Inside Flintstones-Inspired Mansion In Wisconsin That's An Airbnb

Sometimes, a property hits the market that's almost too wild to believe — that's certainly the case with a mansion in Wisconsin that had some whimsical inspiration leading to a truly one-of-a-kind space. As New York Post reported, the Flintstones-inspired home in New Berlin, Wisconsin, was built as a family home, and the owner who listed the property inhabited it for nearly 30 years, raising his family in the six-bedroom, 5,254 square foot space. When it came time to list it, the buyers didn't exactly come rushing in because, well, it's a very unique space, and it would take serious renovations to tone it down and make it more traditional. The home's unique style meant it was on and off the market for several years as the homeowner tried to find someone who would be interested in the space.

While it won't become another family's home base, it will become a spot for a wide variety of guests to enjoy — the new owners are planning to use the space as an Airbnb rental and have already listed it on Airbnb with availability starting May 26. The owners did clarify in their Airbnb listing that they were undertaking a big renovation. Though they're not transforming it into a cookie-cutter mansion — in the listing, they're calling the rental property "The Garden of Eden" — they plan to freshen up the home while still keeping the whimsical indoor-outdoor feel that makes it so unique. Read on to learn about the original property.

A private oasis with plenty of outdoor space

While the home itself is incredibly unique, it's also on a stunning plot of land. The Wisconsin mansion is on 17.5 acres that are absolutely packed with lush greenery, from shrubs and plants that look like they were taken straight out of a Flintstones episode to towering trees that provide shade and privacy. As the Airbnb listing claims, there are private trails around the property, so you can enjoy those acres while getting some fresh air. Additionally, there's a private lake with a small dock, providing a perfect spot to enjoy the water. The hosts mention the lake is great for fishing and swimming and also clarify that there are an abundance of water toys available if you're in the mood for a bit of adventure.

And, even if you're not venturing too far away from the home itself, there's plenty of natural beauty. A small pond with a bridge stretching atop it offers a tranquil area to relax, and there's a rustic stone patio area near the home that would be ideal for al fresco meals. Though there certainly appears to be plenty to capture your attention right on the property itself, if you want to break up the relaxation with some urban sightseeing, that's a possibility as well. As per Zillow, it's only 20 minutes to downtown Milwaukee from the Wisconsin mansion and 90 minutes to Chicago, so there's plenty of entertainment a relatively short drive away.

A one-of-a-kind atrium

One of the most show-stopping features of the Wisconsin mansion, and the one that the Airbnb hosts selected as their first image, is the living room atrium. Though from the outside, it simply looks like a large room with plenty of windows, on the inside, you're whisked away to another world. The walls of the atrium are covered in rustic stone, giving it a cave-like feel, and there's an abundance of greenery. And, we're not just talking about regular house plants — the mixture includes several trees that tower over the space and reach towards the ceiling. While there are skylights dotted along the ceiling that offer some natural light, the biggest feature of the atrium is the one massive wall covered almost entirely with twenty-foot, south-facing windows that bathe the space in sunlight and truly make you feel as though you're outdoors.

Of course, a space like that couldn't just be carpeted — the flooring likewise is designed to provide that outdoor feel, with stone floors and bridged walkways connecting the various areas of the atrium. And, if you enjoy a water feature, you won't want to miss the indoor koi pond. Some of the bedrooms look out over the atrium area, which is the kind of space you've likely never seen before. And the kitchen is just steps away from the atrium, featuring custom cabinetry decorated in leaves and flowers, designed to make it appear as though nature is overtaking even this space.

On-theme bedrooms and an indoor swimming pool

Given how wholeheartedly the Flintstones look is embraced in the common areas of the home, it only makes sense that the design aesthetic would carry on into the bedrooms, as the Airbnb listing proves. After all, it would feel strange to walk into a sleek, modern bedroom after lounging in the stone-covered atrium all day. The stone elements found in the main living spaces are continued in the bedrooms, with several featuring stone pillars and even small windows carved from stone. Rather than having cozy carpet, the bedrooms all have tile flooring, furthering that cave-like feel. And even the walls highlight the theme the owner wanted for the house, having been carefully painted with illustrations and made to look textured, as though they were actually cave walls with ancient paintings. No detail is ignored, with wood-framed enclaves providing a spot to store any natural treasures and wooden doors with rustic frames completing the look.

Finally, if you happen to be visiting the Wisconsin property during a time of the year when it's too cold to splash around in the private lake, there's an indoor swimming pool you won't want to miss. The entire pool appears to be crafted from stone, with textured stone ceilings, making it seem as if you're in some grotto. And, though the space doesn't appear to contain windows, there's a wall mural made to resemble a beach with a sandy shore, offering a whimsical 'view.'