Peek Inside Underground Bunker In Arizona Selling For Under $400K

Looking for the great escape? This is the underground bunker made just for you. Originally built as a bomb shelter, the covert-style home is located approximately two hours south of Las Vegas, Nevada, in Yucca, Arizona. Currently listed on Zillow for $399,900, the clandestine property features four bedrooms and two bathrooms with approximately 7,180 square feet that is situated mostly underground. With an abundant 17.7 acres in total, the desert home's surroundings appear secluded with room to run, as it is positioned between the Mojave National Preserve in the west and the Prescott National Forest to the east. Fit for endless adventures, the property also features a train car transformed into a workshop, an enormous garage, solar panels, and an airplane hangar for those quick rides back to home base.

Built in 1980, the interior appears vintage 1970s throughout with wooden walls and finishes, terracotta floor tiles, white bricks, and a flat gray concrete ceiling. Corral your friends! The main area of the home has an open concept with a large sunken living area and a built-in dining room table that seats up to 12 people or more. With plenty of room to roam underground, the rustic bunker home will keep you cool in the heat of the desert and moderate during the winters keeping you safe, per The Charlotte Observer. Ready to dive deeper? Keep reading to learn more about this unique underground home!

Roam around outside Yucca's desert bunker

Surrounded by rolling desert mountains and various vegetation like the sprawling Joshua Tree, the exterior is discreet yet vast with a gated entrance. A long metal barrier with brick pillars encompasses 2 acres of the fenced territory. The road is covered with sandy ground throughout, although the entrance is filled in with bricks. A small, captivating fountain greets visitors near the blast-resistant double door. According to the listing, the property comes wired for solar installation, including some solar panels already provided. There are also four existing water tanks that hold 1200 gallons each, which are connected. Additionally, there is a water well that is currently not functioning but may only need a new pump.

While it's important to take cover at 13650 S. Cocopah Drive, there also comes a time to get outside! It's desolate and dry, with limited trees, plants, and neighbors, yet there's plenty to do and explore on the immense acreage for those interested in motorsports like ATVs, dune buggies, and motorcycles, plus remote-control toys, and drones, per Step Outside. Whether it's building something in the shop or taking flight into the clear blue skies, there is limitless fun from sunrise to sunset.

Peer down into the Arizona bunker's living space

Often located in vast spaces (like Arizona), fallout shelters seem like something from a 1950's movie, but now they're being re-purposed into livable homes and storage spaces, per 12 News. Walking into this underground Arizona bunker leads to an inviting open floor plan. The space appears mostly unfurnished and features a terracotta tile floor and an open concept with a low-beamed concrete ceiling. Like an empty Roman bath, the massive sunken living room draws you into the center space. Step down the tiled steps into an area that looks perfect for a game table, although there is a specified pool table area in another corner. Decorated with brick siding, the entertainment area is equipped with a short bench, plus a few support beams with one that features a small hand-carved climbing wooden bear.

Step further back to the kitchen, where a long built-in brick-legged table with a wooden top sits. Above it hangs a striking antler chandelier. Past more wooden beams is a large, curved island, along with another smaller one where the grill and oven are located. All the islands are made with a similar brick base and wooden countertops with open shelving underneath. Behind that are two refrigerators that look easily accessible. The living space is sufficient for a big family, including entertaining guests, per The Sacramento Bee. Although the style may be outdated, with the right furnishings and decor, the interior living place could be chic and modern.

Explore the desert bunker's sleeping quarters

Concealed and rustic, the mystery continues. Although the home is hidden underground, an open concept vibe is present within the bedroom and bathroom areas. Many chambers appear more like divided areas rather than private rooms, which are slightly alfresco without many doors to censor or walls that connect to the ceiling. The showers are open as well but are walled with enough privacy. One of them features a petite walk-in sauna. Wood paneling and tiles are present throughout.

Again, the décor is simple and campy with pine-like wooden paneling, white tiles in the showers, and terracotta flooring. According to Bob Vila, dark wood paneling was at its height in the 1960s and 1970s to the point of being nearly impossible to avoid when purchasing a home. To freshen this up, you could add a new coat of paint to bring it up to date. There's also lots of storage space, including extra shelving in the bathroom and shower areas. For under $400K, this may be the place to end all places. Or perhaps, an exclusive hideaway. Either way, you and your guests will be prepared below ground in Mohave County.