25 Ideas For How To Get The Perfect Accent Wall In Your Living Room

Decorating every free space in your home can be a little nerve-wracking depending on the number of rooms in need of a makeover. Once you figure out the color palette you want to work with, the furniture and small décor pieces fall right into place. However, it can be tough to choose from the many paint colors on the market today. The safest option is having a neutral interior with an accent wall where you choose just one color or pattern for a specific space, such as your living room.

The Spruce claims that the living room is the one place in a home where people often hang out or host visitors. Accent walls allow this room to feel complete with a bold color or pattern while also enabling it to stand out. Furthermore, it can be a fun project if you feel like your home could use a bit of sprucing up. You can find the right backdrop without having to change your entire layout. Here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration.

Ash wood accent wall

A wood accent wall with various sized pieces works great in a mid-century-style living room. The brown tones of the furniture pair nicely with the ash color of the wood wall and wood flooring. Since the other walls are white, this accent wall works effectively, as there aren't any bold colors that overpower the wood. 

Gray wall

Gray is a neutral and versatile color that can easily be matched with both other neutral colors and vibrant colors. Having a gray accent wall works well with the other white walls and easily matches the gray furniture. The black entertainment center balances out the gray without distracting from the accent wall.

Emerald green

This emerald green accent wall looks gorgeous behind the brown leather couch and the wall art. Incorporating a few bright-colored décor pieces, such as the gold floor lamp, makes the color stand out. 

Patterned accent wall

Using a patterned accent wall is an excellent way to separate a shared space between your living room and kitchen. If you're a fan of mismatched prints, try adding a funky patterned rug to the area that has a few of the same colors as your furniture. The white couch and gold coffee table pair perfectly with the black and gold wall. 

Add shiplap

A white interior can be great when you want to use bold-colored furniture. You can even include an accent wall without applying a different color by incorporating some shiplap. It adds a bit of charm to the space.

Chevron style

There are two different accent walls in this space — one covered in wooden boards and a second with gray chevron tiles. Both give the room texture without clashing with one another.

Floral print

Floral accent walls make a living room appear lively and pretty, especially when you have furniture that brings out certain colors in the print. The blush couch and soft blue base of the lamp make the colors stand out from the floral wall. The patterned chairs and gold-framed wall art pair nicely with the pattern as well.

Rock accent wall

For more modern living rooms, having a rock accent wall with a built-in fireplace makes the room feel outdoorsy. It's idiosyncratic and can be designed with any colored rock. The neutral-colored furniture also matches the rock accent wall. 

Bookcase accent wall

A bookcase accent wall can never fail in any living room as it can be made to match any interior style. The colorful pillows on the couch incorporate those found in some of the cubbies in the bookcase. It will definitely be the talk of the room when there's company over. 

Walnut finish accent wall

Playing around with different finishes of wood can be difficult since there are so many of them, but you can never go wrong with a simple dark and light combo. The walnut finish decorated with various hanging and potted plants gives the white interior some color. The white oak accents enhance the look of the room as well. 

Touch of blue

A bright blue accent wall can make your space quirky and radiant especially when you have furniture that's just as bright. Blue and green always work together and can make any white interior look lavish. Adding wood moulding to your accent wall can also give it some texture so that it's not too plain. 

Wall art

Hanging various art pieces on your accent wall can make it the focus of a living room that has numerous pieces of furniture. The sage green wall balances out the orange hues in the art and the sofa. 

Striking black accent wall

Dividing one massive wall into three sections with one color in the middle can be a different way to incorporate an accent wall. This black wall with white streaks makes the space look luxurious, especially with the glass shelves and glass-top coffee table. Keeping the furniture neutral makes the wall stand out as well.

Built-in units

Adding built-in shelving units to the accent wall can be a great way to make it stand out even more. The rest of the space is light and neutral in color, allowing the bold brown wall to pop out. 

Add a mural

Creating your own accent wall by painting a mural can be a fun leisure activity for the whole family. Even though the other two walls are painted in different colors, the mural stands out. It also incorporates colors found in the rest of the space, bringing it all together. 

Wall panel

This brown wall panel gives the space a subtle accent wall by restricting it to just one section. It effectively ties the whole room together as it matches back to the couch. The small décor pieces, such as the floating lights and art pieces, pair well with the textured panel.

Map accent wall

If you need to get better at geography, having a map on the wall of your living room is a great way to test yourself. It can create engaging conversations with friends and family as well. There are different map designs you can find that will best match the interior of your living room. 

Smooth wood finish

The smooth finish on this mahogany accent wall works perfectly with the white interior and furniture of the living room. The twin lamps also bring out the deep-amber tones in the wood.

Window with views

Whether you live in a place surrounded by nature or buildings, having a massive window instead of a wall can be a different take on the accent wall style. It makes the room appear larger and allows in a ton of natural lighting. You don't have to go back and forth between colors either.

Yellow wall

So far we've seen some dark bold colors, but yellow can be a nice change to make your living room appear bright and inviting. You can pair it with neutral or other vibrant-colored furniture to highlight your personal style. Yellow instantly boosts any mood, so you should definitely add this to the space you spend the most time in.

Wood arch window

If you enjoy the window idea, add a wooden arch to take it to the next level. Layer it with some long sheer curtains in any color and you'll have a gorgeous accent wall. 

Subway tile wall

Sprucing up a dark living room with a subway tile accent wall will give the space a fresh and versatile look. It works great with any style of furniture and makes for the perfect selfie background. It also gives the living room a clean and put-together feel.

Brick accent wall

If your living room has a fireplace, you can turn it into a brick accent wall. It gives the room a mid-century feel and pairs wonderfully with wood furniture and décor. 

Wood panel moulding

Any sort of wall moulding, such as wood panel moulding, can be used as an accent wall to make the space more textured and substantial. You can go with any color on this one; however, white wood paneling is versatile since you can match it with any colored furniture.

Plant wall

This two-toned wall with the plants sitting in front makes the space look lively and vivid. Plants create a happy environment, so try adding a few to your space.