This TikTok Hack Will Help You Create A Greenhouse In An Ikea Cabinet

Whether you live in a small apartment or have tons of backyard space, an indoor greenhouse allows you to grow a wider variety of plants year-round, by carefully controlling the temperature and humidity, you can grow plants that require very specific conditions. Although pre-built indoor greenhouses that monitor humidity and light levels are extremely expensive, this great hack allows you to create one with an Ikea Rudsta cabinet.

To turn her cabinet into a greenhouse, TikTok user @joy_daydreams removed all of the unit's shelves. She then mounted grow lights and a fan to the unit's roof using heavy-duty mounting tape and a hook. Since the back of the unit is magnetic, Joy used magnetic shelves to hold additional planters. She also placed a hygrometer and humidifier inside the greenhouse to monitor and control its humidity levels.

Although Joy drilled a small hole at the bottom of the unit to create an exit point for the wires, she acknowledged that other DIYers could simply pop out the bottom corner of the back panel instead. Joy also noted that the hack would work with other cabinet models, though minor modifications may be needed. Since the project does not require any tools and is highly flexible depending on budget, it's perfect for any plant aficionado to try!

How does the Ikea greenhouse hack work?

Joy's Ikea hack has three essential components: the grow light, the humidifier, and the fan. Each tool helps keep your plant healthy and thriving.

Grow lights mimic sunlight and allow plants to soak up all of the sun's benefits without exposure to its rays. Although many tropical plants require hours of sunlight that other climates simply can't provide, grow lights substitute for this necessity and encourage healthy growth. When choosing grow lights for your greenhouse, be careful to read the packaging: some grow lights emit a spectrum of colors identical to the sun while others are tailored to certain plants' needs (via HappySprout). Joy used a full-spectrum grow light that mimics the sun's rays, but you may wish to explore other options if you'll only be growing one type of plant.

The humidifier allows you to carefully control the greenhouse's humidity levels and grow a greater variety of species. Some plants only thrive in tropical climates, making high humidity essential. Plants also require different humidity levels at different points in their life (via Plagron), making the hygrometer invaluable for monitoring and adjusting the greenhouse's humidity.

Unfortunately, higher humidity levels can also lead to mildew and plant diseases (via Greenhouse Emporium). To combat this issue, Greenhouse Emporium recommends maximizing air flow — this is why the fan is so important! Although Joy uses a small fan, it still ensures proper air flow and minimizes the chance of plants becoming sick.

Here are a few types of plants that could be grown

Depending on your grow light and humidity settings, greenhouses can be used to grow just about any plants that fit inside! It's generally best to avoid plants that prefer low humidity and light levels to ensure that you make the most of the greenhouse's limited space. However, the varieties that you include are ultimately up to you!

If you'd like to explore the idea of growing your own food, indoor greenhouses are perfect for fruits and vegetables! It's incredibly satisfying to make lunch with peppers or tomatoes that you've just harvested. Plus, home-grown produce can cut down on your grocery bill.

Want to start with something simpler? Herbs are generally easier to grow than fruits or vegetables. As an added bonus, you'll always have a fresh supply of tea! You also won't have to worry about harsh weather conditions that can damage outdoor herbs (via Gardening Know How). Basil, mint, cilantro, and oregano are all ideal for greenhouses.