Inside Beyonce & Jay-Z's New Orleans Home

What do you call home? Is it a certain town, a person, or an actual house? Maybe, you took something that wasn't initially supposed to be a residence and turned it into one. Well, if this is something you did, you are not alone — that's exactly what happened to this home owned by musical superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z Carter, via Dirt. Prior to the couple's purchase in 2015, this building was first a Presbyterian church before being converted into a ballet school. Later on in 2000, the school was converted into a residential home, and was then purchased by Sandra McNamara in 2001 before being sold to the Carters. While it's not clear exactly how much they paid, the asking price of this property was known to be around $2.6 million.

Built in the 1920s, this renovated home is located at 1527 Harmony Street in the New Orleans area of Louisiana, according to Zillow. While sitting on a lot size of 8,844 square feet, the three story building is around 13,292 square feet in size. The interior features seven bedrooms and eight full sized bathrooms. However, being so large in size, this mansion is divided into one main residence as well as three other apartments all located on the first floor. The main entrance can be entered on Harmony Street while the apartments can be located on the street adjacent to the main road titled 8th Street.

The outside details shouldn't be missed

First impressions are important, right? With houses, the first impression is often the exterior of the home — and the exterior of this mansion is not one to be missed (via Zillow). For starters, a bush-type gate wraps around the home's property. This is needed for various reasons. One being the homeowners are one of the most well-known famous celebrity couples of our time. Another is this property was the target of what is believed to be arson in July of 2021, states The Washington Post. While primarily used for secluding purposes, the exterior also equally appealing as it's cute, simple, and adds some charm to this versatile mansion.

While most of the outside of this property can be taken in from a general point of view, some of the most intricate details have to be viewed up close. Three long arched windows sit on the front side of the house. Right up above the arched windows is a type of awning that forms snugly around the windows. The details are so peculiar that it takes time for one to carefully examine them, too. Different swirls of many kinds decorate this awning, along with many symbols that can almost be viewed as art pieces. The detailing spills down between each of the windows and continues upward towards the rooftop. This is surely to be the most noticeable feature of the outer architecture.

The living room of Beyoncé & Jay-Z's New Orleans home is stunning

One of the largest rooms, if not the largest, in this house is the main living room, per Dirt. While this room has a ton of noticeable features, the windows are sure to catch a viewer's eyes. The interior of those mentioned on the exterior, these windows are tall in size and form into an arch at the top. They are so large that on a sunny day, they can potentially be the only light source needed in this very massive room. However, if for whatever reason it isn't enough, there are several small lights with two blade ceiling fans hanging from above. These can provide extra light while keeping the room at a comfortable temperature.

Another impressive feature in this living room is the staircase. Unlike some, this particular staircase is completely hollowed out underneath providing more space in this room and making it feel even larger than what it already is. The walls are mostly off-white with a yellow tint to them. Combine this with the bright wooden floors and this room becomes a cozy place to relax or hang out in. The sofas and a few of the chairs are off-white as well to help bring the colors of this bright room together. Furthermore, a large Oriental rug rests directly in between this sofa and chairs with a variety of colors including red and blue.

The dining room of Beyoncé & Jay-Z's New Orleans home is a unique space

The dining room is another unique room in Beyoncé & Jay-Z's impressive New Orleans home. Per Zillow, it sits directly adjacent to the living room and is smaller in size. The walls in this area are a bright red color, which complements the room beside it. Continuing with the space, the baseboards are a slightly darker brown than the wooden floors. The table, as you might have guessed, is also a dark brown color. The chairs, however, closely resemble the red color of the walls. The legs to these chairs are brown just like the table. Additionally, the rug that sits underneath the furniture is vastly similar to the rug that's in the living room.

As for the lighting in this room, there should be enough from the large windows in the living room to reach into this room as well. However, if for some reason there isn't enough, there are several candles that sit directly in the middle of the long table providing any extra light needed to fill this room. Furthermore, there are several paintings on the wall, which add some flair and visual interest to the space. Lastly, there is a draw curtain that hangs from the ceiling in between the living room and dining room to separate the two.