40 Ideas To Bring The Beach To Your Bedroom

If you love the beach as much as we do, this next bedroom inspiration will truly amaze you. We can't get enough of the allure of the ocean's waves and beautiful colors, the beautiful light color of the sand, and those incredible candy-colored sunsets. It's no wonder why people love an ocean aesthetic and may feel inspired to bring beachy decor into the bedroom.

As The Spruce points out, there's no need to go over the top either. The outlet says that it can be easy to bring the beach into your room and capture the feeling by showcasing distressed wood, choosing natural textures, and featuring artwork that features fish, seashells, coral, sea horses, and an octopus to pull the room together. Southern Living also shares a slew of design inspiration to pull together the perfect coastal retreat, from creating an ocean-like bedroom to designing a tranquil space. Keep scrolling to get inspired with ideas on bringing the beach to your bedroom.

A modern bedroom with a view

These floor-to-ceiling windows give beautiful views of the city skyline and the incredible beach.

Light teal walls

These light teal walls evoke a relaxed feeling we get at the beach, without the sand all through your bed.

Show off your surfboard

Nothing says the beach more than surfing, so show off your love for the sport and make it a focal point of the room.

Into the blue

The light blue bedding on this bed matches the ocean perfectly, and we love the orange accents that make this room pop.

Beach views

If you have an RV, you can head to the beach, which is the main point of inspiration. We love the orangey-red bedding that reminds us of coral.

Surfer art

Hang a new or vintage surfboard on your wall as it makes a beautiful art piece for your beach-inspired look.

Crisp white and blue

White bedding and blue pillows in several shades of blue make this room have a beachy vibe.

Beautiful coral

Bring the ocean into your bedroom by placing a large coral on a shelf to remind you of your travels.

A variety of blue

Create a gorgeous bed that rivals a hotel with several different colors of blue pillows inspired by the hues of the ocean.

Boho beachy vibes

Boho cushions in shades of blue and tan evoke images of the ocean and would look perfect on clean white bedding.

Cottage bedroom

Shiplap walls, a light turquoise, and a lamp accented with rope really bring the beach aesthetic to life.

A beachy corner

Place a stunning chaise lounge in the corner, preferably in front of windows with an ocean view.

Display an assortment of shells

On your next tropical trip, make it a point to walk the beach and find shells that you can display on a dresser.

360-degree views

Gorgeous water views look immaculate in this light-filled room. The neutral bedding and drapery have us looking directly outside to the ocean.

A beachy seating area

A white chair with a palm tree pillow is the perfect seating situation in the corner of your beach-inspired boudoir.

A minimal soothing design

This relaxing room features a light wood canary bed with white tassel bedding and plants, which make us feel as if we are in a tropical destination.

Shades of blue

The light blue tufted headboard and the royal blue pillows and blanket stand out in this bedroom.

Seeing stars and seashells

A light blue shiplap wall gives us total beach vibes, and if you have a massive bedroom, why not add a loveseat and sea stars and shells as art above it!

A gorgeous assortment of sea inspiration

Beautiful coral and a large sea star go perfectly with the turquoise vase full of flowers and matching candles.

A dreamy ocean overlook

This ethereal space is like a dream. Imagine overlooking the beach through these large windows as soon as you wake up. All-white bedding and drapery look fresh, and we can't get enough of the shell lamp to round out the room.

A love for sailing

If you love sailing, consider placing a sailboat on your dresser or bedside table to spur up unforgettable memories.

Shabby chic sea inspiration

If you've picked up loads of shells during your long walks on the beach, think about creating a statement-making candle that would look perfect on a table or dresser!

A tropical oasis

Gorgeous blue tropical wallpaper is a brilliant look for a beachy-inspired bedroom. Pair it with a wicker and oak dresser, and you can't go wrong!

A bedroom inspired by the color of sand

We love sand almost as much as we love the ocean, and this light tan bedroom reminds us of the beach. It's a relaxing space and has plenty of natural elements like the wicker hat hung on the wall and rattan planters.

A tropical dream

This bedroom has a lovely open-air patio, and we can envision a nearby beach and the sounds of the waves crashing as we sleep in this beautiful space.

Rounding out a tropical vibe

A round bed with white bedding and a canopy gives us the boho aesthetic we love. Just surround the bed with lush greenery, and you have yourself a beautiful bedroom.

A light blue accent wall

Lush tropical greenery, wicker accents, and a light blue accent wall bring beach vibes to this light-filled room.

Ocean-inspired room

Wood furniture and bright blue walls bring the ocean inspiration to this modern bedroom space. It's crisp and soothing.

Vacation vibes

Bamboo furniture and a white canopy give us total vacation inspiration. The crisp white room is accented with live greenery.

Making waves

The carpeting reminds us of ocean waves which is fitting considering the incredible beach view.

All white bedroom

This all-white bedroom with ocean views features unique modern lighting and white bedding with a hint of blue and yellow.

Surf's up

Paddleboards become part of the overall design in this gorgeous bedroom that is perfectly suited to anyone who loves water.

Blue ombré

The sky blue ombré design in this bedroom is absolutely gorgeous. You'll feel like you're sleeping under the clouds.

Nautical bedroom

Marine style abounds in this stunning and inspiring nautical bedroom. The beachy art on the wall is fun and inviting.

Seashell candles

It's all in the details, even when it comes to candles. For a beach-inspired bedroom, add a few small shells to the exterior of your candles.

Baby blue

This blue is the perfect shade to remind you of the beach on a calm and smooth day.

The Deep Sea

This room reminds us of the deep blue sea and uses rich shades of blue, reminding us of the ocean.

Artistic expression

This beachy bedroom features artwork that reminds us of the ocean, from the starfish that almost look like they're dancing to the pretty framed shells.

Ravishing Shells

A glass jar full of shells placed on a dresser or bedside table is a beautiful addition to your bedroom.

A dark blue hue

The ocean can be many shades of blue, and we love this deep shade that looks incredible in the bedroom.