15 Incredible Before And After Dining Room Makeovers

One room that tends to get neglected during home renovations or even simple makeovers tends to be the dining room. It's the room where clutter gets dropped off, and laundry piles go to die. The dining room has a tendency to be the forgotten child of the home, with the focus going towards living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

If you're planning on renovating or making over your house soon, consider giving your dining room a little love. Whether that's a head-to-toe complete transformation, or just a little sprucing, it's a good idea to create a comfortable and inviting space for you and your family to gather every night.

Some of the following renovations and makeovers are extreme, creating new architectural features, installing cabinets, etc. However, simple, cost-efficient additions can create all the difference. Houzz recommended simple additions such as a new lamp or two, a colorful new rug, introducing an accent or theme color, and fresh flowers and plants.

Before: plain and cluttered dining room

This first dining room transformation comes from Erin Spain. This renovation did not require much, but the final product is drastically more refined.

After: modern and trendy dining room

To renovate this dining room, Erin Spain gave her walls a fresh coat of paint, got a new rug and chairs, a new gold light fixture, wall sconces, and made some new art to fit the color pallet.

Before: simple dining room

At first glance, there's really nothing wrong about this dining room made over by Kristen McGowan. The final result, though, makes the original look unrecognizable.

After: lovely gray dining room

Kristen McGowan made over this dining room for her parents. To do so, she painted it a nice eggshell white, got new tables and chairs, a hutch, shades for the glass door, as well as some art and decorations. The final product is updated, sleek, functional, and totally different from before.

Before: boring and outdated dining room

A Charming Abode made over their dining room. It wasn't bad or in need of a major renovation, but they felt it was too basic, outdated, and boring for their tastes.

After: refreshed and relevant dining room

A Charming Abode made simple updates to their dining room that took it from what they described as "boring" and "very 2000s" to refreshed and relevant. Big changes involved painting a black accent wall and installing a new lighting feature. They made use of their original furniture and bought a few new decoration pieces.

Before: plain and out of style dining room

Michelle O'Malley redesigned her dining room on a budget using the "envelope" method, which involves changing the ceiling, walls, and floor of a room to transform it. She didn't buy any new furniture, only paint, wood, and a rug.

After: elegant and polished dining room

Michelle O'Malley began by installing paneling and gallery molding on an accent wall and painting it black. Then, she lowered her light fixture. Finally, she put a new rug in the room and put all the furniture back. The final product is completely new and refreshed without having to purchase a new dining set.

Before: cigarette stained dining room

Laura Melhuish-Sprague had her work cut out for her when making over this dining room, which was rickety and had sticky floors and orange walls from years of cigarette and nicotine exposure. Almost everything in this room had to be made over.

After: stunningly transformed classic dining room

Laura Melhuish-Sprague achieved this makeover by removing the cabinets and fireplace, installing a new fireplace, deep cleaning the walls and ceilings, painting the ceilings, walls, and floors, and bringing in new furniture. The final product is totally unrecognizable from the before image.

Before: empty and plain dining room

Glenda Chavez completely transformed this dining room for her friend. Before, it was simple, quite boring, and empty. It took a little bit of elbow grease, but the final product is completely worth the effort.

After: trendy and beautiful dining room

The biggest part of this transformation was the accent wall. Glenda Chavez installed her own board and batten wall and painted it a lovely dark blue. She also flipped some old chairs (paint and reupholstered) and brought in a new table and an antique stereo, as well as installing a new curtain rod and curtains.

Before: cramped dining room

This dining room transformation also involves creating new build-ins for the room and an accent wall, from Carissa Cleans It All. More specifically, she needs a dining space that could also have room for a workspace for her family.

After: functional and beautiful dining room

The biggest part of this transformation is the built-in shelving and desk that Carissa Cleans It All built using cabinets, bookshelves, and pieces of plywood. This addition totally transforms the room and gives the same furniture a whole new look.

Before: unfocused and mix-matched dining room

The Latina Next Door felt her dining room was too mismatched after downsizing since none of the furniture was matching. She also hadn't decided on a theme for the room and wanted to make the room feel more cohesive and intentional.

After: high end cottage dining room

The Latina Next Door transformed her mismatched dining room into a cohesive, high end cottage inspired dining room. Over by the bar cart area, she used paint stencils to paint on a light pattern, installed shelves, and sconces. She got new furniture that matched the theme, and each other, and painted her front door.

Before: tight and small dining room

Alanaya So Chic downsized her dining room when she moved, and her old furniture was too large and awkward in the new space. To make it more enjoyable and liveable, she made over her dining room.

After: chic and space efficient dining room

Alanaya So Chic renovated her dining room by designing a mirror mural that creates the illusion of a window, installed shelves, added a fresh coat of white paint, a new rug, a smaller table with new chairs, and a new light fixture. The final product is functional, has more storage, and is incredibly beautiful.

Before: bare and plain dining room

Loving Life as Megan's dining room before wasn't particularly bad or in need of serious help, but it was overall kind of plain and bare. The final product makes it clear this before was in need of some TLC, though.

After: cute and cohesive dining room

The biggest part of this renovation involved Loving Life as Megan adding a fresh coat of white paint to the walls and ceilings, which made the room look bigger, brighter, and fresher. She also brought in a new rug and furniture, making the room look cohesive and much more finished.

Before: empty and uninviting dining room

Hannah's Happy Home's dining room was originally renovated when she moved in two years prior, but since then it had become stiff, sparse, and uninviting. With a little sprucing and attention, though, she transformed it into something much more cozy and homey.

After: cozy and inviting dining room

This makeover only involved some sprucing and decoration bits and pieces. Hannah's Happy Home got a new rug, new wall art, table clutter, and other items to make the room feel more focused, cozy and inviting.

Before: messy and cluttered dining room

Farmhouse Vernacular renovated her home in a Victorian style, and her dining room was no exception. She chose to make it a combination dining room and former parlor with antique mahogany furniture she had collected.

After: Victorian dining room

Aside from the overall house renovations (replacing floors, installing new walls, etc.), the biggest renovation for this room was painting the walls an emerald, teal color. Farmhouse Vernacular put in her antique furniture, including a wake table which she can move to the center of the room for hosting guests or fold up for daily use.

Before: dated dining room

Karrie Lynn renovated her mother's dining room, taking it from simple and outdated to a lovely farmhouse look. The trick of this renovation was the size limitations, but the final product is still functional and attractive despite the space.

After: farmhouse chic dining room

Karrie Lynn began by painting her mother's hutch, bringing in a new drop leaf table with a rustic finish, painting and updating her old decorations, and adding new wall decorations. The final product is totally refreshed and the epitome of farmhouse chic.

Before: chaotic and dark dining room

Rollin' with Anita and her husband completely transformed their dark and cluttered dining room into a bright, lovely modern farmhouse-style dining room.

After: modern farmhouse dining room

The biggest part of this renovation was installing crown molding and painting the room. From there, Rollin' with Anita and her husband brought in new furniture, wall décor, decorations, plants, and a light fixture to create their dream, modern farmhouse-style dining room.

Before: cramped and dark dining room

Megan Bell wanted to renovate her dining room from being cramped and dark to open and airy. This was a challenge since the room itself is very small and has multiple utilitarian purposes (laundry room attachment, pet food station, and additional pantry storage).

After: open and airy dining room

Megan Bell started her renovation by painting the room white for an airier feel. She brought in a smaller round table, new chairs, a new light, some wall decorations, and other bits and pieces to liven up the room. Despite its size, the final product is much more open and spacious feeling.