Here's Where You Should Place Citrine Crystals In Your Home

Citrine, the November birthstone, is a crystal found in Argentina, Brazil, and Madagascar, and comes in shades of orange, yellow, and brown, according to Rock Paradise. Citrine is also known as "golden amethyst," as the two crystals are both variants of quartz, as well as being remarkably similar — many crystals marketed as citrine are actually heat-treated amethysts.

Citrine is a powerful crystal with multiple benefits, particularly skilled at stimulating positive energy. Tiny Rituals notes its nickname is the sunshine stone. Citrine is a popular jewelry gemstone, often found in rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. While wearing citrine is very effective, strategically arranging the crystal in your home can bring about specific benefits. Citrine is a particularly energetic crystal, stimulating the effects of the sun, making it a great crystal to keep in a living room or home office. It's also particularly powerful at stopping things like menstrual pains and nausea, making it a good crystal to keep in the bathroom. There are a few locations that specifically bring out the best the crystal has to offer, though.

In the kitchen for positivity and focus

One room you should keep citrine in is the kitchen, advises Energy Muse. Cooking is a labor of love, and a great way to connect with your family, culture, be creative and express yourself. Citrine is a crystal that is well known and loved for the sheer amount of positive energy and joy it brings its user. Placing a citrine crystal or two around your kitchen can help make the cooking experience a fun, creative, and enjoyable one. Energy Muse specifically recommends placing it on windowsills, as it refracts the sun in a stunning rainbow display.

Better Homes and Gardens also recommends placing citrine in your kitchen, as it is a great stone for enhancing and increasing focus. Are you trying to nail a particularly difficult, technical dish? Add citrine to your kitchen to help you concentrate on the task at hand. Citrine is a water-safe crystal, according to GIA, so don't worry about splashing water damaging the stone.

Southeast corners for wealth

Citrine is also commonly referred to as the merchant's stone, as it is an excellent crystal for increasing wealth, as well as aiding in manifesting, per Tiny Rituals. As such, it is a great crystal to use for attracting prosperity and abundance, both spiritually and literally.

Parachute recommends placing citrine crystals in the wealth corner of your home, which is located to the southeast. This is a Feng Shui practice and involves the process of activating Xun, the wealth and prosperity gua (via The Spruce). Simply placing the crystal in the wealth corner is fine, but it works best if you activate it with an intention of becoming more self-confident, which will increase your trust in yourself, and in turn, your financial success. Other ways to activate Xun include bringing in the color purple, including column shapes, focusing on the number four, and introducing the Yin wood element, according to The Spruce.

The office for concentration

Another great room for citrine is the study or office in your home. If you don't have a dedicated office, the area you do the most work at home will work just fine, as will your work office. As stated earlier, citrine is an excellent crystal for focus and concentration, and this is why Better Homes and Gardens recommends it for your study, where it will help you work with a clearer mind.

Since citrine is a great crystal for manifestation and prosperity, Tiny Rituals also advises keeping it in your office, where it can help work in tandem with your professional and fiscal goals and aspirations. It is also particularly adept at decreasing stress, which is definitely beneficial for your workspace. Lastly, citrine's natural ability to bring joy to an area can help create a positive and enjoyable environment, which is vital for your workspace.