Inside Ashley Tisdale's Los Angeles Home She Designed Herself

This "High School Musical" actor always wanted a move-in-ready home that fit her personal tastes. And in January 2021, Ashley Tisdale finally found it when she plunked down $4.2 million on a one-story home with three bedrooms and four bathrooms in the Beachwood Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles, as per Ok! Magazine. She told Architectural Digest that the dwelling was in such great condition that she did not need to alter a single thing, which was something she had to do on all her previous homes, like her bungalow in Los Feliz, California. 

Tisdale was cautious when decorating her new house, making sure the furniture fit the style of the home and was also comfortable for her husband, Christopher French, and their toddler daughter Jupiter. In January 2022, she shared on Instagram that selecting her own furniture brought her so much joy. "Curating a home myself that's filled with pieces that bring me joy or remind me of good memories is something that helps make me feel balanced and inspired. Especially during a time where we're spending so much of our lives at home, being in an environment you love is everything!" she captioned. Her choices include neutral tones and plenty of unique furniture pieces. Here is a look at the star's hideaway high in the hills!

The living room is livable

It is all about comfort in the living room, which has high ceilings, white walls, brown frame windows, and a small fireplace with no mantle. The décor has light tones, lending a tranquil feeling throughout the room. The focus, Tisdale revealed on Instagram, is the oversized beige sofa by Mario Bellini Camaleonda that has a 1970s feel. It is puffy, has tufted accents, and is relatively low to the ground, which was common in that era. There is also an ottoman to match, gray-and-beige throw pillows, and a Hermes blanket for cozy nights by the fire. 

The white and grey marble coffee table by Apparatus was cut diagonally for added dimension, and behind it are two Sabin wood and leather chairs. Next to the fireplace is a narrow console table with a petite vintage brown lamp, a large quartz crystal, a ceramic catchall, and stacked art books. Behind the sofa are two more wooden chairs with a guitar resting against the wall, creating a lounge atmosphere. On the podcast Looking Up, Tisdale shared she has battled with mental health struggles, and having a calm environment like her spacious living room helps center her. 

She likes fresh air and good energy in her home

"Light a candle, open the windows, and play some music. It's good for the soul," she wrote on Instagram in 2021. Fresh air makes Tisdale feel relaxed, she added, and so every day she makes sure to open the many windows in her home to fill it with the smell of eucalyptus from nearby trees. The French windows in her home are in step with the latest trend: dark brown wood frames. And there are plenty of them throughout the house. 

As far as bringing in good energy, she shared in January 2022 on social media that she clears old energy out of the house by burning chips from the tree Palo Santa, which can be found on the Yucatan Peninsula in Peru. She explained the aroma "clears negative energy," triggers "relaxation," and eases "stress and pain." Another benefit is the smoke from burning Palo Santa has antioxidants and Limonene, which have "anti-inflammatory benefits," she said. The star adds crystals such as quartz and amethyst all over the house for even more good vibes because the stones add harmony. She told Vogue in March 2022 that she has battled anxiety for years, so anything she can do to add calm and peace to her world means a lot to her.

There are quirky accents everywhere

The actress told Chairish that she really lets the residence "speak" to her when designing homes. The voice of her current house must be somewhat offbeat then. There are whimsical pieces here and there that could become conversation pieces at cocktail parties. One of the more unique items is an Apparatus Studio Cloud Chandelier seen on her Instagram that looks like several white balloons all hanging upside down by black strings. The statement piece hangs above the dark wood dining room table, lending a far-from-serious carnival feel. 

According to Architectural Digest, in another room, there is an Eny Lee Parker floor lamp that looks like a cactus with two lit-up white balls on top. A 12-foot Ettire Sottsass Ultrafragola mirror sits in another corner, and the pink frame lights up, bringing the wavy design to life. It is where the actor often takes mirror selfies. Then there is a mini bright orange tricycle under a black-and-white photograph of Brigitte Bardot in one of the home's sitting areas, and let's not forget the stuffed lamb standing by the fireplace in the living room!

She has no pantry in her kitchen

Some people may think, "She paid $4.2 million for the house and didn't even get a pantry?" Well, that is exactly what happened. The beige and brown kitchen is spacious, with enough room for a dark wood island to seat six comfortably. And there is also a benched area by a window if the chef needs to sit down for a bit. But there is one essential thing missing: A pantry to store her dry food. For some reason, the house did not come with one. But the star found a solution. Tisdale has said that instead of a walk-in pantry, which she would have loved, there is a "pantry drawer" where she stuffs all of her dry pasta and crackers, though she does admit the small space can be challenging at times. 

And she also puts items in her many cupboards. However, she can't complain as there are many incredible things about her kitchen, like the two ovens, the large range, the big farm sink, and the huge windows that allow natural light to stream in. And one of her most prized possessions is her restaurant-quality espresso machine. As she told Entertainment Tonight, she "needs" her caffeine boost every morning!

The coffee table is one big chunk of marble

Most new moms want round coffee tables with no sharp edges since they have toddlers running around. But this actor was so attracted to her oversized made-to-order table by Apparatus in New York that she just went for it. The table is a square shape that looks like it has been cut in half and slightly separated. It is made of marble and appears to weigh a ton, so moving it around for the child to have room to play with building blocks and stuffed animals is not an easy task. 

When their little one is near the coffee table, she and her husband Christopher keep an eye out for her and it works out just fine, she said in the home tour. Their dog Sushi, who loves to run around the block of marble as much as he can, also keeps a lookout for her when she is in the room. The New York Times warned parents about coffee tables, stating that almost 150,000 children age five and under went to the ER from table accidents in 2010, citing the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The house was move-in ready

She bought the home — which she calls "Casa de French" after her husband Christopher French's last name — as is, and didn't redesign a single room, which saved her a lot of time and money. "This house is very different because all the other houses I have worked on needed work done," she shared on the Architectural Digest home tour. However, she has a knack for re-design, which she learned from her contractor dad Mike Tisdale, she told Chairish. It's something of a family interest, which led her to remodel past homes she lived in. But this new Beachwood Canyon dwelling was "move-in ready," much to her relief.  

That was a good thing because the couple welcomed their first child together in 2021, a daughter named Jupiter (via People). The last thing a new mother wants to do is check blueprints and listen to the swing of hammers. All she had time for was to move in, add furniture, stock the fridge, and just nest with her husband and dog during the pandemic. 

Her home office is small but it suits her

When Tisdale bought her new home, she wanted to make sure there was a private home office just for her where she could type away on her laptop. And she found it: There was a small room with plenty of natural light that was ideal for her workspace, as seen on social media. According to the home tour, she decorated with a narrow dark wood table, a light wood chair, and a multi-colored antique rug. The space was small, but all she needed was enough room for a laptop. 

Though she stays busy with acting (she recently starred in the series "Carol's Second Act") and competition TV (she has been on "The Masked Singer"), per IMDb, she also runs a lifestyle platform called Frenshe. She covers interior design, mental health, and beauty routines on the site, which she created "during a time when I needed to feel a connection and share my wellness and mental health journey" (via Frenshe). It's impressive that this actor can juggle so much, all from the comfort of her cozy home office.

She wants it to be a 'fun home' for her family

When Tisdale and French purchased their Mediterranean-style home in early 2021, she was thrilled to have a place for her family to relax away from the hustle and bustle of busy Los Angeles, as per Ok! Magazine. While decorating, the star made sure the house had an easy, relaxing vibe where they could make happy memories. So she took her time to select just the right pieces that used natural materials and had a history. 

To avoid any missteps, she furnished the home "room by room" (via Instagram). The result is a very earthy and easy-on-the-eyes style with neutral colors, a few pops of color, and bright lights. "It's very bright, it's very Zen, it's what we loved about it," she said during her home tour. Adding to the fun is the lap swimming pool, the stand-alone sauna, the amazing views of downtown Los Angeles, and the laughing Buddha in the garden. Mission accomplished!

She bought books to fill her bookshelf for a photo shoot

During her home tour, she revealed she bought 400 books for her large white bookshelf before the magazine's photoshoot to make it look like she is an avid reader. Tisdale added that her husband Christopher said they probably should have collected books that have meaning to them over time, but she said she wanted them right away. Her comments went viral, with naysayers saying she shouldn't have bought a bunch of random books at once without putting any heart into it, as per People. She responded on Twitter with a tongue-in-cheek joke, writing, "Sorry I haven't been reading everybody's tweets, I've recently just got a lot of new books to get through."

Her selection was impressive, though. There were books about film noir, Miles Davis, John Adams, and Fredrich Nietsche. In an Instagram post from December 2021, the star added that she is drawn to self-help books because they give her "another perspective" and allows her to "learn even more about myself," which in the long run helps her relationships. One of the books she owns is "The Power To Heal," which she showed off on social media. Reading books about the psyche also helps her feel like she is making herself a "priority," which is another form of self-care.

There are candles in every room

"I love candles," Tisdale told Elle once in an interview, and she wasn't exaggerating as she placed candles all over her home, as per Instagram. The busy Hollywood star added it helps her mental health and improves the "energy" of the space it's in. One of her favorite brands is Diptyque candles, which can be found in her living room, bedroom, and bathroom. One of the scents she loves the most is Santal. There are also soy candles in the bedroom with a spruce scent. 

She is also a fan of Maison Balzac candles. According to Instagram, the candles are part of her "relaxation stations," trays filled with some of her favorite things. On Instagram in May 2021, she shared a photo of a soy candle and an amethyst crystal in a round tray on a wood table as light entered the room. She explained the stations make her feel "calm, grounded, and sane" throughout the day. And she has also said on social media that when she lights her candles, she likes to "meditate" and put on lavender oil. According to Elle Decor, one of the very best candles for creating a positive mood is the Meyer Lemon scent from Williams-Sonoma, as citrus combats depression. The Peppermint Leaf scent from Qualitas is also a great pick since it inspires focus, and the Midnight Jasmine variety from Yankee Candles adds a feeling of calm.

The garden is 'earthy and zen'

After a long day on a movie set, Tisdale likes to spend some time in her garden, which she calls her "own little oasis" on Instagram. Peacefulness was a top priority for her when organizing the space. On the home tour, she shared she hired Jessica Viola of Viola Gardens to add a "zen vibe" to the outdoor areas. The result is an unfussy Southern California paradise with a desert feel as there are plenty of small rocks, cacti, and low-water trees. There are also several places to unwind, such as the slow-dripping large water fountain that looks like it came from Italy. And it sure is nice to have a swimming pool perfect for morning laps. 

Off to the side is a stand-alone wood sauna perfect for two, and in one corner of the garden is a stone laughing Buddha sculpture, which lends a calming, spiritual feel. She told Glamour she likes to meditate for 10 minutes daily, and there seems to be no better place than out her back door.

Her bathroom chills her out

Bathrooms can be relaxing places to de-stress after work, and Tisdale has a beautiful, earthy bathroom to unwind in. The room is literally where she detoxes. She told Vogue that self-care in her bathroom is just her thing to take her mind off daily problems. She adds soothing salts to her built-in bathtub, takes her time doing her skincare routine in front of a chic mirror, and plays Halsey songs as she adds essential oils to her arms and legs. 

In 2021 she shared an Instagram video where she said drinking rosé wine during a bath is one of her rituals. "I love a self-care moment," she said in her caption as she showed off her G.Tox Detox bath salts, scrubs, candles, and creams. Her bathroom doubles as a spa as it is where she applies her eye patches, uses hydrating face masks, adds moisturizing oil, and mists her face, which she has shown off in her social media tutorials. 

She has a huge home theater that can seat 20

You know you have made it when your house is so big that you can fit a screening room! Tisdale has a large theatre in her new house which can seat at least 20 people, as per the home tour. But instead of using movie theater seats, she has oversized stuffed sofas that are so inviting they look like one could stretch out and take a nap right there. She has said on Instagram they are the "comfiest" couches around while being "affordable" too. The Sixpenny sofas are covered in off-white cotton fabric for added comfort and come with black-and-white throw pillows and gray blankets. 

There are several other fancy amenities, too, like blinds that come down with a touch of a button, a sizeable coffee table, a chic beige-and-black rug with crosses on it, and framed artwork on the walls. The white furniture against the black walls creates a monochromatic look. But there is a pop of color with a framed photograph of Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger. You can bet Tisdale won't be watching her old "High School Musical" movies in the room as she has told People she doesn't like to see herself on screen. Instead, she is more likely to take in her favorite movie of all time, "Jurassic World."

Her bedroom is her sanctuary

It's the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see before going to sleep: your bedroom. This is also where Tisdale finds comfort after a good night's sleep. In the morning, she has a daily routine after waking up, as per her Instagram post. The first thing she does is make her bed, then she lights a candle for aromatherapy. Next, she opens a window for fresh air, sits on her faux fur-covered chair, and meditates for 10 minutes. 

But she has also been seen eating in bed. In November 2021, she posted a photo to Instagram where she had a cup of coffee in her hand as she bit into a strawberry with her other hand. "Saturdays are for coffee in bed," read her caption. As per the home tour, her bed has a beige-lined backboard with king-sized pillows and a soft white comforter. There are black lamps on the beige stone nightstands for contrast and a Louis Vuitton trunk at the end of the bed. According to Veranda, a bedroom should strike a balance between tranquil and chic, which this room seems to have accomplished.