Step Inside The Historic 312-Year-Old Stone House That's On Sale In New York

If you can't get enough of historical properties that embody an earlier time period, you won't want to miss the 312-year-old stone house that recently went on the market in upstate New York. The property, located in New Paltz, New York, has been on the market for seven days, according to the Realtor listing, and has an asking price of $550,000.

The unique listing actually has two different properties on the land. The first, a stone house built in 1710, is a rustic space that would be ideal for an artist's studio, for transforming into a guest house, for using as an Airbnb rental for those looking to spend some time in the tranquil upstate New York spot, or whatever else you could think of. This is because there's also a main residence that manages to maintain some of the rustic charm with a few different details while being a bit more move-in ready. Neither residence is huge — the listing says that the property features 1,152 square feet of livable space including two bedrooms and two bathrooms — but those looking for quiet country living might find themselves charmed.

And, the home has some sweet history — the current owners, a family, have owned the property for a whopping seven decades, putting their love into the property before finally making the decision to put it on the market. Read on to learn more about this idyllic upstate New York retreat.

Lush greenery as far as the eye can see

Though the interior square footage of the home is relatively modest, the property does sit on a fairly large plot of land — 3.81 acres in total, as per the Realtor listing. Those acres cover large expanses of lush green lawn, and there are an abundance of trees and plants on the land, including mature black walnut trees and mulberry bushes. The home overlooks the scenic Wallkill River, providing views that can't be beat. Plus, as the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation states, the Wallkill River is slow flowing, providing a tranquil backdrop to your outdoor adventures as well as opportunities for fishing, with particularly high populations of walleye, carp, and smallmouth bass.

For those looking to fulfill their bucolic ideals with animals or simply in need of extra storage for their outdoor equipment, there's also a barn on the edge of the fields with a charming stone façade meant to blend with the stonework of the original house.

There's a large deck area for enjoying the natural splendor around you, and the property also features several large windows that take advantage of the scenery. And, as an added bonus, the listing even specifies that the property offers absolutely stunning sunsets — definitely something to look forward to every evening.

A quaint stone cottage from an earlier era

One of the main draws of this property, as the Realtor listing outlines, is the 312-year-old stone structure that is simple yet stunning on the interior. A door with a vintage-style paned window opens into a large open living space. The owners have styled it as a dining area, but it could easily be transformed into whatever best suits your purposes.

Textured walls, a wood planked ceiling, and large wooden beams stretching across the space give the cottage a rustic feel, and the show-stopping wood floors have incredibly wide planks that make a major style statement. Several windows throughout the space allow the natural light to flow in, and a narrow set of stairs leads to an upper story.

The upper story still needs a little TLC, as it's still a rough space with what appears to be plywood along one wall and a slightly worn-looking sloped roof. However, the bones of the space are absolutely breathtaking, and it's easy to envision as a beautiful spot for a home office or studio, if you'd like to transform the upstate New York property into a live-work space, or simply a tranquil retreat from the main house. The area could even potentially be transformed into a one-of-a-kind bedroom, if necessary upgrades and insulation provided some protection from the chilly New York winters.

A compact but charming main house

Though the main house doesn't have the same historic look as the stone cottage on the property, there are still plenty of details throughout that convey a rustic ambience. As the Realtor listing photos show, several spaces within the home, including a living room area, feature wooden beams that stretch across just below ceiling-height, accentuating the high sloped ceiling in the space. Large windows and a few window-paned doors fill the room with natural light and offer a stunning view of the scenic grounds.

A wood-burning stove offers a sense of history, but not to worry, there's also the convenience of a modern kitchen that features vintage-inspired cabinetry and a stainless steel gas stove. The current owners appear to be bibliophiles who filled the main residence with plenty of bookcases and built-in shelving. The bedrooms are relatively small, but large windows and sloped ceilings make them feel a bit more open and airy.

The main residence also features a flight of stairs that leads to a second story, an attic area of sorts with angled wood-plank ceilings, a small window, and a railing on one side. The space currently overlooks one of the living areas in the home, but it looks relatively unfinished in the listing photos. Again, with a bit of renovation (and perhaps the addition of a few more windows), it could potentially be transformed into a massive master suite.