Here's How Often You Need To Clean Your Vacuum Filters

Is your vacuum not working as well as it used to? The culprit of a less effective vacuum may be dirty filters. Other than emptying the canister of your vacuum after each use, you should also be cleaning your vacuum filters. A slightly dirty vacuum filter can affect the cleaning ability of your vacuum and cause poor suction, according to All Kleen. They recommend that you clean the filters every three months, but that number increases if you vacuum frequently.

You will know it's time to clean your vacuum's filters when it's not working effectively. For example, you may need to vacuum the same area multiple times for crumbs and debris to be picked up. The Vacuum Experts suggest checking if your vacuum lifts the carpet fibers towards the brush roll, which is when the carpet fibers look like they are lifting upwards after you vacuumed them. If this is not happening, it's most likely time to clean or replace your vacuum filters.

How to clean your vacuum filters

Before cleaning your vacuum filters you need to know what kind of filter your vacuum has. If you have a bagless vacuum it will have a foam filter beneath the canister that you empty. Cleaning a foam filter is an easy process. Much like cleaning a sponge, simply place the filter in water and squeeze the dirt out. The filter will need to dry before you can put it back in your vacuum. A tip from HGTV is to add a couple of drops of essential oil to the foam for your house to smell nice.

Other vacuums use cartridge filters that are pleated and round. While these filters are not washable, you can tap them against a garbage can to dislodge debris and place them back in the vacuum when they look clean. Some vacuums even have HEPA filters. Unlike the other filters, these should be replaced each time they become dirty. HEPA filters should never be cleaned because this would damage the fibers, making them less effective at filtering microscopic particles from your air. Therefore, buying a new HEPA filter is the easiest solution.