establishment is for adults only may be a selling point.