According To Hosts Of Unsellable Houses, $100 Change Can Boost Selling Price

Twin sisters Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis have managed to figure out a few tricks to increase the value of a home and make it sell quickly when it hits the market, according to The sisters are on the high road to success after designing a home on "Rock the Block," and it hitting the market for $1.25 million. They know how to spruce up a place without having to break their bank to bring their vision alive.

In season 3 of "Unsellable Houses," Lamb and Davis renovate one of the older homes they had helped their cousin, Jake Kuna, and his wife, Brittney, buy in Monroe, Washington, years ago in order to sell it on the market, per It's been sitting at $385,000 on the market without a buyer in sight, but after a few simple additions, the house was able to sell for $520,000. Take a look at a few of the changes they made.

Smallest changes go a long way

When you own an older home, it could have a few dated features that don't catch buyers' attention. The first thing a new homeowner is looking at is the exterior of the home. If the home has a clean front yard with visible stunning features such as a freshly painted fence encasing the home, or if the home has shutters that haven't been painted in a while, they could be repainted in a new color that brightens up the home value, per

When it comes to picking out colors of a house, neutral tones with accent colors can make a huge difference and increase the value of your home. Lamb and Davis were able to paint the fireplace terra-cotta in the living room to make it the focal point. Incorporating your home with sturdy materials rather than trying to DIY certain parts can make them last longer and look better. Adding new kitchen cabinets and installing any patterned backsplash that goes with the style of your home can make it more valuable.

Even the smallest change can go a long way, your ticket to boosting your sell rate can be investing $100 in adding in a built-in desk to one of the rooms. If it's the master bedroom, it'll get people looking since it can be used for those who work from home or need a place to get ready. It's one thing most people won't realize they need until they have it and use it everyday.