The Best Crystals Every Virgo Should Have In Their Home

They're the person in your life who's always on time and hates tardiness, gets things done effectively and is considered the mom of the group. They like things done a particular way, take on the entire group project, and are stubborn. They mean well, but they can sometimes come off as controlling and judgmental. They aren't easily swayed when it comes to changing their mind, and they don't like being wrong. Nor are they easily intimidated and can sometimes come off as know-it-alls. When they love you, they are natural givers, and they want the very best of the best for you. They have a grounded, down-to-earth nature — yes, we are talking about Virgos.

The sun is in Virgo from August 23 to September 22, marking the time we know as Virgo season, according to Divine Twist. Virgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac and is an earth sign, along with Taurus and Capricorn. Virgos reap the most benefits from its sign's energy during its yearly season, but there are crystals dedicated to this earthy sign so that they can experience it at home all year round. Whether you're a Virgo sun, moon, or rising sign or just want to reap the benefits and feels the sign of Virgo has to offer, here you can find the best crystals to bring the energy of Virgo into your space and experience the healing you are craving.


Amazonite has a calm, soothing energy that works in any Virgo's favor as they are extreme perfectionists and often worry or have fears of things not working out in their way. Because the amazonite unlocks the heart and throat chakra, according to Ancient Element Creations, it helps balance out Virgos' relentless need to make everything perfect and let go of expectations or things out of their control. 

Virgos are natural-born control freaks and could use the amazonite crystal to create a peaceful mind and as a reminder for them to be more gentle with themself as they can be very self-critical. This creates an aura of self-love for any Virgo and will allow them to recognize their emotions and deal with them healthily. The amazonite crystal symbolizes bravery and truth, according to Ancient Element Creations. With their control-freak nature, Virgos would benefit from having this gem in learning how to accept imperfections.


Amethyst is known to help Virgos who feel under constant pressure from work and projects and need to relax. Virgos are not ones for relaxation or tranquility, so that they could use more of the energy of amethyst in their life. They tend to stress and worry a lot, especially about things out of their control, so this stone is good for calming nerves and removing panic and anxiety from the body, according to Sarah Scoop

Amethyst connects to the crown and third eye chakra, which will help Virgos align with their higher selves, the universe, and enhance their intuition. Sometimes Virgos need a reminder of who they really are and the power they possess, and this crystal will help them work through inner disturbances when they are placed in difficult situations. This stone is a reminder for Virgos to stay calm, let go of negative thoughts, and trust themselves more.

Green Jade

Green jade is a popular stone amongst Virgos and the number one gem for them to have because they are always driven to pursue everything they want in life, no matter how hard it is. It works as a reminder for Virgos to take responsibility for their happiness and destiny, according to Conscious Items. It's a reminder that you have the power to always think positively and manifest anything you want in your life — or not and only you are responsible for your present and future; your destiny is up to you, not fate. 

Because Virgos are naturally born hustlers, and they always pursue their dreams, they would positively benefit from the energy of this stone. Virgos hold themselves to high standards and take their personal goals and aspirations very seriously. Green jade is the perfect crystal for any Virgos manifesting. It is also considered a protection healing crystal, being a stone of the heart chakra, according to Ancient Element Creations.

Moss Agate

The moss agate crystal is perfect for stressed and overwhelmed Virgos. This crystal carries calm energy that opens up Virgos to receive and give love. It unlocks the emotional side of Virgos they love to act like doesn't exist because they are not ones to wear their heart on their sleeve or show their true emotions. According to Divine Twist, moss agate opens up the heart chakra in Virgos. 

This is good for Virgos because they often hide their feelings and are used to being in denial. This crystal allows Virgos to express their true emotions freely and get in touch with their heart space. They won't be able to run away from their feelings and will have no choice but to face them. This gem provides Virgos with the healing energy they need to allow their emotions to pass through, letting go, and moving forward in a positive way.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a root chakra stone as well as an earth element, according to Ancient Element Creations. This stone is in alignment with Virgos as they are grounded earth signs. This crystal represents manifestation, creative energy, organization, and staying in the present moment. It provides a healing energy Virgos need to plan, manage, and execute their aspirations accordingly. 

This crystal is known to carry strength, passion, endurance, and motivation for Virgos to be more useful with their time while still moving to the beat of their own drum. Virgos like to be very organized, and this stone will only increase that. According to Ancient Element Creations, you should carry or meditate with this crystal when you are feeling lazy, unmotivated, stagnant, or just looking for an extra boost of motivational energy to get things done when it comes to tasks. Virgos need the energy for working smarter, not harder.

Blue Tourmaline

This crystal offers Virgos power and strength and supports their natural need and instinct to help out others in any way they can. The blue tourmaline is perfect for Virgos looking to unlock one's third eye and throat chakras to strengthen intuition and honest communication, according to Divine Twist. Virgos sometimes can be in denial and have a hard time facing reality. Sometimes they struggle with seeing things for what they are and not what they want them to be, so this will definitely work in favor for anyone struggling with honesty with themself and others. 

The Blue Tourmaline is also known to elevate Virgos into becoming their high self and throw themselves fully invested into their work which is a good benefit for them because they are extremely hard-working and goal-oriented. With blue tourmaline, Virgos will experience an increase in confidence and a release of overthinking negative thoughts, which is a plus for them as they can be overly critical of themselves more than anyone.


This stone supports positive manifestation in all things in life, especially health and wellness. It is one of the best stones for welcoming abundance and prosperity into your life, and it is known to improve self-confidence. According to Sarah Scoop, you should hold the Citrine crystal for manifesting. It's known to get any Virgo's juices flowing; it shines light on their inherited skills as they are naturally disciplined, organized, and driven. 

Virgos are natural go-getters, and they don't back down from a challenge. According to Divine Twist, this gem is one to rid ego, and if there's one sign that could use this, it's Virgos, as they can sometimes get wrapped up in judging themselves too hard. It's a reminder for them to accept and embrace who they are. Citrine is also known to protect peace and only embrace positive energy. According to Conscious Items, citrine erases or redirects negative energy to redirect it and only welcomes positive energy.