10 Stunning Million-Dollar Homes In Florida

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to live in Florida. Along with the warm weather and sunny skies, the state also offers plenty of beaches, abundant access to water, and a fair share of entertainment. Those could also be just some of the reasons why the NFL's Jason Pierre-Paul could justify the $6.1 million that he got for his Florida home when it went on the market. If you think that's pricey, just consider the fact that a Jordanian princess sold her Florida mansion for over $45 million.

Of course, not all properties in Florida are that expensive. For instance, if you were looking for a home around the Tampa area (though maybe not directly in the core of the city itself), you'd find that the median price as of August 2021 was $230,781, according to HouseCanary (via Forbes). At that same time, if you are interested in a pricier home, there are quite a few incredibly impressive options out there including the following stunning million-dollar homes in Florida.

1. Once 'Sarasota's most beautiful home'

Designed by architect Ralph Twitchell, this $1.1 million residence in Florida once earned the title of "Sarasota's most beautiful home." It's certainly easy to understand why when you see the stunning details both inside and outside this three-bedroom, two and a half bathroom architectural treasure including the stained glass, wood accents, and lush greenery.

2. Spacious home on two lots

At $2,995,000, whoever owns this Florida home will find themselves with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and lots of room to spend time with friends and family. That's not to mention the rooftop patio and pool area. The house also sits on two lots, giving the lucky owner plenty of additional outside space.

3. Mediterranean-style Florida mansion

It would cost you $3.9 million to become the owner of Villa Palma in sunny St. Petersburg. A Florida home with a Mediterranean design, this residence boasts 4,070 square feet that includes four bedroom, four bathrooms, cedar doors, marble floors, and a sauna among other enviable amenities, accents, and luxuries.

4. Beachfront home with enclosed pool

A home built in the craftsman style, this 6,510-square-foot home in Santa Rosa Beach has seven bedrooms and just as many bathrooms. Right on the beach, it also has chic top-end touches around the entire home as well as an enclosed pool. That's why it hit the market for $4,590,000.

5. Smart Home in Fort Lauderdale

This home in Fort Lauderdale is surely worth the $6,999,999 asking price. Sitting right on the water with a wonderfully modern aesthetic, it also happes to be a Smart Home meaning that it's fully able to take care of you in a techy kind of way.

6. Unique 80-acre Florida farm

The 80 acres that make up this property in Florida are impressive enough and one of the reasons why it's on the market for $8.5 million. Another reason it's so pricey is the circular, 11,520-square-foot home has an interior garden and pool, and was created using designs from late architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

7. Regal residence on Royal Palm Way

Live like a king or queen on Royal Palm Way in Tampa. Every inch of this five-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 9,269-square-foot home is regal. That includes the foyer which has onyx floors and the den which boasts mahogany walls, not to mention the bronze staircase — which is why it costs $10.5 million.

8. Out-of-this-world home in Jupiter

It's not hard to understand why this waterfront home went on the market for $15.5 million. Designed with a French chateau in mind, elegant touches, and modern amenities — like a massive chandelier, marble floor, glowing wine cellar, and climate-controlled garage — combine to make this a dream home that's out of this world.

9. Mansion that hovers above the water

For $35 million, a lucky — and surely rich — homeowner will be able to live in this amazing abode that sits on, or rather above, Venetian Bay. The contemporary residence is made up of multiple cube-like shapes that span 10,000 square feet and feature an interior that's like a sleek showpiece of style.

10. Super-pricey $48 million property

It would take a super-impressive fortune to afford this super-pricey property which was put up for a whopping $48 million. For that kind of money, a wealthy buyer can enjoy this Miami home which offers a primarily blue and white interior that mirrors the white clouds and gorgeous blue of both the sky and pool outside.