10 Stunning Million-Dollar Homes In New York

In the real estate market, a million dollars buys less than it used to, especially in popular cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Due to rising real estate prices, the value per square footage has decreased, explains CBS News. On average, a home with a million-dollar price tag is roughly 2,200 square feet with four bedrooms. Of course, one of the biggest factors determining price is location. Cities with less intense real estate markets in states such as North Carolina, Texas, or Tennessee are more likely to have options priced at a better value to get more for your money. Down south where there's plenty of available land, some million-dollar lots sprawl out to about 5000 square feet of space. 

New York City, by comparison, is packed with towering skyscraper buildings and hundreds of years of history, leaving little space for typical single-family homes with backyards. There are more options on the outskirts of the city, but even then you'll likely be spending a great deal for something substantial. A million-dollar home in NYC today includes at least two bedrooms and one bathroom, in less than 800 square feet, according to Insider. There are more options on the outskirts of the city, but even then you'll likely be spending more money for less space than you could get elsewhere. If your heart is set on living in New York, rest assured that you can still find a modern two-story home with a typical front and backyard, with more than just one bathroom. Take a look at these stunning million-dollar homes that sit peacefully in New York. 

Four-bedroom Staten Island sanctuary

This Staten Island home was built in 1997 according to Zillow. It has a gorgeous stone exterior that wraps around the bottom half of the home with an array of perfectly trimmed topiary trees lined up on either side of the entrance. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms with 2,700 square feet of space, per the listing. Best of all, it sits on an 8,700 square foot lot, providing plenty of outdoor yard space. 

Sackets Harbor secluded mansion

According to Zillow, this stunning sage-green home in Sackets Harbor was built more recently in 2015, which explains the simple, modern appeal of this Craftsman-inspired design. The clean white trim and large porch give the home a sense of warmth. Inside, the home has five bathrooms and four bedrooms, reaching just over 4000 square feet. It also has a detached garage, and a good deal of privacy, due to its secluded location and 4-acre large lot. 

Saint James classic two-story home

Gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows can be seen from the outside of this home, allowing us to imagine the beautiful natural light the interior must get. This two-story, four-bedroom home located in a private suburban neighborhood in the town of Saint James, NY, was built in 2010 according to Zillow. The trimmed hedges and shrubbery give this home a manicured look, complementing the home's asymmetry and adding color to the gray and white exterior. 

Central Valley home on a hill

This secluded property surrounded by impressive peaks is the ideal backdrop for this simple, cream-colored two-story home. Built atop the hill in 2010, Zillow reveals that it's located in the apparently picturesque town of Central Valley, NY. In addition to the beautiful trim detailing, you can see from the window placement on the exterior that the interior of the home has elegantly tall ceilings and plenty of natural light. 

A-frame cabin in Burlington Flats

This impressive A-frame log cabin was custom-built in 2000 in Burlington Flats, NY, per Zillow. Secluded and surrounded by acres of land, there's no shortage of opportunities to spend time enjoying the outdoors, making it a great choice for anyone seeking a quiet, country retreat. Inside, the home features rough, hand-hewn beams, high ceilings, and an open floor plan, though it does only hold three bedrooms — a few less than most other million-dollar homes.

Simple Brooklyn ranch

Zillow lists this 1,968-square-foot Brooklyn home for a million dollars, built over 50 years ago in 1960. This is a great example of what a million-dollar home in NYC looks like. A simple, boxy ranch with a rustic brick exterior, the home is larger than it looks from the outside, and includes a spacious patio behind the house. With a larger garage and additional landscaping, it would fit right into a typical suburban neighborhood. 

Park Avenue condo

If you're trying to stay in the heart of New York City, then you're far more likely to find a condo rather than a single-family home for a million dollars. They typically take up less than 900 square feet, but with the right connections or timing, you may get lucky and find a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo like this one on Park Avenue. Though since renovated, the brick building was built in 1927, per Zillow.

Century old home in Bay Shore

Here, a striking two-story brick chimney stands out against the grey siding and traditional white-trimmed porch, complemented by a matching brick walkway and contrasted with plenty of green space. Located in Bay Shore, NY, this 4000-square-foot home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms was built around the year 1900, according to Zillow. Given its clean, modern look, it's hard to believe this home was originally built over a century ago!

Manhattan condo with private terrace

Though this listing has the smallest square footage of any others we've mentioned, this condo on East 47th Street has its own private balcony, proving that luxury can come in any size. Just one unit in a complex built in 1979, this condo has one bedroom and one bathroom, according to Zillow. For the right individual or couple, this condo in the center of Manhattan will provide a cozy haven against the lively bustle of city life.