Tour The Malibu Mansion That May Be The Most Expensive Home In California

Former CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner, has listed his 16-bedroom, 22-bathroom Malibu home for a striking $225 million, according to The Wall Street Journal. If someone buys the 25,000-square-foot home, it could easily break the record for the most expensive home sold in California. The current record holder is Entrepreneur Marc Andreessen and his wife, Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, who bought Serge Arizia's compound in Malibu in 2021 for $177 million, according to New York Post.

The mansion was designed by Robert AM Stern, who incorporated design influences from Italy and Spain, according to Zillow, especially the architecture from older homes. The estate sits on 5 acres with nine structures that had been built over the years since the 1990s when the Eisners first bought their property. They also incorporated a separate guest house and caretaker's cottage with two bedrooms, all with stunning views and direct access to the beach, and perfect for visitors.

Gorgeous terra-cotta roofs with a beach view

The mansion is built on a small cliff on the Malibu beach, which has breathtaking views of the ocean. Since the home sits on 5 acres of land where all the parcels are close to each other, the only thing separating them is patches of greenery such as trees, small gardens, or beautiful courtyards, according to Zillow. It has the ultimate privacy since it is secluded from the rest of the closely packed homes on Highway 1.

The Mediterranean-style mansion has a gorgeous white brick exterior with terra-cotta roofs looking out onto the rest of the property and the ocean. The backyard of the main house has a beautiful brick patio that gives the mansion an indoor and outdoor feel. It has a wooden dining table with leather chairs, and right next to it are a couple of white lounging chairs and a sofa surrounding a coffee table. It's all lit by stunning hanging lantern fixtures from the ceiling. Right next to the cabana is a massive inground pool that has multiple lounging chairs lined alongside it.

Spacious interior with high wood ceilings

The interior of the home has the same Spanish and Italian style as the exterior does, with beaming wooden ceilings that match back to an oak finish wood flooring, according to Zillow. One of the living rooms has multiple massive arch windows that overlook the courtyards and gardens. The furniture is a mix between print sofas, leather chairs, and beige cushioned chairs spread throughout the space, along with various coffee tables and side tables that fit their designated lounging area. There are high arch entryways that lead into other rooms.

The cabana is located on another section of the property, but it has its own beachside views and direct access to the water. It has a white shiplap interior with tiled flooring and multiple floor-to-ceiling window doors that lead out to the small patio. It's decorated with blue and white furniture and has its own brick fireplace located in front of the wood coffee table.

Endless amenities throughout the compound

Another parcel was designed into a sunroom which has floor-to-ceiling window doors for walls allowing in all the natural light. The white interior has a maple wood ceiling with the same maple wood as trim where the doors are. It has a beautiful white couch in the center with a couple of other lounging chairs behind it, per Zillow. There's a round, smooth wood finish dining table across from the couch with a gorgeous ceramic bowl in the center. The sunroom has access to the lush gardens, and it has views of the ocean.

The compound includes an endless amount of activities to engage in, such as the gym, the pool, the cottage, the other guest house, the beach, and more. There is an elevator that takes you to the beach, according to Zillow. There's also an underground tunnel that leads you to the movie theater from the pool. The theater is lined with rows of red velvet couches with their own ottomans, and they're all sitting in front of a gigantic screen with its own black curtains resembling those of the ones in public movie theaters.