The Air Fryer Cleaning Hack You Need To Know About It

Who doesn't love a good air fryer? It's amazing we survived in a world without air fryers at all. People can't seem to get enough of them, and they only continue to become more popular as time goes on, and that seems to be the case for Tiktok's cleaning hacks. As enjoyable as air fryers are to have, they aren't always fun to clean, yet Tiktok has done it again. Another Tiktok cleaning hack has gone viral on the popular app, and if you own an air fryer, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one. 

Forget ovens; air fryers are the new, relatively easy, and time-efficient way to cook all your meals. So why can't the same apply when it comes to cleaning? Well, apparently, it can. According to Newshub, the new hack demonstrated in the viral video shows TikTok user @tanyahomeinspo showing a quick and easy way to clean your air fryer using its own function that will make your jaw drop. This new hack is getting all the praise and one that has probably never even crossed your mind before. If you have this mini oven and use it regularly, this hack is one that can definitely come in handy when it comes to cleaning your air fryer.

The new discovered hack

Another viral cleaning hack bites the dust as the 13-second video clip accumulated 200.7K likes and was shared over 32K times. In the video, Tiktok user @tanyahomeinspo starts by pouring dish soap into the case of the air fryer and filling it up with water. She then sets it to "cook" for three minutes. Once she removes it, you can easily see the food and grease in the dirty water. She simply rinses it and shows the now visibly clean air fryer. The hack seems too good to be true, and people did not shy away from voicing their health safety concerns. 

Many people in the comments expressed their concerns that the air fryer would not be cleaned properly by leaving soap residue behind, while others expressed their amazement that the hack actually worked. Remember that this is an easy way to clean your air fryer, but may not always be the best or safest option when your air fryer needs a deep clean, so remember that you'll get the best results using a sponge or hand cloth with dish soap and water. The Tiktok cleaning influencer did recommend checking your air fryer's instructions manual before trying this at your own discretion, considering some manufacturers warn not to put water in the air fryer.