Why You Should Stop Using Gas Space Heaters Immediately

The first space heater was invented in 1905, which relied on electricity, according to Mass LandLords. Since then, they've evolved into several different versions, including a gas space heater. When first introduced, gas space heaters were thought of as a great way to warm up a specific room, especially on those cold winter nights. But since its creation, people have come to realize that gas space heaters may not be as reliable as they were meant to be.

Gas space heaters have become such a hazard that even some landlords will ban tenants from using them, as they have shown to be quite the problem, as Apartment Ratings states. Not only have gas space heaters caused countless fires, but also injuries and even sometimes death. Although gas space heaters may provide the comfort of warm air and the convenience of its ability to be transported to one room from another, it may be time to look at some alternatives.

Why are gas space heaters dangerous?

Gas space heaters can especially be frightening when knowing the harm they are capable of. According to House Beautiful, carbon monoxide poisoning can occur when using a machine that functions by using gas. This is a cause for concern as carbon monoxide poisoning is typically not detected until the harm has already been done, as Mayo Clinic tells it. It can impact occupants by replacing the oxygen in their bodies with this toxin, which in turn can lead to tissue damage or death.

Another cause for concern is the thousands of fires space heaters have caused, as well as hundreds of deaths, according to My Southern Health. These fires can happen quite often as they make up almost half of all fires in the United States (Via Attainable Home). Not only are they a toxin hazard, but they are also shock prone, which can injure and burn adults and small children. Gas space heaters have also been known to produce high levels of humidity, causing issues such as mold, damaged furniture, health problems, and more.

Gas space heater substitutions

Although gas space heaters can be dangerous to use, everyone still wants to stay warm for the winter. Radiant panels are a great option because they are capable of radiating heat and warming up a room without the same threats of a gas space heater, according to Warmly Yours. This device is also built in a way to prevent it from overheating, however, due to the temperature it radiates, homeowners should still be cautious and ensure their radiant panels aren't in close proximity to anything. 

Another option is electric in-floor heating. For the homeowners' convenience, this can be placed in any room and under any flooring. Something interesting is that this device can be scheduled for your needs. If you want the floor warmed up at 8 a.m. when you wake up but cooler at night — homeowners are able to instruct their electric in-floor heating to do so. Although it can be costly at first, this device can also be cost-efficient because of your ability to control its power quite effectively.