Inside The House From Rock The Block That's For Sale For $1.25 Million

Identical twins Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb curated one of their best homes on the television show "Rock the Block" that's now on the market for $1.25 million, according to Realtor. The sisters kicked off season 3 with a bang, and for six weeks designed a gorgeous five bedroom, four bathroom, one powder room home. They started with a blank canvas and were able to pinpoint exactly what the residence needed in order to stand out and increase its value; every item they added was done so with care and thoughtfulness.

Season 3 took place in Summerville, South Carolina, where the twin sisters incorporated some southern charm into their design, according to HGTV. The house is now the perfect Zen nest with earthy tones and wood furniture pieces. The judges seemed to think the same as they announced Davis and Lamb as the winners for the best remodel on the block.

Abundant landscaped green space

Sitting on 8,200 square feet, the Summerville home from "Rock the Block" has a stunning, clean-cut exterior with an expansive driveway leading up to the house. Off to the side of the main house is an extra loft home that is made up of red brick and multiple windows, according to Realtor. The main house is made up of beautiful sea-foam green window shutter accents surrounded by light blue brick that makes up the exterior of the home. A beautiful navy blue porch sits on the front of the house with its own porch swing.

Enclosed by an oak wood fence, the backyard displays green sections of grass, and planted trees line up along the fence. A patio table with white chairs is placed by the loft and fort end of the main house. Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb wanted to focus on the details of the backyard, so they incorporated a small stone patio right outside the master suite, as noted by HGTV. It has a few poles that hold up string lights over two lounging arm chairs and a wooden coffee table. Other backyard amenities include an oyster oven, a BBQ grill, and a kitchen on the patio.

A stunning earth-toned interior

The "Rock the Block" residence includes the most intricate and idiosyncratic detailing all throughout the spaces. In the foyer, the first wall you see when you walk in is a beautiful vintage map as the main focal point, per HGTV. Gorgeous light fixtures are suspended from the ceiling, and green plants take up every small space in the house. Moving along, you enter the living area that features its own fireplace and wet bar. A dark green accent wall is adjacent to the white wall of the fireplace, making the room pop with color. A few feet away is the dining area and kitchen. 

The entire house is covered with finished wood flooring and layered with rugs. The dining area has a beautiful wood family table that seats six people and has a hanging chandelier, per Realtor. The kitchen features earthy tones with striking blue cabinets on every wall and at the base of the island. It also has stainless steel appliances, more hanging light fixtures, and wooden bar stools. In the open space next to the cabinet are tiled walls, too. A small service bar station is located near the island, per HGTV.

A massive master bedroom with luxe amenities

The bedrooms in the winning "Rock the Block" house are each designed differently from one another. The master bedroom features warm tones with gray and white walls, a king-size bed, and a floor-to-ceiling mirror, as noted by HGTV. Two doors open out to the private patio. The expansive walk-in closet features multiple built-in shelving units and drawers, along with a vast amount of storage space to hang your clothes. It even has a laundry unit inside, which is extremely convenient. The master bathroom is every person's dream, as it holds a large clawfoot tub and a double shower all in one space. It also has a double vanity with beautiful wallpaper and brass sconces.

The loft on the property was renovated and turned into a rentable apartment that has a small kitchen, living room, bedroom, and full bathroom. This space kept the colors more neutral, while some accent pieces tied the whole place together. The white interior with blue furniture pieces and layered rugs set the stage, while light fixtures brightened up the room. Finally, a small three-seater dining table was placed by the kitchenette, which includes white cabinetry and a brick backsplash.