10 Stunning Million-Dollar Homes In Alaska

When you are thinking of famous homes with stunning views and acreage of property in the United States, your first thoughts might not venture to the wintery landscapes of Alaska. But the state to the north has a lot to offer both in quality of living and amazing looking properties, as well as abundant nature and wildlife.

Real estate in Alaska is not only affordable — according to the Anchorage Daily News the average home will cost you $421,000 — but the government will actually pay you to live there. Alaska has a yearly Permanent Fund Dividend that will pay you up to $1,114 just for residing in the picturesque state, per the State of Alaska. So if you're a big fan of living amongst mountainous landscapes and love the idea of moving "North to the Future" within its wild surroundings, then check out some of these magnificent million-dollar properties under the Northern Lights of Alaska.

1. Wide views in Wasilla

Get phenomenal views of the sparkling Alaskan waters and roaming wildlife from the massive windows of this 3,800+-square-foot, $1.2 million home in Wasilla. Inside you are treated to designer wood flooring and exposed beam construction. You can keep yourself toasty by the floor-to-ceiling bricked fireplace.

2. North Pole property

Live out your dreams of moving to the North Pole with a home that has a float pond with a sandy beach plus a hot tub with a large stone fireplace made of local river rocks to keep you cozy. Inside the $1.2 million home, you will find a hand-crafted staircase and huge windows.

3. Custom-built features in Anchorage

This beautiful $1.395 million home is chock-full of custom features, from the artistically designed wood walls and country wood finishes to the hand-built cabinetry and detailed staircases. Other features include a pool, a four-car garage, and a lit drive-thru tunnel to get to the front entrance of the home.

4. 65 Acres in Alaska

If you love nature and have to have room to roam, then this Alaskan home is for you. With a price tag of $1.4 million, this property comes with 65 acres of land and everything you need to be self-sustaining. This includes a chicken coop, a huge greenhouse, a firepit, and waterfront access.

5. Unbeatable views in Homer

Spend your days taking in the stunning sunsets and view of Mount Augustine from the cliffs of this magnificent home in Homer, Alaska. For $1.5 million you get 10 acres of private property that is completely off the grid with solar and wind-powered energy fueling the home.

6. A 70-bedroom Alaskan retreat

Spread out over 80 acres of land connecting three lots is this unique $2.25 million find. One lot contains an opulent lodge and dining hall with epic views of the surrounding forests and mountains. The rest of the area has up to 20 separate yurts and a full greenhouse and a spacious sauna.

7. Artistic accents in Anchorage

Priced at $2.995 million, this almost 9,000-square-foot home sits on just under three acres of property that has its own hydraulic-lift dock on Campbell Lake. The inside is scattered with artistic doorways, original Alaskan artwork, and beautiful stone details, as well as a full indoor swimming pool.

8. Cedar-logged luxury in Alaska

This magnificently built home features huge cedar logs throughout and comes with all the modern amenities. All four bedrooms have ladder access to a top-level loft area which has a view of the floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace. The $3.2 million lakefront mansion is so close to nature that moose can be seen wandering the property.

9. A private island in Sitka

$3.75 million will buy you your own island that features a main house with two spacious bedrooms, a grand room with a granite fireplace, plus a covered patio. Then take the beautiful wooden walkway down to the separate guest house which is right near an 80-foot wooden dock that has spectacular views of the mountains.

10. Private beach access in Kodiak

Although it may not be the tropics, this $3.95 million home in Kodiak, Alaska has a private beach with your name on it. Surrounded by thick forestry with picturesque views from the hilltop, this home also comes with modern wood details, huge windows, and just under 30 acres of land.