What The Brady Bunch House Looks Like Now After Renovation

When "The Brady Bunch" house went up for sale in 2018, it was the first time it was on the market since the 1970s. With a $1.8 million asking price, the home ended up with an unlikely buyer – HGTV. The network ended up paying $3.5 million, and their motivation quickly became clear when their new limited series "A Very Brady Renovation" was announced. The goal? Restore the Brady house to its original 1970s television glory with the help of six familiar faces — the actors who played the Brady kids. 

The process ended up being a trip down memory lane for not only them but millions of television viewers who grew up watching the classic show. Bringing a famous television home back to life was not an easy feat, however. So HGTV enlisted the help of viewers to help find authentic 1970s artifacts that were in good condition, taking the designers on a cross-country search for items. Even more difficult? The house wasn't used for interior shots during the show's filming, meaning that HGTV was going to have to renovate a house that never included things like the iconic stairway in order to project the Brady look. In the end, they found success. 

The iconic staircase

"The Brady Bunch" house would not be complete without its iconic staircase. There were concerns that the staircase could not be installed in the house without ruining the front elevation, which everyone recognizes from the exterior shots. But HGTV got it done.

1970s furniture

Finding a 1970s couch was one of the challenges the designers had to overcome. Since the couch was in so many scenes over the years, viewers would instantly know if it wasn't correct. The sofa was one of many furniture pieces that had to be located and restored. 

Rotary phone

Props like the Brady family's tan rotary phone needed to be located and restored. The contrast between modern technology and communication decades ago became apparent to viewers as the renovation took us a step back in time. Practically obsolete technology made its comeback over the course of the show. 

Retro intercom

Forget Alexa, because 1970s homes like the Brady's had a groovy intercom system throughout — another tough find for the designers in today's world of wireless devices. It was little details like these that made the renovation such a hit. 

Wood paneling

Wood paneling and furniture was extremely popular during the era of "The Brady Bunch," and a lot of it was installed in the house for the final reveal. Wood paneling has made a comeback in today's homes, but with different hues and stains for a gentler look. 

Stone fireplace

The Bradys had a stone fireplace on "The Brady Bunch," which is still a popular home feature today. It was a focal point of the show, and a fun part of the recreation process for both the renovators and cast members. 

Classic kitchen

The Brady's kitchen was classic 1970s all the way with orange countertops and green cabinets. This groovy design was fun for HGTV's designers to replicate with its bright and cheerful colors. 

Master bedroom

Mike and Carol Brady's bedroom on "The Brady Bunch" was one of a few different bedrooms the designers were responsible for recreating. Heading back to the days of quilts, large lampshades, and wooden nightstands, pieces of this bedroom are classic enough to be used in a room today paired with modern stylings. 

Dining room

With exactly eight chairs at the dining room table (sorry, Alice!), the Brady's dining set on "The Brady Bunch" coordinated with the kitchen and was the focal point of many family discussions worked into the various episode plots. Lighter wood hues paired with brightly colored cushions was a popular look for 1970s families.