Step Inside The $7.25 Million LA Home NBA Star Lonzo Ball Reportedly Bought

NBA star Lonzo Ball is known for his unbeatable shooting hands and the enthusiasm he brings to each game. The Famous People states that Ball was born in Los Angeles, California, to a family who was already in love with the game of basketball. He started playing basketball at the age of two and has loved the game ever since. After high school, he attended the University of California, where he played for the UCLA Bruins. He won many awards throughout his college basketball career and was even considered one of the team's most valuable players.

In 2017, Lonzo Ball began his professional career with the Los Angeles Lakers. He remained with the Lakers for three years before transferring over to the New Orleans Pelicans and eventually ending up with the Chicago Bulls, where he still plays today. He became a very valuable basketball player. He started out successfully with the Lakers, but a shoulder sprain in 2017 was only the beginning of a long list of injuries that will affect the rest of his basketball career (per Fox Sports). Even with the troubles of his injuries, Ball is still persistent in living a life of luxury as he allegedly purchased a $7.25 million house in Los Angeles, California. Let's take a closer look at this luxurious Los Angeles home.

A home to enjoy the suburbs

The 6,195 square foot home is located in Sherman Oaks, California, per Compass. Sherman Oaks is known for its peaceful, suburban atmosphere just outside of the urban area of Los Angeles. Despite the suburban feel, the area is still stuffed with magnificent malls, cute boutiques, and plenty of restaurants.

Lonzo Ball's new home has ample privacy and plenty of outdoor space to enjoy the beautiful California weather. Behind the house, Compass shows an extensive yard that contains a pool, poolside seating, an outdoor cooking area, and even more seating around a nearby fire pit. This area presents a stunning view of the city below, especially at night with all the city lights, as well as the mountains beyond. On the second level of the home, there is also a long terrace where residents can step onto from their rooms to further enjoy the stunning view or even catch the famous California sunset.

Luxurious living and storage spaces

The home is set with six large bedrooms and eight spacious bathrooms. Compass shows the master bedroom with a luxurious amount of space with connections to the back terrace and the stunning view beyond. Attached to the bedroom is also a massive walk-in closet and bathroom. The walk-in closet has plenty of storage space, as well as extra room for a small sitting area. The bathroom, which is nearly just as large, includes two separate vanity counters with storage, a walk-in shower, and a traditional pearly white bathtub located in the perfect position to enjoy the stunning backyard view.

The first level of the home presents just as much space in the multiple living areas around the home. The kitchen is also laid out with a massive amount of counter surface, perfect for cooking luxurious meals. Accompanying the counter space is also a lot of cabinet space for storage that fits a variety of different sized kitchen tools. Although there is a breakfast bar on the kitchen island that can seat at least four people, there is also a more formal and spacious dining area in an adjacent room.

A modern home styles

Compass shows that the home is clearly designed with a very modern style. Upon entering the home, residents and guests are immediately met with many elements of modern styling. For example, the clear incased stares that lead to the second level of the home. On the first level of the home, one can also clearly notice the creamy white walls matched with the pale brown hardwood floor that covers both levels of the home. These light colors are contrasted only slightly by the black window trimmings and the singular darkly painted wall in the main living room. The kitchen also takes on a very modern style with glossy white countertops and slick white cabinets. The bathrooms are similarly designed with marble countertops, light grey cabinets, and grey tile floors.

Throughout the home, each room is also met with the beautiful California sun, which shines through the many tall glass windows. Along with the windows, large glass openings also lead residents and guests to the beautiful outside portions of the home while also bringing that outside beautify into the home.