Which Real Housewives Cast Member Has The Most Expensive House?

There's no doubt that the "Real Housewives" series has so far been a pretty popular show. Each season has had hundreds of thousands of views, and some have even had over a million, according to Screen Rant. For some reason, there's a mass audience of people who love watching how wealthy women live their lives. But there's also the drama ... which makes it so much better. We get the chance to see a glimpse into their lifestyle and beautiful homes. Although all their homes are quite impressive, there is one that stands out the most when it comes to price.

Beverly Hills Real Housewife Diana Jenkins recently had the most expensive house compared to other cast members when she lived in her Malibu home. Last year, she sold her beautiful beachfront mansion for $87 million. Later, she "downsized" to a $13 million home in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley, according to Dirt. Although she is no longer the homeowner, other "Real Housewives" cannot compare to the drastic differences in cost. So, what makes a mansion worth $87 million?

A look inside

When looking at the interior, you instantly realize why the price was set so high. Floor-to-ceiling windows with an ocean view for almost every room; a white, clean, and cozy kitchen covered in marble, cabinets with molding and a shiplap ceiling, and an entryway window that can become frosted for those who desire privacy, according to Mansion Global. Other notable stars, such as Kenny Rogers, a country singer who died in 2020 (via Rolling Stone), built and also previously lived in the mansion, leaving behind a recording studio and plenty of space for entertaining guests, according to Realtor.

This mansion lives upon three acres of land and also has five bedrooms, an office and study, and other notable features such as herringbone floors and vaulted ceilings. Also located on the property is a three-story guesthouse and cabana –- the cabana continues the clean and minimalistic look with a white, L-shaped sectional and concrete fireplace.

The exterior

When taking a look at this mansion, you'll see exactly why the home is located in Malibu's Paradise Cove. With 256 feet of beachfront, the design options are endless, according to Realtor. Mansion Global says outside, you'll find a large pool, a spot in the yard for gardening, a koi pond to promote Jenkin's healthy lifestyle, and a waterfall. Athletes and sports advocates would also appreciate the sports court that is also located on the property.

 Not only is the oceanview gorgeous, but so is the luscious greenery that surrounds the property. Mostly green with hints of purple — the feeling of being in a tropical environment is possible as you walk down the stone path with trees and bushes casting shadows over you — before you eventually reach down to the soft sand and the blue and deep ocean water. With all of this available, it's no wonder Jenkins bought this beautiful home, and luckily for a significantly lower price of $21 million.