Inside The Mansion Russell Wilson And Ciara Are Leaving Behind In Seattle

Russel Wilson's career as an NFL quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks is coming to a close, at the end of eight consecutive seasons. After being traded to the Denver Broncos last month, he decided to list his incredible waterfront residence in the Bellevue-Seattle area, as per the New York Post. Wilson and his wife, Ciarra, have owned this residence since 2015 when he bought it for $6.7 million. The couple plans to make an enormous profit off this home, listing it for $36 million.

The price hike is certainly warranted, not only because of the location but also because of what these two have done with the place. Since moving in, Wilson and Ciarra have given the property a serious makeover, adding a gazebo, a three-story elevator, a luxury treehouse, a new gate, a complete second-story remodel, and more, according to Seattle Met. We hate to see Wilson go, but we love to see the inside of this magnificent Seattle estate.

A look inside the spacious residence

Russel Wilson and Ciara's estate soon-to-be-former luxury estate boasts a spacious 11,104 square feet atop more than an acre of land. Inside the residence are six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and numerous other spaces for all kinds of activities, as shown by Zillow. We particularly love the gourmet kitchen, three-car garage, and the 200-square-foot walk-in closet complete with a fireplace and its own balcony.

When you walk into this mansion, you are greeted by a grand front entrance with a giant arched doorway, a mosaic marble walkway, and a massive spiral staircase that takes you to the second floor. The home features primarily white, navy blue, and gray walls complemented by dark hardwood floors in some areas, as well as slate and plush wall-to-wall carpet. From just about any room, you will see an expanse of blue water that is Lake Washington. Even more spectacular views come from the previously mentioned two-story treehouse perched near the waterline. Its large east-facing windows ensure you never miss the perfect Pacific Northwestern sunrises.

A place for plenty of activities

Russel Wilson and Ciara's Seattle estate is not short of fun rooms and amenities to keep you entertained. Inside the home is a yoga and dance studio, several living rooms, a home theater, a recording studio, and a full gym equipped with all the workout equipment you'd ever need. As two celebrities with three young children — Win, Sienna, and Future Wilson — in the home, and looking to welcome more according to People, it's to no one's surprise that they have everything they need to keep the whole family occupied, healthy, and happy.

In one of the three living spaces is a pool table in a large hangout area as well as a card table in its own nook for playing poker or a simple game of go fish, as seen in the New York Post. Nearby is a smaller room made mostly out of glass walls that acts as a children's playroom filled with toys. This makes for the perfect opportunity to privately enjoy a glass of wine on the couch with some friends while your children play within eyesight.

Getting active outdoors

Outside of Russel Wilson and Ciara's Seattle mansion are multiple lounge areas complete with fireplaces and tidy landscaping details. There is also a basketball court, a hot tub, and a playground for the kids. On this large plot of land there is also plenty of grass to set up yard games in the summer and small garden areas to hang out in while you watch the waves down below.

You can take the stairs down to the waterline where the docks sit or instead take the recently added cable tram. Down on the docks is enough room to fit a couple of boats, jet skis, or even a yacht if you're fancy, says Seattle Met. You may also take a short winding path down to the small beach area and take a swim in the normally frigid PNW lake. There are countless activities to partake in when you find yourself outdoors on this estate, and plenty of space to build on if you feel the need to.