Look Inside The $4.6 Million NYC Townhouse That Kurt Andersen Is Selling

Famous American writer, Kurt Andersen, was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Even as a teenager, Andersen had a lot of ambition. While attending Omaha's Westside High School, he earned a National Merit Scholarship, which he used as he attended Harvard to study economics and sociology. Throughout his studies, Omaha Magazine states that Andersen spent a significant amount of time working with the Harvard Lampoon, a humorous magazine, which sometimes even took priority over his school work. After graduating, he started his career in New York, writing for the "Today Show" and Time Magazine.

Today, Kurt Andersen is known for his popular radio show, Studio 360, and the many books he has written. Some of his bestsellers include "You Can't Spell America Without Me," "True Believers," "Heyday," and "Turn of the Century." His latest book, "Evil Geniuses: The Unmaking of America," revolves around America's society and the economy as it transitioned into the big-business-loving working world we know today (per Pushkin). As Kurt Andersen continues to succeed in his writing career, he and his wife have ultimately decided to put their long-time New York City townhouse on the market for $4.6 million (per New York Post). Let's take a look inside this beautiful New York City home.

A peaceful townhouse

The 2,944-square-foot townhouse is located in Carroll Garden in Brooklyn, New York. Carroll Garden is a very pleasant New York City neighborhood with a mix of both modern and classic buildings. The area is also filled with plenty of restaurants, shopping, and parks to enjoy and take a leisurely stroll through in your free time. Unlike many portions of Manhattan, this area in Brooklyn is known for being a much more quiet and relaxing neighborhood amongst the chaotic, urban environment, per Compass.

The beautiful townhouse makes the perfect place to reside amongst the calm and relaxing yet urban streets of Carroll Garden, Brooklyn. Peace and comfort extend throughout the interior of the home and expand even further to the private outdoor courtyard located on the property. Corcoran shows this rather large, beautiful courtyard filled with a variety of exotic plants. With room for a small sitting area, the courtyard presents a perfect space to entertain guests or simply relax with family on a nice day.

A home for avid readers

The five-story townhouse has a total of five bedrooms and three bathrooms. Corcoran shows a comforting master bedroom with an extensive amount of space, which even includes its own fireplace. The other bedrooms within the house are somewhat smaller but the perfect fit for children or temporary guests. Amongst the bedrooms, there are also several different sitting and living areas throughout the house. Each of these living areas features its own fireplace and plenty of space for books, as bookshelves cover a majority of the walls in these areas along with a few other positions throughout the house.

Although most of the rooms throughout the house are somewhat smaller, the kitchen is very large a spacious, with plenty of counter and storage space. The kitchen even provides space for a small breakfast table. An even bigger area for a more formal dining area is also located in a separate room adjacent to the kitchen.

Cozy and comforting styles

Upon entering the home, residents are immediately met with a warm, cozy style with beautifully designed wallpaper and dark ebony-stained hardwood flooring, per Corcoran. Each room within the home feature its own unique color, from dark green to a warm orangish-red. These colors add a playful yet comforting style to the home, which is further highlighted by the plentiful light that streams into each room. Each room within the house features at least one large window that naturally brightens up the space.

Some of the rooms in the house, like the main living room, don't take on the same colorful style as the rest of the home does. These rooms are instead filled with bookshelves full of books, bringing a different kind of warmth and comfort to the home. Unlike the rest of the house, however, the kitchen doesn't share the same warmth or abundance of colors. It simply presents a slick modern look with white cabinets, countertops, and backsplash, slightly contrasted by the grey tile flooring.