How To Decorate For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Celebrate mom this year and make her feel special with decor that epitomizes her unique style. The goal is to surround mom with loveliness and decorative items that invite a feeling of joy. Want to make her a beautiful breakfast-in-bed tray? Use a stellar breakfast tray decorated with lovely porcelain for the occasion. Are you interested in preparing a delectable brunch? Decorate the table in a fashion that keeps her smiling through the mimosas and croissants. More interested in taking her out for breakfast? Make the outing memorable with a beautiful card and meaningful presents.

After all, it's Mother's Day, so it's time to spoil mom by surrounding her with beauty. We need to let her know how much she is loved and valued today and every day. And don't forget to call mom this year! Some fun Mother's Day facts? According to Town and Country, this is the most popular day of the entire year to make a phone call. As of 2014, over 43.5 million mothers aged between 15 and 50 gave birth to around 95.8 million children (via Finally, this is the third most popular holiday to purchase flowers, coming only after Hanukkah and Christmas. While it's always fun to decorate your house for the holidays, Mother's Day is an opportunity to give back and say thanks to your mother or the woman in your life. Keep reading for decorating tips that will make mom feel special this year.

Breakfast-in-bed is always a good idea

Let's start with a delightful breakfast-in-bed served on a gorgeous tray with delicate porcelain. All these items will serve as gifts for mom. Begin with a tray like this one from the fine decor store Scully & Scully. It comes complete with a compartment on the side to hold magazines or a book. This wooden tray also boasts a stain-resistant upper tray in acrylic that is removable. The tray underneath is adjustable, making this an ideal gift for a mother who loves to read.

Next, decorate the tray or two-tired stand with a delicate ceramic vase, like this one from Walmart. The small item will not compete for space on the tray, and it lends a lovely touch. Now, we'll get out the porcelain for the breakfast meal. For mom, only the best porcelain should be served and gifted. This Anna Weatherley Morning Glory porcelain from Scully & Scully is a deluxe option. Inspired by artisans in Hungary, the hand-painted porcelain features high quality and attention to detail. Best of all? It's also a collector's item you can display in the china closet. Serve the main meal on the fine plates lined with 24-karat gold and pour the coffee into one of the delicate coffee cups and saucers.

Celebrate ladies who lunch

The dining room is the focal point for a festive Mother's Day brunch. To make a gorgeous table shine, let's display some ornate serving items. Placing a delicate glass pitcher, like this beauty from Williams Sonoma, in the middle of the table makes it a conversation piece. The vintage pitcher features etched glass with a floral design and is available in clear or rose glass. Plus, it's perfect for serving delicious mimosas!

Surround the pitcher with pretty plates and cutlery. This white porcelain 24-piece dinnerware set from Lenox will add a whimsical touch to any luncheon deal with its monarch butterflies and colorful flowers. The set serves six and includes accent plates, dinner plates, bowls, and mugs. Plus, it's microwave and dishwasher-safe. Try serving croissants, eggs Benedict, fruit, and potatoes for a yummy brunch. If that doesn't work, you can always order pizza and at least make it fancy by using the "good china." Naturally, we'll also need pretty placemats, napkins, and napkin rings for the table. Let's keep the placemats neutral since we already have colorful designs on the dinnerware. These scalloped, white stitched floral placemats from Williams Sonoma feature a vine that travels across the cotton. A bonus is these artistic placemats are reversible and machine-washable. Always nice!

Brighten up the table with napkin rings

Of course, napkins and napkin rings will decorate a dining table with elegance. Let's keep the napkins minimalist and artistic but add some flourish with the napkin rings. Since there's an overall floral theme, these napkin rings from Burke Decor are the perfect addition to your table. Made of acrylic, they are tiny bud vases and napkin rings in one. How clever is that? They are also watertight and allow you to add any floral bud that you'd like. We suggest adding a rosebud in either white or pink, but any color will suffice. When you take the napkin ring off the napkin, put the buds in an empty, small vase.

For the napkins themselves, these white linen sets from SFERRA are ideal. They feature one gold bumblebee embroidered in the corner and will go the extra mile inside the lovely napkin rings. We bet your napkin collection will be the talk of the luncheon.

Incorporate an ornate vase

To finish your dining room table setup, add an attractive vase filled with beautiful flowers. These will enhance the bud flowers in the napkin rings and create a stunning table motif. This crystal vase from Home Depot will sit perfectly on the dining room table and enhance the other beautiful items. The classic-looking vase is part of the RCR Melodia Collection made in Italy. It features lead-free crystal with antiquate cuts that enhance the light. It stands at 12 inches high.

Next, you'll want to add a smaller glass vase for the napkin ring buds. Take a look at these five small bud vases from Overstock. You can have mom select her favorite vase from among the lot and use it for the buds at the dining table. The other four could be used for side tables or placed in the bathroom with bud flowers. Either way, there's always an occasion to feature these vases around the home. Mom will love the selection and thought you put into it.

Add shine to the house with candles

Perhaps you want to add some flickering candles around the home to make the place shine for mom. We've got just the ticket for you. Candles are an elegant, timeless, and perfect way to make Mother's Day special. Add a sampling of candleholders in different shapes and sizes to create contrast in the home. We'll start with the fireplace. Decorating this part of the home will let mom enjoy a cozy and comforting time in front of the fire. These fake wood logs with spots for votive candles from Plow & Hearth will add elegance and charm to the fireplace, making it the perfect reading nook. Basking in the light of this candelabra is an ideal way to pass an afternoon.

Next, add some candle holders around the home. For modern flair, check out these contemporary glass candle holders from Wayfair. They come in a set of three. For a more traditional house, try this elegant set of candle holders from Perigold. The two-piece set of crystal candlesticks from Marquis by Waterford is timeless and sophisticated.

Make mom smile with a Mother's Day cake

Perhaps a beautiful brunch is planned for the Mother's Day menu, but you still need a decorative cake for dessert. But (uh oh) you don't bake. Don't worry! We will introduce you to one of the best cake delivery services around. You can have a beautifully decorated cake delivered right to your front door or your mom's. Here's an ornate rose cake from We Take The Cake, delivered by 1-800-Baskets. This small artisan bakery in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida makes hand-decorated cakes from scratch and ships nationwide. Plus, they have been featured on Oprah's Favorite Things. They must be pretty delicious if Oprah is a fan.

If you love to bake and want to make your own cake, check out Chelsweets tutorial for some yummy inspiration (via YouTube). The tutorial shows you how to decorate and explains all the details. A decadent find for sure! Here's to happy baking or easy ordering.

Don't forget the flowers

It's Mother's Day, and if there's ever a day you need to have some dazzling flowers, it's today. Since there are so many to choose from, we suggest putting together a bouquet with many varieties and colors. According to Teleflora, one of the Chinese symbols of motherhood is the daylily, so let's include some daylilies in the floral bouquet to celebrate your mom. The daylily is a priceless flower that expresses love. Other popular flowers for Mother's Day are lilies, roses, tulips, and orchids. 

Many of us have mothers across the nation or in other countries, so flower delivery options are also a good idea. If you order through Teleflora, your flowers will be delivered to mom by a local florist, which is a nice touch. There's also flower delivery available from They ship internationally, so check ahead of time to see if they deliver flowers to the country you need. A perk of this floral delivery service, if done stateside, is that some arrangements include a box of chocolates with the flowers for the same price. A win-win!

Treat mom with balloons and fruit arrangements

As wonderful as flowers are, sometimes we need something a little more extravagant to make the day memorable. Spice things up with edible fruit bouquets and decorate with balloons. It would surely make mom smile with joy if a bouquet of festive balloons and fruits arrived at her front door. From You Flowers has a balloon bouquet with balloons that read "Thinking of you" in colorful hues. You can add a teddy bear and chocolates into the mix as well. Edible Arrangements has a tasty fruit bouquet with a few "Happy Mother's Day" balloons.

If you're hoping to knock her socks off, combine flowers, balloons, and fruit bouquets into one fun gift. She will adore it, and it will last all week. There are also extravagant options from Edible Arrangements that will feed a whole party. This over-the-top fruit and chocolate creation is fit for a wedding reception, but hey, this is for mom, so there's no harm in doing it up. This large arrangement features an impressive display of chocolate-dipped and plain fruit. It would make any mother feel especially loved. Plus, it gives mom an excuse to have friends over and brag about what her child had delivered to her front door!

Pop some champagne

Want to celebrate mom in style? Decorate a rolling buffet cart with champagne and strawberries. Try this rolling buffet from Wayfair. It will serve as a perfect present for mom and a fun way to surprise her by "rolling in" the decadence the day deserves. This cart offers ample storage and portability. It is made of distressed wood and features steel legs and accents. The open design lets mom access the goodies from any side.

Decorate the rolling buffet with strawberries and champagne for a stylish Mother's Day celebration. We suggest a platter of strawberries with half chocolate-covered berries. Then there's the bubbly to consider. Make it memorable with some champagne from Marrion-Bosser. This mother and daughter duo make wines and champagne together, so it would be splendid to gift mom one of their labels. Their Brut sparkling wine was also included in a mother's day gift guide (via Forbes). We've even found some personalized champagne bottle labels to add a sweet touch. These labels from Etsy read, "All you need is love and mom." So sweet!

Throw a tea party for mom

If your mother enjoys her tea time, a tea party will make her smile this Mother's Day. Start with a classy tea set fit for a mom. Of course, a silver tea set can be an expensive gift, and we understand if you can't give mom one this year. We found one that won't break the bank too much. It features brass material but looks like silver, so you're covering your bases.

This English Manor silver tea and coffee service from Victorian Trading Company is delicate and elegant. It features a tea kettle, coffee kettle, creamer bowl, sugar bowl, and an oval serving tray. Together, it makes a lovely setting for your morning cup of tea. Place it in the family room on the coffee table, and you've got the ticket for a place to enjoy tea time with mom. Plus, it's an heirloom and will spark conversation with everyone who walks in the room. Now let's get the tea bags and small cakes together for the special occasion. Etsy has the perfect "Mom's tea" tea bag wrappers you can use to cover the standard tea bag wrapper. Yes, they have thought of everything!

Remind mom she's sweet with candy

If your mom has a sweet tooth, this simple decoration tool is for you! All you have to do is display lovely candy dishes throughout the home. According to The Girl Who Ate Everything, you can complete a DIY project like a Mother's Day candy jar in a few simple steps. Begin with a selection of affordable mason jars and fill them with mom's favorite candy. Next, download and print out the clever "World's Greatest Mom" tags available on the website. Get out the puncher and use baker's twine to attach the personalized labels on the jars. Finally, wrap the top with a simple bow. Voila! You've created personal candy jars just for mom.

If you're looking for something more extravagant for mom, try this candy holder from Amazon. We suggest you sprinkle a few of them around the house and fill them with chocolate kisses. Or, get this "Best Mom Ever" mug from Etsy and overflow it with sweets. We also think this crystal Hershey's chocolate candy dish from Macy's is ideal for mom. You can put this at the entrance to the home and put chocolate kisses inside. Either way, you'll make mom happy when she comes home to sweet chocolate and an even sweeter effort.

Gift your mom personalized photos

A loving way to decorate the home for Mother's Day is to use personal photos. These days, you have more options than traditional frames. Think outside the box and try something unique, such as these personalized coasters from Personalization Mall. Just upload four images, and they'll go on wood composite coasters with a glossy laminate front and cork backing.

Or opt to surprise mom with photos put on a fleece throw blanket, like this one from Personalization Mall. However, if the fleece isn't for you, go for sherpa or quilted blankets. These throws are ideal for snuggling on the couch or keeping warm during outdoor events. Do you have a new grandma who needs some recognition this Mother's Day? Don't worry! This personalized frame from Etsy will leave her speechless. Put a photo of her grandchild inside of it, and you'll witness the joy in her eyes when she sees it.

Welcome mom with a banner or sign

Nothing celebrates mom like having some banners strewn around the home that read "Happy Mother's Day." This simple decoration technique will make mom feel recognized and valued. But especially for this holiday, we suggest you make a statement and "scream" out your love to mom by putting a large banner flag across the garage door, such as this one by Vista Flags. It will surprise mom and make her whole day! You'll need a steel garage door for this banner flag as it's magnetic and will stick to an average-sized garage door when it goes up and down. An attention grabber for sure!

For inside the house, try putting a floral garland across the mantle. This one by Etsy will look lovely and set the tone for placing a banner in front of it. Then try this pretty pink-lettered banner from Michaels that would look elegant situated in front of the garland. Or go for gold and get this banner from Etsy. Try putting it across the window in the dining or family room, or both. This birch wood plaque for mom (or grandma) from Etsy is also a sweet option. It could even be used as decoration all year round.

Design a cute greeting card for mom

We don't always realize how important a simple greeting card can be. While a card requires little effort, it can mean the world to mom. So this year, if nothing else, get mom a card. Let's go for one that sparkles and shines like this fun one from Love Pop. This option comes with a hummingbird that pops out when you open the card. It is a surprise that mom won't expect but will surely appreciate.

Of course, there are also greeting cards that you can easily download and print out yourself. Look at this artistic and free printable card from Craftaholics Anonymous that will make a fun statement if you have siblings. It humorously hints that you're mom's favorite child. Just follow the instructions on the site, and you've got yourself a card that will remind your siblings that you're the favorite child of the bunch. There's also an option of printable cards for mom from Crafts By Amanda that will fit the bill perfectly this holiday. A bonus from this site is that there are coloring sheets you can download as an additional gift for mom. Happy Mother's Day!