A Virginia Man Is Selling His Gorgeous Home, But There's A Catch

Sometimes in life, some things are just too good to be true. This seems to be the exact case regarding a home that just went into contract in Virginia. The Zillow listing states that this two-story home has no access to the lower level, and the home must be sold in the condition that it is in. Furthermore, the listing informs the buyer that they must acknowledge that the home itself houses at least one person living in this lower level with no lease or form of agreement in place. Basically, in order to buy this house, you have to be okay with a squatter living in its premises.

In an interview given to the New York Post, a listing agent, Zinta Rodger-Rickert said that a squatter is taking advantage of an elderly old man and refuses to leave the property. The squatter is allegedly a housekeeper the man hired who told him she needed a place to stay. She moved in and has lived there rent-free since. Unfortunately, the elderly man does not have a will in place and the family does not have the funds to hire a lawyer to properly evict the tenant. They are just hoping to sell this home before the owner passes away.

The inside is impressive, but will need some work

This gorgeous home is located at 3709 Prado Place in the Fairfax area via Zillow. Built in 1964, the home is around 3,548 square feet in size and sits on almost half an acre of land. While it's currently off-market, the home is valued at $859,600, with a rent estimate of $3,221. The interior of the home consists of five bedrooms and four bathrooms, with three of those bathrooms being full size and the other only being a half bath. A basement also resides inground, however, due to the squatter situation, it is unclear if this room is accessible. Along with a spacious living room and kitchen, this home also features an attached garage space and an outdoor patio.

However, the listing does warn that while this home is livable, it will also need some renovations. The original windows that were built into the house still reside in the window seals, however, some are starting to rot. The buyer can either have these fixed or replaced completely. A sliding door in the family room will also need replacement. The kitchen also has a dishwasher installed that no longer works, so this will need replacement if desired. A replacement of three toilets, one light, and several other renovations may also be needed. The estimated costs for all of these renovations come out to around $25,000.