40 Bathroom Decorating Ideas For When You're On A Budget

When considering rooms in your home to renovate, kitchens and bathrooms are at the top of most wish lists. Deciding whether to update countertops with marble or quartz, getting a new vanity, and refinishing your floors can be such a fun project, whether you're searching for inspiration online or from an interior designer.

According to HomeAdvisor, the average bathroom renovation will run a homeowner anywhere from $6,000 to $16,000, with the national average hovering around $11,000. But just because an average renovation can be pretty pricey doesn't mean that there aren't ways to upgrade your bathroom on a budget. Per Real Homes, there are many ways to upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank, from recycling furniture to create a unique vanity to simply decluttering the space; these ideas can be a game-changer.

Keep scrolling to get inspired with 40 incredible decorating ideas for designing your bathroom on a budget.

Add texture with shiplap walls

A shiplap accent wall is an excellent idea to add visual texture to your bathroom.

Lush greenery

One of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make to your bathroom is adding lush greenery, which brings a bit of nature indoors.

A ladder for display

This bathroom is a beauty with its light wood tones. Adding a ladder to display your favorite items is an easy upgrade.

A colorful bathtub

While this green bathtub is undoubtedly expensive, try giving yours a couple coats of colorful paint to add a touch of luxury.

Wicker accessories

To store away bathroom necessities, pick up some natural wicker baskets that will look pretty on your counter.

Create a spa-like feel

Make your bathroom feel as luxurious as the spa by adding a wooden tray on top of your bathtub with luxe accessories and great-smelling candles.

A sink upgrade

Sometimes something as simple as upgrading your sink to a more modern look can go a long way.

A circular mirror

Consider changing up your mirror for a budget-friendly upgrade. We love the circular shape of this option.


Bring in the matching towels and rugs for a look that is pulled together. Bonus points if the color is eye-popping!

Rattan lighting

Consider adding in some rattan lighting features, which are generally affordable and bring a natural element to the space.

A mauve beauty

This gorgeous bathroom's entire look is upgraded with a bit of mauve paint on the walls and vanity.

Artistic expression

These gorgeous navy walls make the artwork above the toilet really come to life. The two-tone look also adds visual interest to the space.

It's in the details

While this bathroom is full-on luxury, you can still get inspired for your bathroom on a budget. We love how the window frames are painted black, bringing out the beautiful details.

Bring the spa to your bathroom

A bathroom upgrade can be as simple as bringing in plush towels to place strategically on your pristine countertop, giving the space a spa-like feel.

Wallpaper accent wall

One easy update can be incorporating a wallpapered accent wall, such as this one, for an inspiring and cost-effective result.

A cabinet in a deep, dark hue

To easily upgrade your bathroom, paint your vanity a deep navy for a luxe look. The marbled countertops take it to the next level.

Classic tiles

Choose a classic tile that will stand the test of time for years to come.

Luxury accessories

Pick up some luxe bathroom accessories, such as a marble soap dispenser and jars for creams, to hold everything you need.

Tiled accent wall

If you're using tiles, think about creating an accent wall. We love the dark blue herringbone pattern of these tiles.

Unique lighting

The spectacular light above the mirror is a show-stopper, and there's no need to break the bank for high style.

Wood-framed mirrors

This upscale bathroom serves up plenty of inspiration. We love the wood-framed mirrors, which could be an easy and affordable DIY option using wood dye from your local hardware store.

The golden rule

One idea to create an opulent environment in your bathroom is swapping your basic mirror with one lined in luxurious gold.

Out-of-the-box art

This all-white bathroom is made more appealing with a circular piece of artwork to add a focal point.

Patterned tile

For a new look for your bathroom, patterned tile is a brilliant idea, especially if you decide on an elegant design like this one.

In the pink

Add romantic details, from a pink rug to towels and soap dispensers, for a simple and feminine upgrade.

Black and white

The floor-to-ceiling windows, the chic black walls, and the white accent wall with a soaking tub give us plenty of ideas for a two-tone bathroom update.

An elegant set of mirrors

An upscale set of mirrors may be all you need to create a new look in your bathroom.

An elaborate wallpaper design

Wallpapering your entire bathroom can take a once-simple space and transform it into pure elegance. 

A well-traveled bathroom

This bathroom features beautiful gold and white tiles, but it's the mosaic art piece we can't get enough of. It looks like it was picked up overseas during a trip and is definitely a conversation piece.

A wooden wall

The bright white countertop and sink offset the accent wall designed with textured, natural wood.

Upcycle furniture

One excellent idea to help save money on your bathroom renovation would be upcycling furniture. We love this idea, especially for a unique vanity, so watch out for dressers that can be transformed.

Bright orange

An easy bathroom upgrade is painting your entire bathroom in an eye-popping color like orange.

A wood accent wall

Create an interesting look by using light wood to cover an entire wall. This wall complements the other wooden accent pieces in the bathroom, such as the ladder and blinds.

Green with envy

This light green bathroom has a relaxed feeling, and would be a quick weekend fix.

A wood herringbone pattern

Make a statement in your bathroom by creating a unique focal point like this accent wall with wood pieces fixed in a herringbone pattern.

A vintage style bathroom

A clawfoot tub could be an exquisite secondhand find, and a weekend refurbishing project could turn it into an awe-inspiring statement piece. Add lush greenery for the final touch!

Light it up

Add LED lighting behind your bathroom's mirror to wow all of your guests and give the space some flare.

Go for an unordinary color

Instead of getting a white bathroom sink, perhaps opt for a black one to be anything but ordinary.

Neutral colors

The beige, light-wood tones throughout this bathroom provide plenty of inspiration for a relaxed environment.

Simple style

A white standing sink, beige walls, and a massive circular mirror may be simple, but can also serve as a total upgrade for any bathroom.